Sunday, January 18, 2009

One of the more common birds by my feeders is Talgoxen. I love the bright yellow colour on their stomac.

This morning was so windy that my dogs hade to be only in the garden to do their buisness. But later on the sun looked through the clouds so we coukd take a walk then instead. When we could walk where the wind had no chance to reach it was really nice outside. The sun actully feels warm now, very early I can say. Then it suddenly started to snow. Well snow and snow, it was more thin ice flakes. It was so beautiful when the flakes glittered in the sun. It looked like little diamonds fell from the sky.

The Yellow bird back in the picture is a Gulsparv (Yellow sparrow) Klick at the picture so You can se it better. I think the two smaller birds in front is Blåmesar (Bluetits), they are very small but very aggressive. They can chase away any other bird how big they might be.

I have two birdfeeders in my garden. One outside my entrence and the other one more sheltered between trees and bushes in my woodland. Because of the wind and cold air they today prefere the sheltered birdfeeder, but I got a couple of pictures of some birds feeding outside the entrence.I don´t know their english names and to direkt translate their names only meces their names relly funny sometimes. The birds You can see on theese pictures is ‘Talgoxe’ and ‘Gulsparv’ . Gulsparv can be translated to ‘Yellow sparrow’ , but Talgoxe would then be called ‘Tallow ox’ and that really sounds funny :-) :-)
It´s not haze in front of the pines in this picture, it´s tiny flakes of ice flying in the air.

Now the sun is completely covered with clouds and the wind is even worse it seemes. This day is going to be spent indoors watching ski competitions on tv. My dogs are sleeping in my bed, exept for Orvar who never is far away from me if he can help it. My cats on the other hand sleeps very close to the stove enjoying the heat from the fire.
Enjoy the day now! I will!

Here there were no wind at all and the sun made me really warm. Early in the year for that I think. Usually it doesn´r start to be warm until early March.


woody said...

I enjoyed your pictures and your descriptions as always gives one the feeling of visiting your area,the birds are nice and i looked them up on Wikipedia translated to English.
Here we are in the midst of a heavy snow storm and expect 6-10 inches. A good day to stay in here also.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Woody!
So much snow! I just got a sms from my aunt in Gotheburg and she says that is snowing heavely there now. So perhaps it will come here too then. Wikepedia is great, must check it out about our birds here too.

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Hi Christer,

It is 80 degrees here and feeling more like early Summer than Winter. I wish we had snow! I love the pictures, as always they are just stunning!


The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Dena, nice to see You here again!
80 degees! Yes that is summer heat here :-) we have 32F here now. Snowed a little last night and some more is comming tomorrow. But then rain is comming they say.
Have areally nice day now!