Sunday, February 15, 2009

They have been thinning the forest where my favourite walks are. At the moment it doesn´t look so nice but when they have cleaned the place up it wont be that bad.

And so we got our first gold medal in Biathlon :-) and it also looks good in the men slalom world cup today. I`ts really cold outside, but now the sun is showing it self so perhaps it will be some warmer during the day. They have promised cold weather all week long also.

There is a straight line where they have cut all trees down on the island out on the bog. They took everything they could because one never noes how long they are able to get out there again. When the ice has melted it´s impossible to get out there with big mashines.

I was supposed to go to the store now, but when I came out to the car I saw that I had forgotten to close tha back door. Or to be honest, i probably did close it but the door handle sheaves so it probably opened direktly when I went away. Need some oil I think. So the car was totally dead when I tried to start it :-) Those days it´s great to have neighbours that has everything :-) So now I´m charging the battery so I can go to work tomorrow at least.

The island is quite big and in the middle there´s an open spot. Wonder if there are any interesting flowers there in spring and summer?

Thankfully I still have some sunflower seeds to the birds so they will manage until tomorrow and I and the animals have food for the rest of the week if needed (well that wount be neede. If the battery is completely dead I get a neighbour to buy a new one to me). They have been thinning the forest at all my favourit places and for the moment it looks terible there. But to be honest they haven´t taken that much trees so when they have cleaned up when finished it wont show that much. What bothers me more is that they have went out to the island that i went to two weeks ago. I thought that it was in the protected area, but when I came out there yesterday I saw the markers where the protected area starts. One can´t say that they thinned the forest there, they took it all! Probably because no one knows when the winter will be so cold that they can drive out on the bog again. The winters seemes to become more warm every year. Now I´m going to look at the men biathlon. The sweeds don´t have any chans I think but it´s exiting anyway :-)
Have a nice day now!


woody said...

Oh yes the flat battery problem I hate it when that happens.But it is just one of the winter problems and and it seems you are prepared to deal with it well. Things are looking a bit more snowy there I see in your photos.Wish you luck in the winter games opefuly your country will fare well and bring home some gold.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Woody!
At least my neighbours are well prepared to deal with these things :-) :-)
I drove to the store later today and when I was going home the car wouldn´t start! Twenty kilometers home and no car! But it was only one of the battery cabels that had jumped of :-)
Yes I really hope our skiers do well now, but what happens happens.

Anonymous said...

... Do I see sunshine! OMG, it is wonderful, everything has come alive!
Even the the cut-down areas smile. Love that sunshine.
Oh, congratualtions on the gold medal for Sweden.

Now, about your picture: You look just like my 4th son, Raymond, would of looked like had he lived -
Sept. 1, 1959 to April 24, 1994.
He was a sweet man, gentle and kind, devoted to his only child, Heather Marie. He loved high-board diving, hiking, mountain climbing, rock collecting, Japanese art, and martial art as a dicipline. He loved Origami, snow-shoeing and chess and rock gardens ...

Take care, my friend ...

Mona said...

I cannot figure out what Winter sports you are enjoying. There seem to be none here that I know of.
Your photographs are beautiful, as usual. The ones with the dogs are my favorites usually. But then I am a dog lover! :)

Well, of course you don't collect Teddy Bears! How nice it is that you still have your childhood Teddy Bear. :) Goodness...the dogs would make quick work of them, no doubt! Still...I think they are cute. For now I will keep them.
Question. Why are they thinning out the trees? It takes so long for a tree to grow. They do it here too..and it is call deforesting. It's terrible and it sometimes worries me. When they do it is because they want the wood for lumber. In some places they cut the trees back in the forest so that we cannot see them. In Oregon when I was a child, the distant mountains were black with forest. No more. It looks like a sad moonscape. Very depressing. We planted two Redwood trees out front. They are native to Northern California but I have found they grow here as well. In my last home we planted five and in that five years they grew to be huge. Very fast growing and so beautiful. I hope someone doesn't cut them down one is very possible.
:) Thanks for your faithful visits, Christer.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi AliceMary!
Yes! The sun showed it self for a couple of hours! The rest of the country had sun all day long :-)

We are all very happy for that medal :-)

Before my ilness I loved hiking and being active. Perhaps not mountin klimbing and Highboard diving more running, cykling and sailing.
Hace a nice day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
Biathlon is cross-country skiing, but four times they have to stop and shoot with a rifle on a target. Very big in Europe but there are only a few from the USA and Canada.

They are thinning the forest so that those trees still standing shall be bigger and stronger. The ones they take now is probably for papermaking, but those still standing will probably be planks.

By law they have to replant the land again, but as You say it takes so long time. It will take at least fifty years until there are that big trees there again.
Redwood can´t live here, but I have two small sequoia in my basement that I hope will manage our climat :-)
Have a nice day now!