Friday, January 9, 2009

Feels like spring.

Today feels like the first day of spring! The sun is shining and one can feel a little bit of heat from it. I can´t remember ever feeling that this early in the year before. Even the birds are singing :-) Yes I know it will become cold again, but I´m enjoying it as long as I can. We went down to the creek and the ice is slowley melting away from its surface. The roads is another thing though. The ground is still so cold that the ice still stays there. A little bit slippery to go on then, but who cares a day like this?

Even though its really warm tody, the roads still are icy.

In the forest all snow and frost are gone now.
When I was cleaning after the dogs in my garden I took a look att my flowerbeds. I have to get rid of the weeds early this year, how the weeds can grow when it´s so cold I don´t understand.The small rhododendronbushes I sowed last spring looks good. Some have died from the cold, but most of them looks ok. The bigger and not so hardy seemes ok too. Some leafs are burnt by the cold, but nothing worse yet.
The moss has got its lovely dark green colour back.

The ground is deep frozen, so the little creek don´t get any water now.

I made my last seedorder for this winter too today, from Gardens North in Canada. Here comes a list for You who are interesed:

Aconitum senanense var. incisum. A Chinese monkshood, up to three meters high.
Chimaphila umbellata. Pipsissewa. A perennial from Northern America. Apparently difficult to germinate unless one sows it directley on the place it´s supposed to grow.

Foresteria neomexicana. Desert olive. Manages good on dry soil and my soli is almost sand in the garden I have.
Maclura pomifera. Osage orange. A tree that gives orangelike fruits in autumn. Unedible though.
Rhododendron canadense and Rh. caroliniana. Two North American rhododendrons.
Staphylea bumalda. A bladdernut tree from Asia.
Viburnum trilobum. American craneberry bush. The berrys are edibel, but best as jelly I think.
Zanthoxylum americanum. Northern prickley ash. Have no idea what this is really :-)
Cross Your fingers that they will germinate well now :-) (In Sweden we say "Hold Your thumbs")
Bee good!

And the ice on the big creek is losing its grip on its surface.


Anonymous said...

You have such a kinship with your invironment and plants! Here, we say, "a person who has this kind of relationship with earth has a 'green thumb'. A kindred spirit. The 'Blueberry Field' lady has this, too. She's be lost without her yearly vegetable and flower gardens.
... Well done, Christer ...

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Thank You!
We say that those persons have green fingers. I think I would be lost too if I didn´t have my plants. Not so much vegetables at the moment, but I´m going to have tomatoes, can´t live without them :-)

woody said...

You are like Alice in the liking of tomatoes she is addicted to them. Tomato any thing is her dish any time. What a difference in the weather between here and there. here it is freezing with NW winds making it colder.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Woody!
Tomatoes are life :-) Can´t get enough of them, but home grown is so much better than the things we can buy nowdays.

It seemes when You have a really cold weather, ours is warmer. Wasn´t it really cold in North America last winter? Here the winter was warmer than ever. Well I like it warm, so I´m not complaining.
Have a nice day now!

Anonymous said...

Hello, Again, Christer ...
I am feeling better - Thank you ...
Read my comment about my 'unpleasentness' in the Blueberry Field lady's (D. Bean) blog. It's written in truth but in a light-hearted way.
Hope you're doing okay - We're expecting another fall of snow for this weekend ... Take care ...

Visiting Voyeur said...

Awesome once again and beautiful photos. To be in tune with your world and it be in tune with you. That is serenity.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi AliceMary!
That was one kind of experiense I don´t want to go through :-) But if You´re feeling better it´s worth it.Keep on getting better!

It´s going to be evev warmer here now, and they have promised rain in a day or two.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Visiting Voyeur!
Yes I do really feel in tune with my world nowdays. I had to move from the big city to be that. The best thing I´ve ever done :-)

The pictures got better than I thought. When I looked in the little display on the cellphone they didn´t look good at all, so I was lucky that I saved them :-)But I have to say that it is easy to get good pictures here where I live, The motives are just around the corner :-)