Sunday, February 8, 2009

Isn´t it beautiful! I couldn´t resist taking a picture towards the garage/dogyard when I woke up today.

Woke up this morning to a white world once again. But today it´s below freezingpoint so it wont be a messy slush. Yesterday when we took the last walk for the day we met my new neighbours doughter and her friend. They had been on the edge of the bog playing. I have to admit that I don´t like that. They are about eleven years old and don´t know their way out there Now it was only on the edge but it´s so easy to walk a bit thurther and later a bit thurther than that. If they don´t know their way it´s really easy to get lost out there. But when we went back home suddenly an old rotten birch fell beside us. I´ve never seen that before, unless it has been a storm. What a loud bang it gave :-)

Half of what I´m going to sow this year. The plastic boxes I get for free at the grosery store and they are perfekt for sowing in and if one are lucky, there´s still some candy left in them :-)

So the first contest of the swedish race towards the song contest has been done. They have changed the rules very much and we Sweeds dot lika change I think. Or at least our newspapers doesn´t like it. So their headlines today is “Scandal! No one wants to vote any more!” They doesn´t seeme to care that there were more televoting yesterday than there has ever been :-) Another thing that made me really angry at the newspaper is that another headline screamed that the shows host made a fiasko. 40% hated her according to a wote on the internet. Of course they had asked the woman in question how it felt that so many felt like this? What they didn´t menchion is that 60% loved her according to this internet vote!!! This is typical swedish I´m afraid. Why congratulate someone to a sucsess? When we can tell them what a failior they are?

I´ve taken loads of pictures already today, so I think they´ll last the whole week to show here!
This often happens to our athletes. If they get a silvermedal in a competition, they surly ask how it feels not to win the goldmedal. Why did they fail? Not telling them how fantastic they are winning a silver medal. This behavior of ours is something I hate. I think that I´ll send a mail to the newspaper and ask why they do like that, because it´s making me r3eally mad when Isee things like that. But on the other hand, do they win a gold medal we treat them like some kind of gods :-) At least to the next time they only win a silver medal :-)

Now I´m putting a nother fire log in the stove and hope that the Women downhill world cup isn´t canselled because to much snow in the hills. I promise I will cheer what ever place the swedish skiers finish at :-)
Have a nice day now!

A Blue tit and a Yellow sparrow. When the snow came and I bought sonflower seeds the birds came to the feedingplaces :-)


woody said...

Christer you should get an award for your 4th picture in today's blog. What a nice scene I would enter it in a photo contest as A Swedish Snow Scene. And the bird photos were so nice when enlarged.No silver medal for you straight gold for your picture taking.

Anonymous said...

... Now, is that pretty snow, or not! Just like cake frosting!
Your birds are charming and quite handsome ...
... I agree 100% with what you wrote ... My aunt Alice used to say: "Still water runs deep - You're damn is you do and damn if you don't"
Sometimes we can't win for losing, my friend.

No matter, look out your window and see the real beauty, the real winners, the real truth.
I love it!
Take care, my friend ... AliceMary

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Woody!
I like that picture too! What is it with snow that makes everything so beautiful? I must remember to take a picture at the same place when the leafs has come.

The Yellow sparrow is one of my favourite birds. Wish I could take a photo when it´s sitting in a tree, so one could see the bright yellow stomack.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi AliceMary!
It´s something with snow that makes everything so beautiful. Don´t know what it is, but I usually start thinking about farytales when I see the forest covered in snow :-)

I agree. Outside is the real beauty, the real winners and the real truth!

Visiting Voyeur said...

Feel kind of behind, Christer. I have been working hard in school and sick. Lovely snowfall pictures. I have to agree that our successes should always outway our failures or disappointments. Imperfection is human to overcome that is well a moment to celebrate. Enjoy the snow and make some snow angels. :)

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Visiting Voyeur!
Yuo are working hard so it´s not easy to keep up in the blogging world. Don´t work to hard though! You must take som breaks now and again!
I´m enjoying this snowy world of mine :-) I´m glad that it finally not is melting away direktly after falling.

Mona said...

We also have been reading and hearing about the fires in Australia. Entire towns have been destroyed! I think it may be even worse than the San Diego, California fires. My family was evacuated when San Diego burned.

In America they have NO trouble at all telling someone they have no talent. I even think they take some sort of pride in being very blunt. It's sad but probably better than living on dreams that will never work out. I would make a terrible judge as I could never be THAT unkind to someone.

The photo's of the birds in the snow were great! All of your pictures of the snow are beautiful.
Are Trams simular to subways? As in New York? What we call a tram here in California is like the one in Palm Springs that goes up the side of mountains. It is a little cage type thing that carries people to high cliffs. I have never, ever been on it and I am really sort of brave about things like that. However NOT this one.

You made no comment on my huge error so may I take it that you are not upset with me? I was afraid you would not come back to visit and that would be a big loss to me.
Thanks for commenting on my "joke" post. Oh..and for the record...I don't drink! :) I was kidding about the entire thing. The women kid each other a lot. I try to go with the joking. :)
Have a wonderful day..

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Of course I´m not uppset :-) I don´t even have a picture of me, so how would You know? I don´t check the personal info the first I do either, so don´t worry abot that!

Trams are more löika the ones going up those hills, but they go everywhere but underground (well short tunnels of course)Here is a link that you can copie so You can se the Trams in Gothenburg:

I wonder what it is with snow that makes everything looking so beautiful? I mean all the colours dissaperes and still it looks wonderful.

Most of our birds are dull in colour, so those who has some colour is truly loved here. Especially the "Blue tit" and "Talgoxen" is popular. But for me the Yellow sparrow is one of my favourites.

All sorts of fires scares me so I really hopes that the bog I live by never catch fire. A dry bog can burn for months. I can imagine how it was for Your family when they got evacuated!

I had a lot of fun when I read Your blog today and understood that You had a great time writing it :-)
Have a nice day now!