Sunday, March 1, 2009

My favourite place to sit and have a little picnic in springwinter. The sun heats up the big stone so it´s really nice for ones back.

Not as nice weather today as yesterday. Cloudy and a nasty cold wind that makes one regrett going out. Even my dogs and cats seemes to think the same :-) Two is sleeping in the kitchen close to the stowe and the rest is sleeping in my bed :-) On tv they show “Wasaloppet”, a big crosscountry ski race. I think that it´s almos 20 000 peolple that participate in that race. They have to ski 100 kilometers ( about 62 miles) before they finish. The race goes the same way that our king Gustav Vasa (1496- 1560) took when he fled the danish kings troups (but I think the race goes in the opposite direction). We sweeds have a picture of him as a jolly fat old man and a nice king, but he actully was one of our croulest kings ever. He had no problems slaughtering those that ones helped him. Not so jolly to be honest but a very interesting man.

This and the two comming pictures shows some of what I can see from the stone.

The first geese came to the lake yesterday, when looking at the weathersight it seemes they have come a biy early. What should have been rain on Monday now have changed to snow. I look at a Norwegian weathersight on the net and they are usually right in their predictions. They can actully show the weather forcast for my village! and we are only around forty people here. So perhaps You can too where ever You are in the world? Click on the link here and You come to their english site: "Weather”.

Bertil was of course with us and enjoyed the sun too.

Erna started to behave like a puppy again :-) She wanted to sit on my lap all the time :-)

Can You see them? The first flock with geese.

A Skata (Magpie), close related to the Raven. It´s a very intelligent bird and loves everything that shines, so if it can it takes it. Usually hard to get a good photo of even if it´s all around all the time. But if it sees a camera it just dissaperes. This one was very curious and let me take some pictures of it.

Now I´m making a pot of tea and after that I´m thinking of joining my dogs and cats in the bed for a short nap :-)
Have a nice day now!

Toedor didn´t follow os to the stone, but met us half way home instead. He´s becomming more and more lazy :-)


woody said...

You got some super great photos today and I love that stone so it now adorns my desktop. How lucky to catch the geese flying over and the magpie real great picture taking. All of the pictures are crisp and clear and the sky so blue one wishes to be there and see it all first hand.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Woody!
It´s a perfect stone and I would like to have something like that in my garden. But it isn´t bad to sit on the kitchen stairs either, closer to refill the thermos then :-)

The air was really clear yesterday, it made it look like everything was a bit closer than it is.

Anonymous said...

Exceptional photos, Olaf! I am more than impressed and think them to be among your very best. Truly, you have an eye for Nature's finest work in all seasons. What a 'knock-out' pictorial journal, they'd make! Think about it. Seriously. Folks could even submit modest pieces of poetry, sayings, thoughts, feelings about each photo and be given credit in the journal that, I believe, would be a great seller!
Think about it, my dear friend ...
Seriously, GeeGee

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi GeeGee!
Sounds interesting! But I´m not sure how You mean I should do it. Blog like? Sounds fun though!

Anonymous said...

No, not a blog but a pictorial coffee-table book - Photos with text inserts of your thoughts on the picture shown. Your brother could contribute some photos of his paintings in there. Just play with this thought when you're walking on sitting on your stairs ...
Okay, just make one for your own self - put in a three (or 2) ring binder or any folder ...
8x10 enlargements - Yes, I know. That part is costly even with a printer of your own. Ask BeanBlogger, he knows what it takes for me to create a 'journal'!
I love your rock.
I have one, too.
Take care ... GeeGee

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi GeeGee!
Okey now I understand! Promise to think about it and probably do it too :-)

Yes it is a fantastic rock to sit by a sunny springwinter day :-) later on in spring the cows come and then it´s not that nice, the are too courious :-)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Hi Christer,
I cannot believe how much I miss in just a couple of days.
I had company, new daughter in law from Maryland, that I had never met, so needless to say I was concerned and a wee upset.
Much disapproval in the family over the marriage.
Anyway..I missed so much. I could not believe how quickly the snow was gone..and then suddenly MORE snow. Well..they say that March comes in like a LION and goes out like a LAMB!
California? 83 degrees on Saturday!! I never even got a chance to wear my new winter coat with the bit of (faux/fake fur on the collar!) :) Women always want to wear their new clothes. :)
So..Winter's last HOORAH??

I understand about foreign wildlife being brought to your country. We felt the same when we learned about the Killer Bee's from Africa!! They are here now and apparently there has been attacks. I am wondering if that is what is happening to our honey bee's. We need them to pollinate our fruit tree's. They seem to be disappearing. It really is sad.
Have a wonderful week, Christer. See you tomorrow! :)

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
I understand that You have had it very warm this winter, but I do hope You got enough rain for the summer now. Don´t want to read about fires like the ones in Australia at Yours!

A marriage not approved by the family. Doesn´t sound easy for the newly wed and perhaps You too. Non of my buisness so I wount even speculate about why.

March is usually rather cold here, but once in a while spring starts early. April though is a month You never knows how it will be. Can be hot like summer one day, snow and freezing one and the day after like spring :-) I remember it snowed when I graduated sixth of june :-) But thet was a really late snow fall.

As long as the new animals isn´t dangerous to people or animals it´s nothing I worry about, but I would be worried if we got Killer Bees! Fortunatly for us they don´t want to pass the Sahara dessert. They will probably not do anything to Your ordinary bees and the Killer Bees are fantastic pollinators.

That was the reason they took them to Brazil. They wanted to get a hybrid with the ones living down there. The south American bees are very friendly but poor on collecting honey. Unfortunatly they messed it up and the Killer Bees got loose.

One good thing to know is that they react on carbondioxid, the air You breath out. If they attac it´s the airways they will attac first. So if there is a nest of them nerby it´s good to have a long tube to breath through (the other end of course covered with thin cloth so one can breath through it without bees comming in to the tube and get into ones lungs. I saw this on a National Geografic film a while ago.

Have a really nice day now!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said... can speculate why as far as the marriage things goes. I think it is just the way of things when it comes to older people remarrying. The family feels, threatened or..if they like you, they may feel disloyal to the departed parent. That is also possible. My children worried about me too..but are just a different type of family. More open? More accepting of others?
Who knows. All is well now..and even sent a gift today. I was..beyond delighted!!
Again...keep warm!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
It´s sad when they might feel threatened or disloyal because of a marriage. I can understand it though, but usually those feelings disaperes if they take the time to really know the new person in the family. Anyway, it´s not easy for anyone at the moment, really hopes the situation will get better!

No problems like that in my family, but I think we don´t like each other so much that we bother who lives with whom :-) :-)