Thursday, February 12, 2009

Today I just show some pictures from our Sunday walk.

I was thinking today that many of the old movie stars that I love soon is forgotten! Even if I´m born at the early sixties I still remember many of our old stars like Gene Kelly, Ginger Rogers Fred Astair and so many more long before I was born. But if I ask people at my work that is under thirty years old they have no idea who these people are. Perhaps Fred Astair but not the others. They have no idea who Judy Garland was or what she did. They might know who Ingrid Bergman and Greta Garbo were, but that´s only because they were Swedish. If I say “Singing in the rain” they might know that it´s a musical because it they play it somewhere in Sweden right now. This is the best musical ever written and so funny at places that I cry with lafter every time I have the chance to see it.

Of course they know who Charlie Chaplin was, but not Mary Pickford. Lucille Ball and Carol Burnette, two of the funniest people I´ve ever seen is totally forgotten. Sometimes I wish that they could show some reruns of their shows at any tv chanel here. But they are old stuff and had a humor that was of a kind sort. Today humor is the same thing as being nasty towards some famous people. If they are short make fun of that, if they are fat make fun of that. Because if Your famous You can´t defend Yourself. If they do they will only be ridiculed even more. I miss the old time humor.

We have a tv show here that is called The Parlament. They became so mean there that people phoned in and complained. Nowdays it´s quite funny again.
But there is hope I think. Adam Sandler is one moviestar that has a nice kind of humor. I´ve never seen a movie with him where he has a mean humor. I´m looking forward to the new film he has done and soon has premier in Sweden.

I sometimes write that I almost see gnomes and trolls in the forest here. I think all sweeds has grown up with tales of them. In school I had a teacher that every morning read a chapter or two from a book series called “Amongst Gnomes and Trolls” Old stories from Sweden and Norway I think it was. In these books there were paintings from one of our greatest painters John Bauer and I love them. I´m not sure but I think we have a little different picture of how a troll should look than for instance the brittish people. When I saw the troll in a Harry Potter movie I was a bit dissapointed, it didn´t look as I picture a troll. So if You want to see how I and many of the sweeds think a troll should look like klick on this link I put here : John Bauer.
Have a nice day now!
By the way, my picture is now shown at the home site of Radio Skaraborg in their contest about the best winter picture. There are so many good pictures that I don´t think I have a chans of winning, but it´s fun anyway :-) "Best winterpicture"


woody said...

Congradulations on getting your photo on it looks great and is in a good spot when I viewed it here.Im holding my thumbs for you to at least show but hopefully you will win.
By the way I took the liberty of copying a bunch of your photos and made a video of them. If you give me permision I will put it on youtube and publish it to my blog. We may even make you famous :>). Let me know OK?

Anonymous said...

... I will say a little prayer and cross my fingers and wish on a star that you will win recognition well deserved for your 'WinterWorld' photo *****

You have so many beautiful ones! Just keep sending them in!

Regarding the snow here: Yes, there is melting happening due to rain last night and today till midway but only our road and driveway are exposed - Our fields and lawn areas around the trailer are still deeply covered. It'll be sometime before they are clear once again. Our tote roads will be the last to show bare ground as they usually are. I must search through our files for pictures of our land so you'll have an idea.

Well, dear friend, it's dinner-time so off I go. Take care ... AliceMary
(Oh, I love the John Bauer drawings - Excellent work)

Visiting Voyeur said...

Great pictures once again. Good luck with the contest.

I understand about the oldies but goodies you mentioned. Love the movies they made.

Mona said...

Christer...I found your photo and it is just beautiful. You do have a lot of good competition..but I really liked yours. I voted for you..I hope they count it. If not, I tried. :)
Also, thank you for your kind words on my blog. I did leave a message there for you. I just thanked you for your kindness. Aging is not easy..but the alternative is worse! :)
It's interesting that so many of the tv talent shows where you vote all do the same sort of thing. Always a problem..with the judge or something else.
I do hope you win the contest. If not, there is always next year. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.
It is none of my business..but be careful about giving the rights to your photographs away. Ok? I am old and careful. :) It's really none of my business.

Roses and stuff said...

Det ser ut som om du bor i John Bauers hemtrakter - riktigt sagolikt!
Det är nog så att dagens ungdomar känner inte till våra gamla filmstjärnor, men å andra sidan så känner jag ofta inte till dagens... Ålderstecken?
Ha en skön helg!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Woody!
Yes now it´s just to hold ones thumbs and hope for the best. I hope the jury sees the picture in original size because my picture gains alot by doing that. But there are som really good pictures there now.

I would be happy if You wanted to do a slideshow with my pictures.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hello AliceMary!
Thank YOu!
Looking forward to some pictures then.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Visiting Voyeur!
Thank You!
I wish they should the old stuff more often than they do. If they show them it´s on daytime when we are working!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
I saw Your comment on Your blog.
As You say, the alternative isn´t that great :-) :-) Thank You for keeping Your fingers crossed!

I know that one must be careful with letting people use ones pictures, but I trust Woody totally. But thank You for caring!

Most people have no idea what the rules are when it comes to other peoples pictures. I use to warn people that "borrows" pictures ( to their blogs for instance)other people or companies own but they don´t always want to understand.

The best I managed them to do is to tell who owns the pictures (but that wont help them from trouble if the owner notices that their pictures are used by others). So once again, thanks for caring!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hej Katarina!
Här är otroligt vackert på sina ställen, fast jag skulle gärna haft ett litet berg alldeles intill också :-) :-)

Jag har otroligt svårt att hänga med i vilka som är dagens stjärnor också, men jag tror inte det beror på ålder faktiskt. Har du tänkt på hur snabbt de kommer och går numera. Inte skam gick det väl så fort förr. Stjärna idag, bortglömd i morgon. Inte katten kan man hänga med då :-) :-)