Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Got away from work half an hour early today. Strange how half an hour can feel like half a day :-) I managed to buy what I needed from the store and fill petrol in the car and still be home a lot earlier than ususal.

We have a heated discussion here in Sweden now about what one can call art. Two artstudents have done something as a thesis (is that what I mean? I mean a work for their exams). One played mentally ill and went to a psychiatric emergency room pretending she wanted to take her own life. After a while she told them she was healthy and that this was only art she was doing??? The other one painted grafftit all over a subway wagon and destroyed the windows. He also scared the s...t out of those who went in that wagon. He got his degree after showing a video of what he had done???

My brother who is an artist hate when people does such things. He becomes really mad when people do stupid and planned things and then hide behind the word art. I have to agree with him! To be honest I don´t understand much of modern art. Paintings yes, but what´s the use wrapping one self in plastic and call it art? But many people like it so who am I to judge. By the way, the two so called artists now have to pay for what they have done and thet pleases me.

It´s going to be slightly warmer here in the comming days. If I could be the one who decided things it could really be very warm :-) I´m tired of the winter now and so it seemes some birds are to. Talgoxen has started with their spring song now and the first pidgeons has arriwed to the forest near the sea. But spring won´t come for a month or so if it´s not early, so I have to be happy about the small changes that will come.
Have a nice day now!


woody said...

You are right to be upset by the way people are distorting the meaning of art.Art was always a way of people creating things to entertain others not destroying things to amuse themselfs.Hmmm maybe by being bloggers we are in fact artist's.:-}
Ask your brother to let you show some of his art on your blog.And keep watching cause spring is reallly comeing.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Of course we are artist or at least authors :-)
I´ll leave an adress to my Swedish blogg where I showe a few pictures he has done in Your blog.

Anonymous said...

... I'm not too keen about the bull-manure inflated egos of those two art-students but as long as they are not breaking the law, than so be it. I wonder what that did for them? ... What was the gain? Ego can be cocky!

Good pictures, Christer! Also, looking forward to seeing your brother's paintings and your pottery!
Take care ... About waking up w/no breath? Twice in my lifetime that has happened to me and I thought I'd never breath again - Thought I was dying. Extremely scary! Took me awhile to feel comfortable about going to sleep ... AliceMary

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi AliceMary!
I wonder too what the gain was. Well they got their degree of course, but outherwise it´s just stupid!

Strangly enough I have no trouble going to sleep after that If it´s my time to go it´s my time and that doesn´t disturb me at all I´ve noticed. I really looking forward to the pottery class. I think I already knows what I want to do :-)