Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Amazing evening sky today!

It was a tough day at work today. Two people missing and lots of things to paint.Wont be any problems falling asleep tonight then. But I had problems with that last night. Could have been up all night it felt like. I wasen´t tired at all and I don´t know why. The funny thing is that I havet been tired during the day either. Am I getting old? I´ve heard that olp people doesn´t sleep much :-) :-)

The evening sky was fantastic today! It lookes as if there was a huge fire somewhere in the forest.

Not many pictures tody, it got to dark to fast so there were no time for taking photoes. But the evening sky (can one say that when it only was five o clock?) was fantastik! It looked like there was a huge fire somewhere. At the same time I could feel the smell of smoke, but that isn´t anything strange here. Everyone is having a fire in their fireplaces.

I heard that they have found a new planet far, far away. It seemes that it´s quite like earth in size. But it´s to close to its sun and a year is only twenty minutes long. No place to move to. Moreover it´s about 450 light years away :-) Not a trip one takes a rainy afternoon :-)
Now I´m going to take a shower and put more logs on the fire. Yesterday I didn´t do that to often, so it was quite cold this morning. But Hector, the winterdog, loved it. He thinks that temperatures over fifteen degrees (59F) is rather much :-)
Have a nice day!


Mona said...

Having people missing at work is always a headache. I remember it well. I really do enjoy being retired so much. Our sunsets out over the ocean here are much the same. As if a fire were burning brightly someplace.
In certain areas of California people have to check the paper to see if they can use their fireplaces. Air polution is a big problem here. You must check the paper and if caught burning on a banned day, you will be fined.
Is that your little home in the photo? I wish I could see it more clearly.
Yes..I heard about the new planet. You are right. Not a trip to take on a rainy afternoon! :)
Stay warm. I enjoy your blog very much.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
It´s not my cottage You can se on this picture, it´s my neighbours. I promise to take a new one of my cattage on saturday so You can se what it lookes like.

It´s seldom so dry here that we are forbidden to use our fireplaces. But there can be forbidden to have an open fire outdoors during summers here, espesially near bogs. If they start burning they continue to do so for weeks.

We don´thave any big problems with pollution here, only in the biggest cities. We have had problems with slightley acidic rain before because of the use of fireing with cole in the countries south of us. All the smoke from that went up to the clouds and made the rain acidic over Sweden. But those problems are long gone nowdays.

We don´t have to big problems with pollution here, but that is probalby because we aren´t that many people here. We´re only nine millon people in an area little bigger than California.
have a nice day now and I promise a picture of my cottage.

woody said...

What a sky picture It now adorns my desktop. No work problems for me retirement makes the days all mine. What about that planet I could get to be 73 years old there in 24 hours what a short life one would have there.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Woody!

You should have seen the sky here on my way home in the car. It was even more fantastic than what we can se on this picture. But I couldn´t take a picture then.

Yeah! Time would pass quickley there and I think it passes a little to quickley here :-) :-)

HelenJ said...

Vilka färger - underbar himmel!
Jag missar oftast soluppgångar och -nergångar. Det är lite retligt.... De är ju ofta så vackra! /Helen

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Tjänare Helen!
Nu kommer ju en period när jag ser den på väg hem från jobbet och snart kommer perioden när jag ser det på morgonen. Men sällan är det så häftigt som det var igår.