Monday, February 2, 2009

The evening sky yesterday, but it looked much the samre today.

A cold night was followed by a cold and sunnt day today. I cant see it from where I´m working, but I sit by many windows at my lunchbreak. It looked so nice. But I got a chanse to enjoy the last of the daylight when I and the dogs took our walk. Now there´s a fire in the stove and I´ve enjoyed a cup of tea.

The last glimps of the sun before it dissaperes behind the forrest.

I have stopped to buy candy and cookies on the way home from work every day :-) I´ve become rather overweight and have to do something about it. When I was younger I ran and cykeled almost every day, so eating were no problem at all. I could eat whatever I wanted without getting fat. But nowdays it´s a differnt thing. I was operated with an experimental method in my hip and got relly well afterwards. But I´m not allowed to run or jogg after that (I´m not allowed to kickbox, parachuting, or become a weightlifter either :-) :-) ). Now when my other hip is going down the drain cykling isn´t an option because my foot is pointing out a bit, so my heel gets into the cykle all the time. I´m not complaining over this, just explaining why I´m not exersising exept for walking my dogs.

Here and there one can find small ponds on the walks. I think that the terrain would benefit if they dug the pond clean from old leafs and mud. As it´s now the ground round the pond is swampy.

I have a rowing machine that I use when my joints are ok and I love it. But this is not enough, or at least that´s what my trousers says :-) So now I decided that I only can eat candy and cookies at Fridays or Saturdays. Guess if I´m petulant :-) but I have made it two weeks now. I´m much better now than when I tried to stop drinking coffe anyway. I was so terrible that my friends at work begged me to start drinking coffe again :-) The funny thing is that I only drink coffe at work and still I was so depending of it.

I haven´t noticed any slimming of my belly yet, but I will stand strong :-) At the moment I think it would be forbidden to have all the candy just before one is to pay for the things one bought :-) It´s so easy to just reach out and grab that chokolat bar. But to be honest, they do usually have some fruit there to. But for some reason it´s not so easy to reach out to pick some fruit instead of candy :-) :-)
Have a really nice day now!

There´s still one Bulrush that haven´t let go of it´s seeds. I´ve red that it´s edible befor it gets brown. Then one shall eat it as a corn on the cob and it´s supposed to be quite tasty?


HelenJ said...

As always, your photos are so beautiful. I love the first one of the sky. If you check my blog today, you might find out why I love that one =).

I know all about getting "bigger" - now when I'm studying, I'm sitting with my books (or the computer) and I'm constantly putting something in my mouth. And it's not fruit...
Well, when the weather is better, we will start working hard outside in the garden, so I hope I will loose some weight then.
Have a nice evening!

woody said...

It seems that weight gain is a problem for us all.My nemesis is icecream or cake or both at night.I cut back but can never quit.But hey we only live once best we do it happy and full :>)

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

It´s thanks to my job that I don´t get to much stomac :-) Outherwise I could be rolled :-)

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Woody!
Icecream is my biggest weaknes in summer:-) Can eat loads of it then :-)
And Your right, one must be able to enjoy life too!