Friday, February 20, 2009

At the picture from above (that I mention last in my text) I can see that this is a rather large island in the bog. I walked along the "beach" and wondered how it might have looked here two thousand years ago. Could see my self camping by the beach fishing to get dinner :-)

The heat from the kitchen stove is slowly spreading through the house. The cats are outside hunting mice and the dogs are all sleeping in my bed :-) We took a long walk out on the bog when I came home from work. It was absolutly quiet out there, not even a bird could be heard today. It´s strange out there. I walked beside the island I´ve been to before, walked beside the “beach” as long as possible and took a slightly different way back. But I copuldn´t find where I had walked to the island. There were no footsteps to find in the snow. Perhaps a wind had wiped them away? But I couldn´t feel any wind. Perhaps that´s why I like the bug, one never nows what happens out there.

Here and there, there are some small shallow bays. I don´t know if it looked the same back then, but if it did this would be a perfekt place to take shelter over night.

Tomorrow I´m going to my pottery class. There is only one problem with that, I have to drive 150km (93,2miles) to get there. So I have to go up at five o klock tomorrow so my dogs can get a walk before I get away. Unfortunally my brother, that lives nerby where the pottery class is, is away from home. Otherwise I had forced him to take care of my dogs the time I´m away :-)

The root system of a fallen pine.
One can´t imagine how big this is from the other side. I´m 1,8 meters (3,3 feet) and this is higher than that.

I found a pretty good picture from abowe that shows the bog and surroundings where I live, one can actully see where i live. But perhaps it´s a bad idea to show exactly where one lives on the internet. Most people means no harm, but those who does are so much more energetic to give trouble to others. It´s a shame we can´t send privat messages between us here at blogger (we can do that in my swedish blogg), because then I could give You the adress to the picture. Tomorrow I´ll show You what I´m doing at the pottery class! By until then!

If I had continued 1000 meters ( 0,621 miles) I would have come to a lake in the middle of the bog. There are no real roads to this lake, only trails.


Anonymous said...

Opps some how I completely missed your blog yesterday so today I read 2.There you are talking of spring and here we are getting more snow and more to come.You mentioned private messages I am open to recieve email and my email is in my profile.You may contact me there if you wish. It is the way your blog showed up on the Cumberland center blogs of intrest.I believe Alice said it was rated #1.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

More snow is comming here to, so I just have to keep on dreaming :-)

Can´t find Your email in Your profile to be honest. I know that I have put mine in my profile too, but can´t find it in my profile when I´m not logged in. A mail will come later today!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

By the way Woody, Your blog has appered at our bloglist rated as ¤1 too :-)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Dear Christer..
My sister had breast cancer and had the lump removed, had the treatments and has to be on the pills for five years. I appreciated your comments so much.
Thank you. Really...thank you.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

I never want to loose a fried that way again! It´s so easy to check after lumps so if I get the chance to say anything about it I do.