Monday, February 9, 2009

I´ve just looked at the news now. The fires in Australia is of course the top news today. Terrible what happens there now and worse is that most of the fires is arson. Two of the arsonist are now under arrest, lets hope the catch the rest of them too. What now bothers me is that I by the blogs nows people in California and that´s a place were it can be terrible fires during summers too. I really hope that You who lives there in case there are fires near You don´t trie to save Your hoses, save Your selves instead! Things and houses can be bought or rebuilt, people can´t. Fires happens here also, but seldom as explosive as in Australia or California. And I promise that if it would happen here I would flee as quickley as possible.

There was yet another accident with a tram in Gothenburg. People from Gothenburg loves trams, the further away we live from them the more we love them :-) Unfortunally people doesn´t understan how dangerous they can be. Fifteen years ago ( or was it more?) one tram went down a hill without a driver, backwards! They weigh about thirty tons ( 66000 pounds) and at the end of the hill there is a small turn. The trams journey ended in a building and several people were killed. People tend to jump between the wagons, fall and come under the wagons and the result of that isn´t pleasent. This time the breaks on the tram seemes not been working and it hit a nother tram at the station. The driver was injured but no one was killed.

Outherwise it´s been a calm day. The goldmedal in womens downhill went to America and now it seemes that our chanses of getting one is over for this time. Now we are hoping for cross-country- and biathlons ski world cups instead :-) We should have a great chans to get some kind of medal there I hope :-) The bird loves the sunflower seeds and eating them like crazy, so tomorrow I must buy some more. Well now it´s time to read som blogs so by for this time!

Talgoxe, Blue tit and Yellow sparrow.



Anonymous said...

Right on about the fires it has been many years since there was agreat fire here in Maine but it is still remembered.Our granddaughter is in California and we fear for her each year when the fires burn there.I shall hold my thumbs that Sweden makes some gold medals.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

It would be fun if we gor at least a medal, any kind is accepteble :-)