Saturday, February 21, 2009

The body of the periwinkle was easy to do. It´s not solid as one can think. under the body there´s some newspaper as filling.

I have had real fun today at my pottery class. But I had to go up 5:15 am. Naturly Hector had to go out 4:45 am so it was no use to get back to bed after letting him out and then in again. I went from home at seven and the roads were completely empty then. It´s real nice to drive then. I can drive in the speed I like and look on the surroundings if I want to. The road to Kungälv is really beautiful and I´ll try to take some pictures on my way there tomorrow.

The shell was more difficult to do. I pressed the clay flat and rolled it around newspaper. Then I rolled it together in the shape it has now. This is the side that was against the table at first. I think I managed to make it less flat after a while.

As You can see this side isn´t that flat. But I´m proud to have managed to make this periwinkle today. I haven´t done anything with clay for almost thirty years. I really hopes that the next thing will turn out good. That is more difficult to do I think and if I succed with it I would be even prouder :-)

I became best friend for tye day with one of our teachers dogs, a Berner sennen and I can say that my dogs sniffed me through thurully when I came home :-) I had an idea what to do today, a periwinkle. The body was quite easy, but the shell was the more difficult to do because it´s hollow. This is the first thing in almost thirty years I´ve made in clay and it was really funny!

This one and the next one is actully the same thing, but made in different ways. At first it was really difficult to understand what it was,

It took me almost three hours to do and now it must dry slowly for a long time until it must into the owen for the first time. After that it will get some colour of some kind. After that I started with something really difficult, but I wont tell You yet what it is. It may collapse during the night and then I have to start all over again. But the start of it is really promising even if I thought it would look like an alien while doing it :-) :-)

but after a while it was no problem at all. I´ll show You better pictures of them tomorrow. Can You guess what these things are? They are artichokes.

On my way to the class I listened to the weather forcast. They said that snow would come in over the coast at midnight to night. Midnight came early today, just about eight o klock am I would say :-) :-) But it´s a gentle snowfall so I don´t think i will get any problems tomorrow morning when driving to Kungälv again. I spoiled my dogs when I came home today. They have gotten some cow stomac and some pigs ears to chew on. I think they deserv that when I´m not at home for so long at a weekend. Have a nice day now and enjoy the pictures of my masterpiece of clay :-)

When this one is finished it will be great! I took this picture early this morning, You should see it now. Pictures of that will come tomorrow also.


Roses and stuff said...

Åh, är du på kurs hos Linda! Det skall jag också om några veckor. Din snigel är jättefin - vad lustigt, jag har haft planer på att göra sniglar som skall fungera som gömmor för snigelgift...
Ser fram emot fler bilder!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, a man of many talents! You never cease to surprise me, Christer! Good hand and eye coordination and perspective. You work the clay with sensitive fingers and I look forward to seeing the finished creations when color brings them life. Are your subjects chosen from a basic pictorial list or from the student's mind eye? I think I might like working with clay. Sounds like it would be like 'tripping the light fantastic' with fingers instead of toes ...

Take care ... GeeGee

woody said...

Looks like you had an interesting day and some fun with the clay.I tried some ceramic projects years back and that was fun although my end prducts were acceptable they were not prize winners.Will you finish this project in only 2 days or dose it go on next weekend also?

HelenJ said...

Åh, jag är sååååå sugen på att gå på kurs hos Linda. Men det är så långt att köra och jag är helt tondöv när det gäller att skapa med händerna (kan man säga så?), så det känns som bortkastad tid (och pengar). Men när man ser era resultat så kliar det verkligen....
Din snigel är jättefin!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hej Katarina!
Så du skall dit snart också! Ja detta är något som jag verkligen tycker var roligt!

Leran vi använder är allt bra mycket mer lätthanterlig än den vi hade i skolan! Skolleran var man så trött efter att ha hanterat att man knappast orkade göra något efter knådandet :-)
Ha det gott!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi GeeGee!
This was really fun! And the clay we use is so easy to handle, not like the one we used at school. That clay was so hard that one had no strength left to do anything when one had prepared it :-)

I think I choosed the objects from a students mind eye. I like the soft shapes of the periwinkle and the second thing I´m making.

I´ve seen that You are a very creative person, so I think that You would enjoying working with clay. We talked about a clay today that doesn´t need to be put in an owen to get hard. That way it will be a very cheap hobby too.
Take care!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Woody!
I´ll finish this weekend, but the colouring will be when they have been in the owen the first time and that will take some time before that happens.

It´s not important if the things I do will be great or a mess, the important thing is that it´s funny and spending time with friends (we´re all gardenfreaks and now each other from the internt forums about gardening).
Have a nice day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hej Helen!
Jag kör ju femton mil dit (så det blir sextio mil denna helgen bara :-) )och det kanske är i längsta laget egentligen, men väl värt det kan jag säga.

Linda är ju där och guidar oss när det behövs, så det blir inga katastrofresultat tack och lov :-)
Ha det gott!

Visiting Voyeur said...

looks like you had a very enjoyable day. I loved making pottery in high school. Nothing quite like what you have here.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi VV!
Yes I had very funny yesterday and today I´m going there again. But there has been a snowstorma tonight so I wonder what the roads are like now?

This is something very different from when I had pottery in highschool too :-)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

THAT looks like SO much fun! I took a class once many years ago. I didn't make anything much except a couple of bowls, but they were pretty. Not good enough to even attempt something like you have done. Can't wait to see your next pictures.
The bog walks...make me so uneasy but I love to go with you. I can feel the quiet when I look at the pictures. It's a mysterious place, that's for sure.
G'night Christer...
P.S. I visited GeeGee's blog. She is a wonderful lady from what I read. And very talented and kind.
An interesting blog. Makes mine seem so trite. I guess I just try and go with the flow...
I do love decorating....but still..there is so much more..and I get that on blogs like yours..and GeeGee's. Wonderful..I love them.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

I actully think it´s easier to do the things I´ve done than bowls. Because everyune knows how a bowl usually looks like, but few even thinks of periwinkles and how they really looks like :-)

Yes all is true about GeeGee. But don´t look down on Your own blog because of that, Your blog is really good! Outherwise I would never even comment there. The thing with blogging is to do it ones own way, not look at how others doing theirs. So keep on blogging!

Linda Lunda said...

Du får högsta betyg Christer!!!!
Visst hade vi gör-roligt!!!


The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hej Linda!
Kul att du tittar hit :-)och tack för betyget :-)
Ja det var riktigt kul och skall göras om!