Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I wondered for a long time if this was the photo I would send in to the contest, but chose ..

this one instead. I like both pictures, but the sky made me choose this one.

There is a big snowstorm closing in on Sweden in the comming twenty four hours they say, but it seemes to miss Skaraborg where I live. I wouldn´t mind if it came here though. I think I´m growing up!? Comming from Gotheburg I´m not used to snow and really cold weather. A winter there is mostly rainy and windy. When there is a real winter it´s usually so cold that the sea freezes so thick that the islanders can drive their cars over the water and the winds are bitterly cold. Up here it´s not the same. It´s usually real cold, but the lack of an ocean makes the wind less humid and then it feels so much warmer than down i Gothenburg. It took me some time, but now I actully likes when the snow is falling :-)

I love walking in the forest and does so every day. But when I come to this place I choose another path. I´m not welkome there. No person stops me, but the forest it self. Something in there makes me feel unwelkome. At first I just thought that I was stupid so one day I went in there anyway. I felt so worried that I had to leave it fast. The deeper into the wood I came, the worse it became. It´s nothing special in there what I could see, but I will never go in there again.

The headline news today is that there has been two murders here in Skaraborg within twenty four hours. Thank God it´s really unusual with murders in Sweden, but when it happens it will be the head news on national tv. It lookes as though one of the murders already is solved, the other one is to new to say anything about yet.

I´ve entered a photo competrition that is held by Swedish Radio Skaraborg with one of the pictures I´ve shown here. Woody thought that it would be a good picture to send to a photo contest. I had one more that I really liked, but I went with the one Woody liked. The other one is on the top of todays blog. There is some good pictures in the contest already, but I thought why not try. I´ll try to put a link here so You can see the other pictures (I don´t think mine´s there yet, I just sent it in to them). Thankfully it´s a jury who decides who wins and not woting. Usually the ones with big familys has a tendensy to win otherwise :-) :-)
here is the link, just klick on it : Bästa vinterbilden. (that means “The best winter photo”)
So hold Your thumbs and cross Your fingers! The contest is open till the seventeenth of Februari.
Bee good!


Anonymous said...

May I begin by thanking you very, very much for your lovely words and encouagement, Christer. You and Debbie are so encouraging to everyone but never pay any mind to your own impressive talents!

That feeling you expressed about entering a particular part of a forest: I understand that. Although premonitions have no credit with the academic community because intuition and apparitions cannot pass empirical examination,such abilities get tossed aside along with specters and green witches. But, I do not discard this because I have had such feelins that I have referred to as a young woman as 'vibes'. I'm thinking that whatever didn't make you feel wecomed could also be that you were picking up something awful that had happened there a time ago. Perhaps a fight, an unwarranted death, a killing, etc. Maybe sometime on a rainy day off from work or weekend, you can this check via one of your libraries. What happened in this area that left such an impression that your intuitive sense was drawn to it and what you felt was threatening! And that meant, to you, "Get out of here!" Or, it was a good spirit or guardian angel directing you away because if you went further in, you would have been hurt.
I don't know what provoked the strong feeling you experienced but I do know not to ignore it.

I'm going to say a little prayer for you that your submitted picture gets chosen. Now that would be a bonus but if not, don't take it, dear friend, as an indicator that you don't have a natural talent for photography! Did you name it? No matter, you have a keen eye and artistic insight and ability ... As they say, "Keep on; Keeping on" ...

Take care, my Swede AliceMary

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi AliceMary!
This is a place that have been populated since the great ice melted away. They have found places in the bog nerby where things and people have been sacrificed to the goods at that time. So perhaps it´s a place like that? I´m not welkome so I wont go in there any more in any case.

Well I´m a Sweed so I never belive that I will win anything :-) So if I don´t I´m going to be as happy as I use to be anyway :-) To be certain to find the picture again in my computor I named it "The best winter picture" :-) So I think it will go by that name in the contest :-)

You write fantastic! I´m looking forward to the next text You will put in Your blog!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, dear heart!
I agree with you 100% - If I got those feelings (and I have on occasion) I would make a wide pass by that area but, knowing me and my need to understand why I get those creepy feelings, I'd have to 'investigate'. However, just as well one just walk on by.

Here, on this land, the feelings are good and if I were to find a visual description for them it would be 'gnomes'. Strange, isn't it?
The journal I kept has a cover that I played around with, displaying (clipart) our 'neighbors' and I'll either insert a picture of that in one of my blogs and maybe the story with in this journal.
So you see, dear Swede, some of us do have vibes and even gnomes ...
Take care ... AliceMary

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

No not strange to me at all! Gnomes is something we all grew up with here by the old tales we used to hear as children.

Gnomes and trolls were to be found in most of those stories and I belive that rather many belive they exist but don´t say it to anyone because being afraid of being rediculed. I´ve never seen any of them, but I´m not prepared to say that they don´t exist. But I have seen something out there that I can´t explain.

I got that positive cind of feeling all over the forest and bog too. But at this place it´s much darker, almost evil I would say. I think that I will talk to my neighbour if she knows if anything ever happened at that place. If eny one knows it´s her.

Have a nice day now and ceep on blogging :-)

Mona said...

Alway, always go with your feeling in matters like that, Christer. You were right to turn back. Please do not return there..even if you get curious. It is not a good thing. Trust yourself. :)

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
No I wont go in there again, it felt to bad inside to do that. But I have to admit that I´m curious to why I feel like that.