Friday, February 13, 2009

Outside it´s cold but inside my little cottage it´s warm and cosy. Orvar is as usual sleeping on the kitchen floor, Hector his brother is sleeping at the floor of my bedroom and the old lady in my bed. Everything is in order for the night to come. The birds outside are eating sunflower seeds lake ceazy. I filled the feeders up this morning and now all seeds are gone. Tried to take some pictures when they fed, but now I realised that I have changed the settings on the camera (without knowing it) so they became too small to give a good picture :-) :-)

I´ve started to wonder about making some kind of small wall greenhoses to have tomatoeplants in during summer. I can do it easy and try to buy some old windows and put them together or I can try to do something by own idea and make life so much more complicated :-) :-) I don´t think I would have any problems putting something together by own hand, but I don´t have espesially much wall to the south so I´m wondering of making it going out from the wall a little bit longer than a usual wall greenhouse. The problem I would get is were to put it during the late autumn/winter.

Perhaps I should make it in sections? Then I could easily pull it apart when I need to and put it in my woodshed when I don´t need it outside. When I had my gardencenter I had a small greenhouse as a privat one. It was attached to the wall but over four meters long and two and a half ( 13 x 6,5 feet) meters wide. I think that it´s the thing I still miss from those days. Have to think about this some more I belive, but not too long because even if spring wont come until April times moves fast when one is planning things. It will probably be expensive too, but if I´m taking real good care of it I can have it for years. Perhaps I should do a drawing of how I want it before I do anything else.
Have a nice evening now!


woody said...

So you want to build a greenhouse great idea I say GO FOR IT! Life is too short to hesitate on good ideas we have. Hey I did that video of your photos and here is the url for Youtube copy of it I will post it on my Blog also for others to see. You take some fine pictures and I thank you for your trust in me to publish them for you. But i am a goodoldbean and there are as Helen said some badold people out there too.

Anonymous said...

... Absolutely, Christer, build your tomato greenhouse! In the winter, cover it -(is that reasonable?)

About 'the green spoon' caper ... Could it have been one of your Gnomes having himsrlf a merry time?

Take care, my friend ...

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Woody!
It´s fantastic! Love it!
I will put a link i my blogg tomorrow. The music is perfekt because I have a soft spot for eastern popmusic :-) Thanks once again!

Must think how I want the little greenhouse to look, have a vage idea in my head :-)
Have a great evening now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi AliceMary!
Could be those little gnomes :-) They can do their little jokes to us sometimes :-)

Must start drawing how I want the greenhose to look now. I don´t think it would be a good idea to have a small greenhouse outside here during winter if the storms get strong. Then I might have to fetch it in the cow patch beside my cottage :-) :-)
Have a nice evening now!