Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blogger doesn´t work properly today, so I´m not able to put in any pictures now. So You have to do whithout i`m afraid.

It has been a long day today or at least it has felt so. There were not much to paint at work and that wasn´t because we don´t have anything to paint. There´s a lot to paint actully, but there have been a miss in the planning so nothing came to my departement all day. This isn´t the first time it happens, but they who plan everything doesn´t seeme to change there ways :-)

So I went home half an hour early to get a walk with my dogs in daylight. Took of course my camera with me, but had forgotten to charge the batteries :-) Usually when that happens the whole world passes by and everything happens that I can´t take pictures of, but not today thanfully :-) Orvar found a leg from a hare and chewed on it untill I saw what it was. I think it´s better that the fox that killed the rabbit gets that foot as dessert.

There will probably not be any blogg on Wednesdays in the future. I´m helping my friends doughter with her homework in french on Wednesdays and it takes to much time of the afternoon to have the time to wright a blogg too. Exept on her schoolvacations of course. It´s amazing how much I actuly remember of my school french. It must have been over twenty-five years I studied it. I remember more and more for every time I read it. I was never any good at it, but good enough to understand if she´s trying to fool me :-) It´s very easy to trie that if You´re not in the mood for french and there is someone that doesn´t understand the language helping You :-)
Now I´m going to make a pot of tea and enjoy the evening!
Be good!


Anonymous said...

Hello, Dear Friend ...
My beloved aunt used to tell us little 'crumb-snatchers' that there's nothing better for soothing the mind and relaxing over-taxed patience than a cup of honey tea! All my many cousins and I loved her tea and toast cut in even little squares with smoked herring on the side that we got from the old sardine cutters at the waterfront canning factories... So delicious! My mother and two aunts worked there and three uncles worked on the fishing boats yearly in various capacities. One was a captain for sometime and had such strong and gnarled hands and fingers.
Life was hard but wonderful especially when sitting around my beloved Irish aunt's table with my many cousins, all served tea. How how did that grand lady manage us and all those cups of tea and all that toast!
We'd tell her all the gossip that our rosy-rimmed ears held and she'd say:
"Well, now, dance with the good and sit on the bad and thank God you are not going deaf from sneaking behind doors listening to what you shouldn't be hearing."
No tea and toast ever tasted as good as hers!
Well ... who knows? Maybe you do.
Take care, my Swedish friend ...
AliceMary ...

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi AliceMary!
I think that I would have lliked Your old Irish aunt :-)

I´ve noticed that aunts and grandmothers can handle most everything in life :-) No matter how many people that turn up unannounced, they manage it anyway.
(smoked harring is so delicius!)

When my grandmother (on my mothers side) lived we had coffe and her delicius cinnamon buns. She was the centre of our family, so she was the one telling us others what was going on :-) She and I talked a lot about flowers too. She was and is my great teacher when it comes to growing things.
I can´t say anything about better tea and toast, but my grandmothers coffe and cinnamonbuns were the best :-)
Have a really nice day now!

woody said...

We will miss you on wensdays but you deserve a break for after all you are a kreativ blogger and a nice guy to help your friends daughter. Thanks to you also I picked up another follower the visiting voyeur. She has a very nice blog too.

Visiting Voyeur said...

Life seems to happen that way some times. I have started school so my blog will be hit or miss. I am taking 16 hr credits that is 5 classes plus work 40 hrs a week.

But I am glad to see you posted something today.

On the pictures I completely relate. I am nervous to tote my camera every where I go because I don't want it to get stolen or for weather conditions to harm it. But then something neat shows up and I am like grrrrrrr I wish I had my camera.

Happy Thursday.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Woody!
I know my self, if I´m trying to do to much I end up doing nothing at all :-) But six day out of seven isn´t bad :-)

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

I´m lucky enough to have a good camera in the mobile phone too and that I usually take with me everywhere. But I know what You mean, it´s not fun to loose ones camera by a thief or weather destroying it.