Friday, February 27, 2009

Almost no snow left now :-) I really hopes this means that spring is comming! But here they don´t think that spring has arrived until the Cranes has.

And so another working week has passed and February will soon be put behind us. I can´t say I´ll miss it. I think that is the worst month of the year. Now March will come and with that the hope of spring and longer days. It sure helps when the snow almost is totally gone :-) But March and April can be treacherous months here. One day it can be sunny and hot and the day after snow and several degrees below freezingpoint. Last Year the winter didn´t come until late March so one never knows.

The ground is deep frozen so all water that comes from the snow and ice has no way to go. We have gotten several new small ponds.

I actully saw the beginnig of dawn this morning! The sky started to be a bit lighter at east already at six am :-) At midsommer we will have daylight almost for eighteen hours here. Further north the sun woun´t go down at all at that time. I always get a bit sad when midsummer arrives, because then it will turn and become darker again. Midsummer is by the way a huge holiday here, but I´ll describe that when that day comes.

This is an actual pond and the surface has started to look a bit less shiny. But it´s frozen to the bottom so one could still ice skate on it.
The heat from the stowe is slowly spreading through the cottage now. In a way it´s more difficult to heat up the cottage when it´s just over freezingpoint outside. I don´t know why but it´s like there were some kind of bubble around the cottage when it´s several minusdeegres outside. The cold outside sort of helps keeping the heat inside. Now when it´s warmer the heat sort of slips out so much easier. I don´t know if that is right at all, but it feels that way anyway.

The first flowers of the year in my garden, Snowdrops.
One thing I am sure of is that when it´s warmer and more moist in the air the fan belt in my car starts to squeek. Not only when the engine is cold but all the time. If the air gets dry the sound stops. Inside the car one can only hear some small noices, but outside it sounds like the engine is breaking down :-) It´s a terrible noice and people at work have really fun when they hear my car comming closer :-) I checked the fan belt and it´s okey and can´t get any more tight. Well I can live with that, the´re worse things in life than a squeeking fan belt :-)

But others are on their way. This is the buds of my yellow Christmas rose (Helleborus)

Have a nice day now and have in mind that we are one day closer to spring!

and here are the buds of my red Christmas rose.


woody said...

So nice you have flowers comeing up and yet I see only snow and icicles. But here we hold our thumbs it won't be long till we see a bit of green. Funny about your fan belt I too have a loud chirping or squeeling sound from my 1994 Jeep and though I had it checked they found nothing wrong so I just let it squeel and it causes people to tell me check my fan belt all the time.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Woody!
People tell me all the time to do something about that fan belt too :-) :-) I can understand them because it sounds awful :-) I have a 1994 Volvo 850, but I don´t think the year they are made has anything to do with it :-)

Yes it´s nice to see some flowers already and I think it woun´t be long until You can see some too. It´s a shame that spring will pass so quickley though because I think it´s the best seasoin of the year.

Anonymous said...

I love your 'Snowdrops'! Great pictures. The little pond is a great place to visit though not now, too icy then too wet. We had a pond similar to this one and a few years ago, son Joe expanded it - will send you a photo.
Yes, your fields are clearing up wonderfully - much new green looks present. From January untill mid-March are my low-energy time. Hate it!
Well, dear Olof, I'm into the 9th page of my novel. Didn't add anything today though did write in my blog.
Oh, yes, Woody's squeeling fan belt? That's the least of the strange utterances that bleep, honk, pop, whistle, grunt, groan, whine and spit from his jeep.When folks look over at us, I smile and point to their car and shake my head. Some say, "thank You" ...
Take care, Olof ... GeeGee

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi GeeGee!
:-) Yes old cars can really have strange sounds and ideas of their own :-) I once had a Volkswagon that woudn´t start when it was cold outside if I didn´t try to start it three times and then take a walk with my dogs for fifteen minutes. After that it started without problems :-) :-)

Take Your time with tyhe novel, it must be fun, never a must if You know how I mean.
Take care!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Oh my goodness...what a great feeling it is to see those tiny shoots breaking through the ground. I wish I had planted some bulbs. I will next year. Your dogs have to be three of the luckiest in the world. What a life they have! What a kind and good Master you are. I almost feel like I am there when I enlarge the photo's. Thanks,Christer!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
Yeah, it´s great to se the first buds fighting to get up from the frozen soil :-) I love bulbs, but really hates to plant them. I get bored already after five or six and usually one buys loads of them :-)

I do my best with my dogs. If I can´t take them with me if I´m going somewhere I usually don´t go at all. I think I´m away so much when I´m working so they deserv all the time they can get after that. But I do misstakes too :-) But they forgive me every time :-)