Saturday, February 14, 2009

Woke up to a cold and foggy morning today. They had promised sun, but why should they get it right this time when they haven´t gotten it right before :-) :-) But since there are no winds to talk about it´s really nice outside.

Usually I can see more than twenty kilometers away ( twelve and a half miles) here but today perhaps five hundred meters (1640 feet).

Here it would be a slideshow that Woody from “The Good Old Beans” have made from my pictures, but I don´t seeme to understand how to get it in to my blog. So here´s a link instead: “Where Christer Walks”. I and every one that have seen it loves it! Thank You Woody!

Today a lot of time will be spent in front of the tv. First there´s the slalom world cup. Lindsey Von is probably winning that gold medal too. She is the Queen of their world cup. This morning the women Biathlon has been run and we got a sweed on fith place, now the mens worldcup in biathlon will start any minute. Later tonight there´s the second heat in the song contest. The papers have already chosen who is going to win (even if no one have heard the songs yet) and tomorrow they will explain why they didn´t :-) :-)

My camera and I don´t agree how I decided how it shall take my pictures :-) Yesterday it took small dark pictures, today they are bright but enormous :-) Better that because the pictures is easily reduced in size. But my memorycard in the camera only allowes mew to take a few pictures then. I´ll have to have a diskussion with it later today :-)

More and more birds are comming to the feeders now when it´s cold outside. Unfortunally does my cats think that the feeder that is closest to my cottage is very interesting to watch when they are outside. They doesn´t look as they would want to eat the birds but the birds seemes to think that my cats will, so they prefere the other feeder where I can´t take pictures. But I did manage to get a photo of the Blackbird. This is our most beloved bird in Sweden. I even think we chosen it as our country bird. The males are totally black and has a yellow beak and their singing in spring is absolutely wonderful. When one hears that for the first time every year one knows it´s spring.
Have a nice day now!

Our most beloved bird, the Blackbird.


woody said...

Having problems with your camera I well understand and inserting youtube video in blog all this stuff has a learning cruve that at times has me going round in circles. The video thing I will try to explain if you go to the video on youtube look to the right of the page where is the video description. there are two little windows one of which is embed code just copy this and paste it into your post. Then the video will appear there and will be functional as soon as you publish your blog.hope this works for you.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Woody!
The videothing doesn´t look to difficult, but usually it´s another thing doing it :-) :-)

My camera seemes to have a mind of its own. I´m sure I haven´t changed anything! Now I get pictures slightley bigger than before but that´s easy to change in the computer before publishing them in the blog.
Have a nice day now!

Mona said...

I found your video that Woody posted and it is really very nice! I loved it. I wish you could do that right here on your site. I have not a clue how to do it..but I have seen it on other blogs. Anyway...they were just beautiful! Woody did good.
I just discovered something about my camera too. I discovered the setting for close ups. Wow..that helps! I wish I had the book (it was lost in my move and I can't find it!) It would certainly help to have directions. :)
Happy Valentines Day to you..
Oh...and before I forget. YOU POSTED A PHOTO OF YOURSELF!! How CUTE you are! Now I know who I am talking too..a bit late for but that's ok.

Mona said...

P.S. I am glad you liked the rug...and you are right. The doggies would probably make quick work of that rug. I can look around and see chew marks on different furnature from when Mele was a pup. Who's just "stuff". :)

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
Woody is really good with that stuff! I can put in an ordinary video, there are some in the beginning of this blog (with low quality) But these sladeshows is something else. But I must try to do one soon.

My gamera is my sister in laws old camera and the book ist still there, so I discover new things with it every day. Sometimes without knowing what I´ve done :-) :-)

I´ve tried to take a new picture of me, but I looked like a troll :-) So this one is one year old. I looks much the same since then I think.

It´s a really good looking rug You have there. I don´t think my dogs would chew on it, but all the hair and durt that would end up in it would certanly ruin it.
have a nice Valentine day too!