Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Yesterday I had problems getting the heat from the kitchen stowe up to the second floor. Well I can say that when the heat finally came, it came strongly :-) It was so warm in the bedroom that I and my dogs had trouble sleeping :-) My cats liked it though.

Catalpas is from Norten America. The climat in Sweden makes it hard for them to survive here, but this one is a dwarf variaty that is so much tuffer. Has no scientiffic name unfortimally. It grows in my garden and have survived really cold weather here. Wont get any higher than three meters.

A Dicentra spectabilis. It´s called leutenats hart in swedish.

They told us on the news today that people where crying at Volvo when they heard that their jobs are dissapering. I feel so sad for them. It´s not only a big loss in income for them, it´s the social bit too. To be honest, most of our lives awake is where we work. Perhaps they don´t have any friends oustide work either? Lets hope times will turn soon!

Ariseame amurense. The hardiest of them all in that family.

Anemone blanda. Comes from southern Europe and flowers in spring.

They say that the comming three months is going to be the warmest since they started measure the weather. They also say that the summer also is going to be really warm this year. A neighbour and I share a deep drilled well, so we wont get any problems with water, But some other neighbours don´t have that so they will probably get problems then. Last summer werer really warm and their wells almost dried out. Of course we´ll share our water with them, but it´s troublesom for them anyway. How do one fill a washingnashine from a bucket? But no idea to worry now, they have had wrong before when they have predicted the weather. Sometimes they can´t even predict the weather one hour before it comes :-)
Be good!

Anemone ranunculoides. Grows in all of Europe exept northern parts in Skandinavia. Think One can call it Yellow wooden anemone in english.


HelenJ said...

Sometimes I'm happy I don't have a job anymore - nothing to loose now. When I have finished my studies in 16 months from now, things might be a lot better...
I have ordered seedlings of Catalpa, I'm very curious how that will work out! /Helen

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Let us really hope it will change soon!
What species of Catalpa did You order?

HelenJ said...

That should be Catalpa bignonioides. Do you have any experience of that species? /Helen

Visiting Voyeur said...

Beautiful flowers again. The Leutinants hearts looks like our bleeding hearts so I am sure they are of the same family.

Washing machine... well I have been very poor and without running water before. So it depends... is the washing machine lid on top or on side? If it is on the side you get to wash in the bathtub... no way to fill it unless you have a water pump of some sort and then it is even sketchy then. If the lid is on top you just fill up the cavern and turn it on... only thing is that you have to watch it when it gets to the rinse cycle so you can turn it off, fill it with more water and then turn it back on again. If you miss it, it will burn up the engine...

I have also lived with an outhouse... in today's again it seems weird that I would have that experience but I do. My parents couldn't afford to get running water and a well dug for 2 and a half years when I was between 11 and 13. Showers were also fun.

Anywho... if you were serious about it I think that is a possible answer for you.

woody said...

enjoyed your blog yet again.nice photos and you got some good comments to huh! Sure wish we had your weather.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Visiting Voyer!
I have rented some summerhouses that had an outhouse and loved it, even in winter :-) And the place I lived before I moved here had coldwater as the most modern thing in the house :-) I don´t need much to have a good life :-)

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Woody!
Glad You liked it!
At the moment we have rather cold here, but it will change soon they say. I must change if their prognoses of a warm vinter shall come true :-)