Thursday, February 5, 2009

It´s not much snow that has come, but it feels so much lighter when it´s here.

When I moved here eight years ago I could see at least three deers and perhaps a moose every morning when I went by. Now I almost never sees any of them.

This is the only place that I could see any snow on the spruces. Everywhere else were snow free. Wonder why?

Some snow has come last night and some more is comming this night they say. But still one can´t say that there has come especially much. I´m longing for spring now, but it will take at least one and a half month until it´s here (if it´s early will say). I want to sow seeds now, but the seeds I´ve ordered haven´t come yet. That annoys me because people I know that ordered from the same places, but after me, have gotten theirs now. I´m usually quite patiens, but now I´m getting less patiet day after day. Hope they come tomorrow.

The darkness came fast today, mostley because of the clouds.

The apricots are moving up fast now. I couldn´t se anything last evening in this pot.

Otherwise nothing special has happened these last days. Every day is getting slightley longer, but its still completely dark six am. Our skiers (downhill, slalom) aren´t especially successful yet, but I´m hoping for comming competitions. But soon the biathlonskiers are starting their world cup and also the crosscountry skiers are going to start their world cup. I think we will get some medals there at least :-)
Have You ever heard of “Eurovision song contest”? The swedish competitions will start on Saturday, so if You don´t know what I´m writing about, I´ll explain on Saturday.
Have a nice day now!


Anonymous said...

Hello, Dear Christer ... I got so enthusiastic about spring planting after seeing your wonderful Apricot growing like a healthy new baby! Debbie is a wonder with planting, also and once the vegetables and flowers are in full maturity and bloom, she shares them with all of us - family and friends and associates. She's such a people-caring person.

Well, I've published my blog today, actually not too long ago. It's a beginning.

About Sweden's skiers - Is that part of ESPAN's winter sports coverage? Occasionly I watch that channel but when the winter Olympics are on, I try not to miss any of it.
I do like the summer competitions, too, but the winter challenges are my favorites.

Moose: When we first moved here we always saw moose in our fields and on our road and our woods were alive with partriges and pheasants but now we don't see them anymore yet never fail to keep an eye out for them.
I suppose one of the reasons for this is because more folks are moving here and cutting down trees and pulling up raspberry and blackberry bushes allow their dogs to run and roam till they decide to return home. These are city dogs and will chase anything that runs away sadly resulting in dead deer, chewed on rabbits and ravished turkeys.

Okay, my friend, now that I'm done groaning and moaning, I'll say take care and goodnight ... AliceMary

Mona said...

Good evening, Christer,
It has been a sad day for me. I have become very fond of Becky of Sweet Cottage Dreams and losing a son has to be a pain beyond any other. I am so sorry for her and her family.
Thank you so much for stopping by. You are always such a joy to me.
I will look forward to hearing what "Eurovision song contest" is.
Is it anything like American Idol?
I have to wonder where our animals are disappearing to. I think we are crowding them out of their habitat and that is so upsetting to me.

Today was quiet for me too. We are finally getting a bit of badly
needed rain. So far no winter to speak of. I hope it changes very soon.
Valentines day here in the States is just another reason for people to spend money really. I don't think it is as big as it was when I was young. In grammer school it was especially big. I do love to decorate for it though. It's fun.

I am off to bed. I need to get a map to see where you are. :)
Goodnight, and have a good day at work tomorrow.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi AliceMary!
Loved Your blog, but I´ve alredy told You that there :-) I´ve asked around if any one knows if Espan shows the ski worldcups, but it´s not that common channel here. But if they show the olympics I think the´ll show these competitions too.

Something has happened to our mooses here in southern Sweden. In my part of the country , Västergötland, they suffer from a terrible disease that makes them slowley get thinner and then die. No one seemes to understand why. In other parts, especially the island Öland (our next biggest island), the mooses gets miscarriage more than half of the times and those few calfs that are born is only half the size they should be. But in northern Sweden they are okey thankfully.

It´s not that common with dogs attacking the wildlife here, but when it happens they usually blame the few wolves we have. But we do have some problems with big dogs attacking humans in the cities instead. People gets big dogs that they can´t handle or the dogs we call Pitbulls. The laws against that are quite hard now and I haven´t read about a dog attack for a long time now.
Keep on blogging now AliceMary!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
I read Your blog early this morning but there were no time to write a comment. We had a little of a snowstorm and I had to leave early to get to my job.

I can´t even imagine how terrible it must be to loose ones child. I have no children of my own, but I still sort of have a son. He got injured badly when a car drowe in to his car in high speed and I remember how terrible that was. My thoughts is with them.

The Eurovision song contest isn´t like American Idol. More than 34 countries is competing with one song each in one hugh event. Explaning more on tomorrow, it will take some writng to tell You what this is :-) But the contest started for over fifty years ago.

Winter has been warm here to, but much colder than Yours :-) A lot of raine and some snow.
It doesen´t sound good that You haven´t got any rain. What will Your summer be like then? Hope You´ll get as much rain as Yopu need and soon!
Nice seeing You here!

Mona said...

Good afternoon, Christer. I was correct thinking the contest you have been talking about was sort of like American Idol. I have not been watching it as much as I used to. The contest you speak of seems much, much larger and spread over a wider area. Question. Why can you not vote for your own country? Did I misunderstand that?
That's interesting.
IF you do not get enough rain..the law will go into effect that rations the amount of water we can use. It has happened before and lawns died and our gardens at risk.
The say they will moniter our meters and fine us for over usage.
Another thing that happens is there will be few or no wildflowers this spring. When there are good rains there are wildflowers as far as the eye can see in some places..and rolling green hills and everything is beautiful. Right now we are still under clouds but I understand that the snow is down to the 5000 ft. level. I can't wait and will post some pictures. We are still way under what we should be getting.
I have to tell you something funny. I have run on long enough so will tell you in another comment. You will get a good laugh out of it...I hope! :)

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
You understood right. We can´t wote for our own country in the grand final. Every country would then give it self the maximun amount, because we all want to win this contest. The points will be better spread if we can´t wote for ou selves.

I think I wont ever complain over our rains :-)It must be troublesum when You get dry wintwers! I´m also thinking about the big fires You can have in California. I´m very glad we seldom have these big fires here.