Sunday, March 8, 2009

The winds comes from south today, but that is impossible to guess. They are icy cold!

I´ve had some problems with my blog it seemes. The page was totally blanc and I don´t know why. But I could see all that I´d written before if I clicked at “Blog Archive” 2009. I turned to blogger helpcenter and I can say that it wasn´t easy to understand how to get in contact with them. But there is a help page where one can ask questions and then hope that someone will answer. So I aked the question and went back and published a new blog, just to see if it was possible at all. The funny thing was that when I did that it all came back?! At least for me and hopfully for You too!

The colours are slowley comming back with the warmer weather. But as it´s snowing like mad outside right now, they´ll dissapere again.

It´s not so nice outside today. The winds are icy, even though they come from south. It has snowed all night and more is comming today and tonight. But since it´s over freezingpoint it will all melt down rather quickly I think. This is typical April weather here now, even if it´s only March. One day warm, next cold and then warm again. Thankfully all the birds migrating here now are used to this weather otherwise they would freeze to death I think. I still haven´t seen tha cranes, but I did hear them last night :-) It´s something special to hear the first cranes every year, it brings hope for a new season of light and warmth :-)

The ice in the ditches and creeks has slowley melted away.

The leaf buds are starting to open up on my Tree paeoneas.

I can tell You that it now snows enormously much outside so now it´s time for more firelogs in the stove and perhaps a pot of Earl Grey tea
Be good!

Cats are so much easier to take good pictures of than dogs, because a dog is always running around while cats stoppes and checks the enviorement now and again.


Anonymous said...

Bravo! You are back on line, Olof! So, it is snowing ouitside your windows - Here, it is partially cloudy, there's alot of melting going on and last night it rained buckets and the snow-piles shrunk making way for spring. And, prior to going to bed, we turned our clocks an hour ahead.

By the way, that strange-looking purple ground fungi looks like a well-worn 1500 Dutch hat ...

Have a good day, my friend ... AliceMary

woody said...

It is good your blog is ok once more perhaps it was imatating the economy by shuting down. Your cat looks quite content exploring the yard and that green is so inviting. Hmm Earl Grey tea is that better than Tetley?

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi AliceMary!
After the snow there came a lot of rain, so now everything is green again :-) Some crocuses have started to show themselves now too :-)
We wount turn our cloks one hour ahead until the last weekend this month. Hate when we have to do that because my body and mind says I´m going up to early for a long time.

The fungi really cought my eye when I passed it, it´s beautiful in a strange way and it does look like an old Dutch hat :-)

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Woody!
Yes I´m really happy that the blog works again! Wonder what happened though?

Yes, Earl grey is so much better than Tetley it can not be described :-) Blac tea with that has the taste of Bergamot, a orange relative. Think that it can be found all over the world too.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Where are the cranes? I am so looking forward to seeing them..and green grass and leaves. The bare trees are beautiful and I always trim ours so that the trunks show. We planted three birch tree this past fall. The kind with several trunks and I cannot wait to see how they look grown. I am hoping I live to see them at least somewhat grown up.
Our legacy for others.
Cutting down trees is something I hate to see people do..even though it is necessary at times.
Beautiful pictures Christer.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
It´s still only five Cranes here and they are not easy to find, but soon there will be over thirteen thousand here and then it´s impossible not to see them :-) So patiens my friend :-)

I love birch trees! I think we chose the birch to our national tree actully here in Sweden, so I think You made a great choise planting some in Your garden. They grow fast so You will have the chans to see them big.

I also have problems when they cut down trees. But even worse is when they use a chainsaw when cropping the trees. That is plain mutulation on the trees and shortens their lifes wit several years. That is a way of cropping that has been more and more common here.

I promise that You´ll see pictures of cranes very soon :-)