Sunday, January 11, 2009

Windy day today.

Rather windy today I can say. The first video that I made had to be deleted, because the wind made so much noice that I couldn´t hear my self speaking on it :-) Still over freezingpoint outside, but the wind feels so cold that the brain sort of close down :-)

This is the last day of my three week long vacation and i´m looking forward to work again. We know that we have a full scedual the first quater of the year, so no one have to be worried about losing their job at the companie I work at. The other companies in that village all have big problems and a lot of people have lost their jobs. But it´s no idea to worry, what´s going to happen will happen anyway so it´s better to enjoy the day as much as one can.

Be good!

I wonder why the video behaves as it does. In the mobilephone it doesn´t jump as it does here? Well I hope You can enjoy it anyway, if You listen You can hear my cats m,iauing qutie loud :-)



HelenJ said...

Nice video - but it sure is windy! =)
I have ordered the seedlings of the Catalpa now - and about ten more bushes and trees... Let's see if it was well spent money. =) /Helen

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Helen!
But the video behaves strange! I can´t undestand why.

The wind seemes to be stronger now too, not nice taking walks then I can say :-)

Of course it´s well spent money :-)

woody said...

Good try on the video too bad it jumps and gets drowned out by the wind. Your pets all seem to be having just a great time. Here it is once more snowing and very windy I'll not be going outside today.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Woody!
I wonder why the video does so? Hope it´s just this once. I´m not sure if the cats having a good time :-) But it seemes they have to come with us on the walk anyway :-)
Have a nice day dispite the snow and wind!

Anonymous said...

Great video gives us all an idea of where and how you live. Your english is very good. What a nice treat....thanks so much for sharing. Can't wait to see what spring brings us with your videos and photos...debbie

Anonymous said...

Hello, Christer ... I'm thinking that the wind lent a great deal of "in one's face reality" - I could almost feel and hear the cold from here as if I were there walking beside you which, I tell you, wouldn't of been for too long! Not much of our land is opened up - most is covered with thick brusl and stands of trees, Fir, Pine, Spruce, Hemlock, Birch, Maple, Elm and Oak and a couple of craggy old crabapple trees and old twisted vines of Concord grapes that have climbed over a rock wall and the remains of an old building that was built before 1930 by an immagrant Canadian who had a shoot-out with the State police, killing one and no doubt served time and probably died in prison. Who knows? I've half-heartedly attmpted researching this story but lost interest due to envolvement in researching genealogy. By the time we purchased this property it had been incorporated with this land in New Gloucester having once been on the borders of this town and the town of Auburn, Maine - twin city with Lewiston.
Whew! Now that was some stretched-out paragraph!
Anyway, Christer that piece of our land reminds me much of what you scanned today with your camera. Did I tell you that if the ocean abutted this land, I would think me in Heaven.
Pity, the ocean that I identify with is in Portland, Maine, where I grew up, little tiny toes pressed up against the waterfront.
Okay, my Swedish friend, Take care - AliceMary

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Debbie!
It still bothers me that the video is jumping and not know why. Wel better luck next time then. When spring comes I can hopefully show You flowers in my garden that lives on Your continent as well as on mine :-)

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi AliceMary!
What an interesting history about the Canadian! No shoot-outs here in my village. The closest we come to that is when a neighbour on the other side of the village shot his neighbours cat, that´s a story to tell some day :-)

This little village lies on the borderline between forest and open areas, so I´m lucky to have it all so to say :-)

Funny really, we actuly grew up by the same sea, but on opposite sides :-) The sea is the only thing I miss from where I grew up. The smell that comes from it warm summer evenings and the sound of the sea slowley rolling up on the beaches :-)
Have a nice day now!