Thursday, February 26, 2009

I can imagine that You who doesn´t understand swedish think it looks strange when You try to read it, if You ever come across a swedish text. No wonder, we do have letters in the alfabet that most of You don´t have, ÅÄÖ . I´m not even sure if Your computors can show these letters to You or if You get strange symbols instead. I got the question if we think tha same when we read english, but no that´s not the case at all.

No pictures from today, but yesterday. I forgot the camera today and of course we met some dears thet weren´t afraid of us. Could have been fantastic photos of them. It took one day to melt down most of the snow.

One could say that we are fed on english from the day we´re born. We hear it in pop/rock songs and from our televisons every day. Instead of letting someone say what Oprah says but in swedish we have subtitles, so in Sweden we actully knows how Oprah sounds like :-) The only time dubbing is used here is in childrens programs. But even a six year old can sing most of the words (perhaps not correct, but close) in english when they hear the latest hit popsong. Doesn´t mean that they understand it, but they knows the words.

We learn english already in second grade at school also. I read a story in a magazine there an english woman that often were in Sweden said that it´s so easy to come to Sweden, because everyone speaks english, she said that we are bilinguale here and I think that it´s true. The only problem is that we are quite shy and don´t want to sound stupid if we should use the wrong word and we don´t like our swedish accent :-) But I would say that ninety-nine percent speaks good enough english to answer most questions one might have.

This is a good road now. The rest of them is mostly mud now. It´s impossible for me to have a clean home now. Even after showering sand is falling out of the dogs fur.

There is one problem with this though. By being very good in english, we´re getting real bad in swedish instead. We are more and more writing our sentences in an english way and that can sometimes be very funny. For instance I think the name on my blog would end with “the Crane lake” Instead of “the Cranelake” as I written, becuse You separate words in a way we don´t. I´ll try to give an example. In a store I use to go to they had a sign that should say : “If You have any questions ask our cashiers!” In swedish this is written : “Har du några frågor, fråga våran kassapersonal!” But they wrote: ”Har du några frågor, fråga våran kassa personal!” As You can see at tha last word they had separated kassa and personal. By doing that they really wrote: “If You have any questions ask our worthless staff!” Not really the same is it :-) :-)

So nowdays we have webbsights where they only show messages that is wrong in that way and it´s so funny one laughes till one is crying :-) So if You come here You won´t get any problems with english, well that is if You can make us start talking :-) But if we start we usually don´t stop :-)
Have a nice day now!


woody said...

And you should not stop for you have a great and sometimes comical way of explaining things.I always enjoy your tales. I wish our snow would dissapear as fast as yours did.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Thank You Woody!
Wouldn´t there be a risk of drowning if all that snow You´ve got melted during one day :-)

But the meteorologists (how do one spell that word :-) )say that spring is on its way now in southern Sweden and geese are seen flying north :-)A month early if that´s true.

Last year on the other hand winter didn´t arrive until late Mars so I think we deserv an early spring:-)

Hope Ypur snow melts away soon!

HelenJ said...

It is true Christer - I saw the geese three times yesterday, and I even took a picture of them and put in my blog!

It is true what you say about english here in Sweden, and there is one more thing - the Internet. Both my sons speak better english than swedish I'm afraid, and without this horrible accent. I think I have to thank World of Warcraft for that....

Almost no snow at all here now - but water! I hope the sun will arrive soon....

Have a nice evening (and have you forgotten that I challenged you in the other blog?)

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Helen!
No I haven´t forgotten. Thought I would do it this weekend.

Yes the internet and all videogames helps with the accent a lot I think. My accent is brittish I´ve heard and that I can thank BBC prime for :-)
Nice evening to You too!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Christer...every single time I visit your blog I learn something..and I get such a sense of peace. It is like...I am suddenly back many years ago here. It is so nice. This time it was not just your explanation of English and how you grew up with is that photo of the road. It seems it is sometimes in my dreams..or one like it. It made it seem much less lonely with the dogs on it. I love dogs and don't do well with out one. They are wonderful and hear what I cannot hear and see what I cannot.
Mele is better today. Tonight we shall see. Last night she would not stay in the room or come after me this morning as she usually does. She waited for me in the living room where she would normally have been standing up to the bed trying to get me to get up.
She just is not even close to being herself and it is distressing to watch.
Thank you for your visits, Christer.
I should send you

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
It´s very lonely here to be honest. I think I could walk for hours without meeting someone :-) That´s the way I like it. But on the other hand if I want company I just walk into the village instead. Then a short walk will take hours :-) Every one I meet wants to talk then :-)

I really hopes that it gets better with mele soon!
Thanks for comming here to my blog!