Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More and more timber is placed by the old gravel road now. I got a bit worried because I saw that there were a lot of timber by the creek.

The foam on top of the water has frozen now, but the water benieth is still running.

Another fly has woken up from its wintersleep and sits on a lamp enjoying the heat from it. I wont bother killing it, its life will be short enough in here anyway because it has nothing to feed on. Teodor is once again sleeping in the waist paper bag, Orvar sleeps on the floor down stairs and the three others is probably in my bed filling it with sand that got stuck in their fur during the walk :-)

Unfortunally they had thinned out the forest just beside the creek too. The little path that I, the dogs and all deers used to walk on is gone now. I hope they will tidy up here soon. As it is now it´s impossible to walk near the creek.

No big news today, now it´s tha second heat in the song contest that the papers are writing about. As I told You there has been massiv criticism on how the rules has change. The newspapers have thretened with voting boycott but I wonder if those who likes to vote have the same idea? Don´t think so. Most of the money they have to spend on voting goes to “Save the children” so I think they´ll keep voting. The papers have already told us who probably will win this heat, so on Sunday they will tell us why they didn´t. Probably they´ll blame the way we have to vote now :-)

But with the help of a camera one can take pictures so one can´t see what has happened.

We didn´t get the snowstorm here, but it has snowed all day. Tiny tiny snowflakes has fallen from the sky in endless numbers. It´s the cind of snow that can fall for hours and still dont fill the ground especially much. But tyhe snow by the roads got a little bit witer anyway and that´s something. The birds are eating sunflower seeds like crazy so tomorrow morning I have to fill the feeders before I go to work. Now is the month that use to be the worst wintermonth of the year. But lately that has changed some. Now it seemes that March is the cold month instead. Last winter didn´t arrive until March and if my memory isn´t too bad it was the same the year before. Well well, if it´s then nature wants winter there´s nothing I can do about it anyway so it´s welkome when ever it comes.
Have a nice day now!


HelenJ said...

We had the same weather here today - snow all day but not too much on the ground. Luckily it will last for a fee days!

Lovely photos as always. I have checked the link to the competioiton but haven't seen your photo yet. I will keep checking... /Helen

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

I´ve maled them and asked why It hasen´t appered yet. Perhaps they have had to much to do or perhaps my picture hasen´t arriwed?

woody said...

Here the snow is melting and we have rain coming. But we have a lot of snow to melt before we begin to see green grass.Your woodland sceanes would make a great slide show or a video, do you have the software to do it with?

skoots1mom said...

love the snowy pics!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Woody!
I don´t know if I have that kind of software. I´ve often wondered how You´ve made Your slideshows. You have gotten so much snow so i figure that it will take some time for it to melt away.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi skoots1mom! Welcome to my blog!
It´s something with snow that makes everything so beautiful :-)