Tuesday, February 24, 2009

There´s one thing I miss.

The best thing I´ve ever done is to move to the countryside. I don´t miss the life in the city at all, but there is one thing though that I do miss now when I moved here that I never will experience again. The joy of comming here from the city

Not much out there to take pictures of today, so I show You my dogs instead :-) This is Erna, the head of the family. Twelve years old april first. She doesnt see much and hears even less, but she´s happy and sprightly :-)

I used to rent different cottages up in Dalsland, a county just beside southern Norway. When I worked late shift at Volvo I never worked on Friday evening. So I packed my bags already on Thursday morning and when I drove home from work that evening picke up my
bags and what ever animals I then had ( I have had loads of animals :-) Dogs, cats, parrots, a rat .....) and drove all the way to the cottage in the middle of the night. The Joy I felt inside when I arrived to the cottage is indescribable. I was so happy that it almost hurt inside. And if I was going to work late shift the week after the weekend, then I stayed till Monday morning and drove home as late as possible.

This is Hector. He nad his brother was born September sixth. Nothing went well that day and he, his siblings and mother were close to die that day. But a caesarean saved him and three of his siblings. Four puppies died unfortunally. Hector is scaringly intelligent and figure things out that I thought a dog couldn´t figure out :-)

But now I can´t get that feeling any more and misses it sometimes. In the beginning after mowing here I culd feel tha same going home from work when I realized that I didn´t have to drive to Gotheburg again :-) I must admit I liked to live in Gothenburg, but compared to living out here it´s nothing.

This is Orvar. A big kind giant that loves all living things exept big men. he was scared once in the gardencenter I had by a man that thought he knew how to handle dogs. he didn´t know that at all! Like his grandmother he wants to take care of all animals he can find :-)

The head news today is that our Crown Princess is going to get married next year early summer. Well of course her fiance is getting married too :-) There are strict rules for a monark to be to get married. At first her father must approve to the marridge. If he doesn´t ther´s no marriage. After getting the King on her side the governement must approve. If not, there´s no marriage. But now they all have approved so now they can get married. She is used to all attention a monark gets, but I´m not sure her finace is yet, even if we all know that they will get married for a long time now. Hope they will have along and happy marriage anyway.
Now I´m going to make a pot of tea and enjoy the evening, hope You will too!

This is a really bad picture that shows how our deers look like, but it´s the best I´ve gotten so far. They are fed by my neighbour every day four pm and don´t care if there are dogs nerby :-)


woody said...

hey Christer here I am playing catch up just read your last 2 blogs . We have been without power for two days and nights and that was a drag no TV no PC and no blogging . Oh well it's ok now so we go from there. I will be posting some photos and videos of the storm it was a big one.

Anonymous said...

Hello, my Swede ... What a grand snowstorm, we had here! It's getting dark outside(5:46 PM)but I can still make out our trees that are coated as if with thick, finger-licking-good cake frosting! Oh, it is so beautiful! At the top of the hill, golden light from my son's windows sprinkles gilded sparkles onto the mounds of snow created by the plowman's pickup. Now it's so dark, I can't see up there but, I can see in here ...
Just said a prayer for the 40,720 folks still w/out power. Yestersay, there was over 100,000 +.
Not bad ... Our CMP guys and gals are relentless workers!
Well, dear friend ... Thank you vwery, very much for caring about us. Were it you, we would be just as concerned as we've made a place for you in our hearts.
Fondly, AliceMary

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Christer..you have simply the sweetest kindest people that comment on your blog! I am beginning to come to read their comment..(the ones in English :) but love to look careful at the ones in Swedeish. Very interesting to look at. I wonder if ours looks as strange to Swedish people?

I am so happy that you were not insulted by my comment on your cat and that you agree. A mountain lion..yes... :) I cannot wait to see it after it is painted. Black and you would have a lovely panther?
It is 5:42 PM and still light here. I was shocked yesterday when I noticed this as it is usually dark in the Winter at this time. This is a sure sign that Spring is nearly upon us..just a few more weeks. The days are already beginning to get longer and longer.
Wish I had a clock so I could see the time in Sweden.
Have an nice Wednesday, my friend.
:) Mona

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Woody!
When I read Debbies blog I understod what had happend. I´m glad that You are alright and that nothing worse happend to You. As long as one is afe a snowstorm can be a magnificent thing to watch and its usual very beautiful afterwards.
I´ll be looking in to Your blog!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi AliceMary!
Yesit can be so beautiful after a snowstorm! As long as no one gets hurt I don´t mind them. But the personel that fixes Your powerproblems are so much faster than the ones over here. Last time there were a big snow storm here some people were out of power for almost a month. But after the powercompanies were thretened with damages the work went on so much faster some how :-) :-)

Well I sort of know You now, so of course I got worried when there were no sign of You on the net!
Enjoy Your electric power now :-)

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mna!
Yes I´m lucky to have so nice and kind people that comments my blog!

No I don´t think we see english text the way You see swedish. That I tyhink depends on that we are more or less fed with the english language from birth. I´ll wright about that in tomorrows blog I think.
But I´ve heard that swedish is complicated to learn, even if one speakes a lnguage in the same language group. I´ve also heard that when swedish person speakes it sounds a little like singing?

Of course I´m not insulted by Your comment. It´s honest and very true. As long a comment is honest I´m happy with it!

California is eight hours after us in time. So if it´s eight am at Yours it´s four pm (or as we say sixteen o clock) here.

I think that we are passing You now when it comes to the length of the day. At midsummer we have over 19 hours of daylight here :-)