Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I actuly made it home before it was totally dark outside, but to dark to take pictures though.So I thought that I would show You pictures of flowers I have in my garden the coming days. I´m not always sure of their names in either English or Swedish, bu there is going to be some kinde of namne to them :-)

This is a Linaria that is a short lived perennial or an annual that selfseed in my gaden.

I can´t remember the exact name of this Lackspur, but it´s not espesial common.

I had problems sleeping last night because my left ankle hurted so much. It´s the psoriasis in my joints that´s the cause of that. But it seemes not to be that bad today. Today I have problems heating the house instead. The electric radiators are working when I´m not home, so it´s not really cold. But the heat from the kitchen stove don´t seeme to get up to the second floor were I have my bedroom. It sort of stops by the stairs. I can feel the heat half way down when I´m going to the bottom floor. This happens sometimes but I can´t for my life understand why.

Trollius cinensis (or sinensis). Want to live where it´s wet, but I have it in my sandy soil and it doesn´t affect them negativly at all.

An ordinary Aquilegia. I love them and they are allowed to stay where ever they show up.

It seemes that panic is hitting the little country Sweden now. Volvo Powertrain has to dismiss five hundred people from the factories. If so many loses their jobs in Volvo, many more will lose their jobs in other companies. Our governement is not that generous as many others in wanting to help companies in trouble. This gouvernement weren´t popular before and it doesn´t get any better when they don´t seeme to care about people. They have made som really strange decisions lately. Nowdays we are only allowed to be sick for one year. after that we have to work weather we can or not. They tried to force a person with sever cance to work, but then they went to far. The idea is that You always can do something even if Your not healthy. Perhaps it´s not a totally crazy idea, one wont loose ones social life then, but there are limits to that too.
I don´t think they are going to win next election 2010 anyway.
Be good and stay calm!

Iris setosa. I really nice Iris that flowers for a long time. When one flower wither, a new one starts to flower.


Visiting Voyeur said...

I think that we have two of the flowers you pictured growing in nature here. Not sure though.

Interesting about the volvo thing. Some here can not work if they are disabled or terminal but it can take alot of time and litigation to get that. Venezuela anyone? Just teasing. They run socialist policies. Not sure how strong into public assistance it is though.

So okay in my social problems class we read a story about sweden and how it was family friendly as a nation. So does it look at illness as a weakness? Guess confused from my class info and this. Hope all is well with you.


woody said...

Ahh the good and bad of all governments. But the flowers are very nice it must be a very pleasant sight in season. Sorry for your aching joints for I have a few myself.Just keep smiling I guess.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Chelle!
I think we really are familyfriendly and up till now illness and weakness friendly too. But that has changed at lately. I don´t think it was ment to change though. The ideas behind some of the resent laws was actuly right, but is used wrong. They created the laws but forgot to give guidelines how to use them. Unfortunally the present governrment refuse to see that the did a sloppy job. So many people are now in danger of loosing the income from the health insurance. I would like to explane so much more but this is not the place to do it, because of the space I would need.

Yes I think that You have at lesat two of the flowers wild in northern america. More will come i future blogs.
Have a really nice day!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Woody!
The problems with this governenemt of ours is that they actuly has done all they promised to do before elected :-) That never happens in Swedish politics :-) Guess if people got surprised when that happend :-)

But the ideas they had were actuly not bad, but they did a sloppy job when writing them. They gave no guidelines how to use them so it´s a mess I can say. Now when it´s bad times they also seeme paralysed.

Historicly a gouvernement sitting in bad times have a strong support from the sweeds, but this one has not.

I couldn´t get the pills I usually have, but the ones I got will be good enough for the time being.
So as You say, it´s just to keep smiling :-)

Have a really nice day now!

Anonymous said...

Hello, Christer ... I'm sorry to hear of the joint soreness that you are experiencing. I can relate to that and take Aspirin or Tylanol wjen it aches as your ankle did. When BeanBlogger and I lived in our former home (now the property of our ypungest son)heating the upstairs was a 'chilly' challenge every winter. This problem was solved when our son installed a woodstove in the kitchen and with fan directed circulation, the upstairs is now so much more comfortable without turning up the thermostat above what it should be set for. Of course he has a furnace and burns oil but it is used on a timer - lowest 60's during the day; 65, tops, during the night.
Here, in our smaller, one floor abode, we are managing comfortably with conservative oil use. Sweaters are great and, so are afghans when curled up on one's favorite chair with a good book.
I always relish looking at your flower and plant photos ... Yes, Lackspur grows here in our fields as do so wild Iris and Lady's Slippers and lush patches of 'Indian Paint Brushes' and charming Mayflowers that hug the edges of our road. There are other blooms but I'm unfamiliar with their names. Invasive but yummy are the Raspberry and Blackberry bushes that grow profusely yet have not become intrusive at present.
. As you know, next week we'll have a new president in office, an awesome historical turning point in our relative short existence as a country compared to other nations. Our hopes and trust are riding on this man's back in this time of turmoil and economical depression. He has an incredible task facing him and needs all the help and support he can get! Many wolves at his heels; many blades flashing steely resolve for good and bad reasons and become so heated in their drive to live and to destroy that life that righteousness exists only in the cells of human blood that mutely stains the earth and who can tell friend from foe when all bleed red and originate from the same womb that gave birth to the human race ...
Self-important and self serving corporations,goverment and military reactionary might are breech-births.
They are the 'Lord of the Flies'!
Did you ever read that book, Christer?
I guess I was an activist for too many years and a thorn most of my life. May I share this poem that I wrote when but a young girl ...

Perish The Thought

Perish that thought that I should want
Human rights and well-being tied into a knot -
Perish the thought.

Done and undone what is and is not
I remember thier games;
Their names? I forgot.

If truth be impotent untie me, please -
And parish the thought.

I think that's it's time for a cup of honey tea and a snack. Have a good day, Christer. AliceMary
(Note: Your bald head looks good).