Monday, February 16, 2009

Even though it´s below freezing point, the sun manages to melt the snow on the roofs during the days (the few days we have sun here:-) )

I just saw a National Gografy program on TV. It was about mooses and I could see that there are some differeces between American and European mooses. The American is slightly bigger and the thing it has under the chin is much longer. It almost looks like a tie on the American moose. Sweden were actully mentioned in the program. There is no other place where it lives that many mooses in the world. But as I mentioned earlier something is happening with them here in southern Sweden. They are dying and noone knows why. Perhaps they are to many?

The rests of an old stone age toomb. Nowdays cows are going there.

Woke up this night not able to breath! My nose were totally stuffed and at first i didn´t understand why I couldn´t breath through my mouth. But when I inhaled i got loads of saliva in my lungs. For some reason i haven´t swallowed for a long time during the night so it was impossible to breath. Even though I had panik for a short time I just turned around and continued to sleep :-) Hope it doesn´t happen again.

I´m going to do something different this weekend. I´m going to a pottery class :-) It´s for two days and the teacher is a garden friend of mine. I have no idea if I have any talent for this, but one has to trie to know :-) I promise to take my camera with me so You can se how I´m doing :-)
Have a nice day!


Anonymous said...

A fright in the night to not be able to breath would scare most people.Hopefully it will not recurr but if it should consult your doctor there are many sleep disorders that befall us as we age.
who knows you may well be an undiscoverd perfect potter, enjoy your class.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Slept very well this night so lets hope it´s over now. If it happ3ens again I will talk with a doctor.

The main thing is that I´m having a good time at the pottery class :-)

Mona said...

The window panes, the windows with ice on them..I remember those as a child in Oregon. There is my past..not sure what..that makes Winter so wonderful to me. Winter is a feeling to me. Spring also. I don't have a great love of summer but it also has it's joys. But the my favorite by far. Your Winter scenes and discriptions are wonderful to me.

Mona said...

Christer..thank you for your comment on my Viet Nam post. I am happier than you will know that your country has not known war and fear for countries like yours that somehow they will be dragged into the worlds problems. Denmark is another little country that I think is like your own. My Great grandmother came over from Denmark. So..goodness..I guess I am as much Dane as Irish.. :) But isn't that a typical AMERICAN?? mongrels all.. :)

Anonymous said...

Pottery! I am so excited to hear about your envolvement in this very intimate artwork. You will do above average, Christer! I look forward to seeing your pictures of this. Bravo!

I tried to access your brother's Blog/website but cannot do so as I need to be registered ... Can you insert a couple of his works into your blog for us?

Take care, my friend ...
Be well and be creative!
Cheering you on, AliceMary

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
Spring and autumn is my favourite seasons during the year. Summer is of course nice too, but winter is something I could do without I think. But then I have to move abroad and I like living here to much I think :-)

Denmark (and Norway) weren´t that lucky during the second world war as my country was.
Before that it was Sweden/Finland (that was one country until 1804 I think it was) and Denmark/Norway (that was one country also until Sweden got Norway, against their will, 1814) that always were in war with each other :-)

But I love Denmark! It´s a wonderful country with lovely people. And Norway is probably the most beautiful country there is! Our languages is quite close too, so we have no trouble understanding each other. Danish is a bit more problematic. If one comes from Gothenburg and further south in Sweden, as I do we usually have easier to understand them. But Danish is very easy to read though.
Have a nice day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi AliceMary!
I think I already knows what I want to do at the pottery class, but I still have time to change my mind :-)

I show some new and some old pictures later today!