Sunday, February 1, 2009

This was a nice sight this morning. We haven´t seen the sun for weeks now so better enjoy it while we can :-)

We have to pass this island to reach the other one that we went to today.
Woke up this morning and to my surprise so did the sun. Must been weeks since it showed it self here. So it was a perfect weather for walking to any of the other islands in the bog. The only thing that disturbed me was a nasty cold, but weak wind. But when we reached the forest we couldn´t feel it any more.
It´s hard to understand how big the bog is,

until one really gets out there. I think that it´s here the black grousse can be heard at late winter early spring.

It was easy to walk on the bog, because the water had frosen so it was completely flat under my feet. It´s easy to loose the sence of direction out there, but today I could here someone use a chanesaw and I new where he was placed. I think it took about five minutes to walk over the bog to the island I chosed for todays walk.

Finally we´ve reach the beach on the "new" island. I´ve never been here before.

This island lies in the natural protected area, so trees that has fallen aren´t mowed.

I think that it´s quite big, but I only walkes on a small piece of it. This island lies in the natural protected area, so if a tree falls it must stay. But I was surprised that someone had cut some of the trees in smaller pieces. Wonder why? But at least they hadn´t taken anything with them when they were finished.

In the middle of the island lies a former pond. Now it´s more like a swamp I think.

And everywhere one can find different polyporuses. They are quite beautiful.

It´s a totally different world out there. Like walking in a place no one been before. But to be honest I don´t think that the trees is that old. The bog hasn´t been protected that long. In the iron age (about four thousand years ago) this was a shallow lake. They have found objects and humans that has been sacrificed to the gods some kilometers away.
Next time I´ll walk thru the wholr island, who knows what I can find out there.
Have a nice day now!

I can´t help loving these polyporuses.


woody said...

Happy February and happy sunshine and judging from the photos it seems you had a happy walk. It is a nice place to enjoy natures beauty and find solitude I am thinking.Enlarging your sunrise picture I see even your cat is enjoying the return of the sun.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hello Woody!
Happy February To You too :-)
The bog is perfekt to walk at if one wants to empty ones head. It was really a happy walk and the island is very interesting, have to go there again to look how big it is.

I didn´t know that Teodor was outside when I yook the picture :-)
Have a nice day now!

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

How lovely! I've never seen a polyporuse! What a magical place indeed.


The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Dena!
Unfortynally for the tree is that when these polyporus turns up on the tree, it´s the beginning on the end for them. Okey an oak can live with them for hundred of years, but for most trees it´s not that good.

Yes, sometimes it really feels magical here. One just waits to se a gnome or troll :-)

Mona said...

You are right, the polyporus are a fungus I think. But..still unique and so interesting. The dusting of snow is beautiful.
I think that bogs were given a bad name in my life early on. Perhaps it was in childhood stories that I have read. Whatever the case they always brought up a feeling of dread for me. Being with you on your walks gives me a somewhat different perspective. :)
Thanks you for sharing another lovely walk with us.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
Yes the polyporus is really interesting and some edible to. I use to take them home as ornaments. They´ll last for ever.

For me it´s moors that sort of scared me. Stories from England where there always happens bad things on the Moor :-)

But if one only knows where to put ones feet the bog is really nice. Best is to follow the tracs made from deers and moose because sometimes ther´s no bottom under the bushes and grass.

Mona said... are such a brave soul! :)
The ONLY way I would go near a bog is if I was with someone like you who knows where to go and where to step..and even then.. naw.. YOU go..I'll just wait right here for you!
Sending you a hug!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
Don´t know if I´m so brave, but I´m curios :-) I´m very careful out there, but those who have lived here since young (and that are most of them in my village) can walk out there in their sleep :-)