Saturday, January 24, 2009

It´s once again a windy and rainy day here by the cranelake. Thw roads were slippery if ice before, but today they are even worse. I managed to make it to the woods anyway, so the walk became really nice despite of the rain. The creeks are almost empty now even if it´s raining. The ground is frozen solid, so the water can´t reach the ditches now. Places that has cold winters are more or less a desert now because all water is frozen in the ground.

Still some snow left despite the rain. This mushroom was like a beacon with its orange colour.

We managed to get home without any falls on the slippery roads. But then I thought that it was best to get some more Fire logs into the house, so I went to the garage to get a couple of packges. They are wrapped in plastic and weighs about ten kilos each ( littel more thar 22 pounds). I had the two packages on my shoulder and was about to close the garage doors when I felt that my feets were gliding apart. Slowley, slowley I was sinking down into a spagath. I really didn´t want that so there was only one thing to do, so I had to fall backwards instead. The fall were soft because there was a hughe puddle of water behind me :-) :-) I couldn´t do anything but laughe when I lay there :-)

There is almost no water in the creeks now, exept for some ice. Sweden is a desert wintertime.

Today I´ve also sowed the wonderful Bushpoppey (Romneya coulteri). We are a lot of peoplethat have sown the seeds from that plant, but only a few has managed it to germinate. We have tried to put fire on them, watered with ashes, had them coo and warm. But almost never anything happens. But now I read that it can work if one uses a natural acid called gibberline. One can buy Gibberline but it has very short sustainability and one needs only a few drops. But one can also put old leafs in the soil. Because when they decay the produce gibberline. So I picked some old leafs in the garden and mixed them in the soil. I´m going to have it in the kitchen until tomorrow, after that I will place them in my cold cellar under the greenhouse light. Then it will be warm during the day, but cold during the night. So cross Your fingers and hold Your thumbs so they start to germinate soon :-)
Be good!

The seeds from the Romneya coulteri is as big as the poppy seeds one has on white bread. So much harder to germinate though.

I picked some leafs in the garden. I tore them in smaller pices so they star to decay faster.

Now the seeds are sown, nothing else than to waite now.


Anonymous said...

Now if anyone can awaken life in your Bushpoppy seeds, it's you!
(I must remember to use old, diced up leaves as an incubator for my seeds. We learn from you how to properly work with seeds and plantings and how to administer tender, loving care.
... I am impressed with how strong your sproutings look - So many of mine have grown too fast,too tall, too limp, tip over, bye-bye ... *%&$#*&@#^* (No, not bad words just exacerbation in profile)!
Take care, AliceMary

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi AliceMary!

:-) :-) Sometimes one wishes to use strong words when it comes to plants growing as they wish :-)

Everything really has to do with light contra heat. The light we get through our windows are to little when we have it as warm as we have it indoors. The warmer it is, the stronger light they need.

I´m not sure if this trick will start the poppy seeds, but it´s the best I´ve heard so long anyway :-)

Have a pleasent day and evening now!