Monday, March 30, 2009

I´m going to change my working hours starting this week and a bit into the future. We don´t have alot to powder paint, but we do have a lot in the ordinary paiting and there´s only one man working there. We can´t stand there and paint at the same time so I´m now going to work Monday to Wednesday in the powder painting departement and on Saturdays and Sundays in the wet paint departement. So my weekend is going to be on Thursday and Friday. I live by my slef so I can do as I please when it comes to when my weekend is. I told the owner that I most likly is going to take my dogs with me then and he had no problems with that at all :-)

This Talgoxe shows with its wings that it doesn´t want compny at the tallow ball.

But the Bluetit doesn´t understand that :-)

They now think that we have almost fourteen thousand cranes by the lake. They couldn´t count them this morning, because one of those who had rented one of the boxes that stands in the middle of all cranes had gone to sleep while waiting for the cranes to arriwe. When he woke up he disturbed all cranes so they flew away :-) :-) The poor man got a lot of problems by doing that. It´s absolutly forbidden to disturb the cranes You see.

So finally the Bluetit has the tallow ball all for it self :-) Even if they are really small they are really agressive.

Those who thinned out the forest stopped the water of pouring as it should, so now there is a little pond slowly growing there :-)

I can feel in the air that spring is comming for real now. I can´t say what it is, but i recognise it every time I feel it. We have strong winds from south west now and that means warmer weather here in the spring. Unfortunally it usually also means a lot of rain, but one can´t get it all as we say here in Sweden. I´m sorry to say that even if I found the video with me (and at the moment I can´t) in the garden program I can´t show it here on the blog. I would get a lot of problems with the Swedish television, they own the copyright You see. I´ve tried to find it on their site on the internet, but they don´t seeme to have it there any longer. Don´t know what I can do about it at the moment.

These tree fungus doesn´t get old in the same way mushrooms does. They become really hard and can be used in the stove to start a fire there.

Now it´s time to make a couple of sandwiches I think. I baked a bread yesterday and it is delicious I can tell You :-) That and a glass of milk will be perfekt. I love milk and if it was possible I wouldn´t mind living of ot totally :-) But as they say, to much of anything never is never a good thing :-)
Have a nice day now!


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Well..I don't think I would want to live on milk..unless chocolate was added! :) I drink that with any pill have take. I am always amazed by the mushrooms etc. that grow there. Really strange looking to me.
The way the cranes are might seem silly to some but I really like it! There must be a good reason they are so strict.
To be able to take your dogs with you is great! Mele is with me almost everywhere I go unless I cannot take her inside. NEVER leave my dog in the car!
What great pictures you got of the birds arguing over the tallow ball!
Wonderful blog today,Christer. Really interesting..a peaceful feeling coming here....
I am glad you like Mary's home. She bought a dog last year, Rory. She is still a puppy but is growing into quite a LARGE dog and...yep...she chewed up their couch. Maryalice was getting new LR furnature..but with the economy they aren't buying anything that is NOT a complete necessity. So..they live with the torn couch! She was sort of embarrassed about that..but who I explained that most of us are pet lovers and no one cared about such things..but she let me take the pictures anyway. :)

Barb and Steve said...

Beautiful pictures! Looks so peaceful. 14,000 cranes! Wow, I would like to see that. Thanks for the nice message on my blog about the CAFO.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
Every dog owner has chew marks on their furniture :-) Puppies has a lot of energy :-)

Not to long ago the cranes were endangered, but it seemes that all of Europe started to protect them so now there are loads of them. In fact they have started to get problems to find nestingplaces. They nowdays nest in some of the larger towns around here :-)

I was happy that he didn´t protest when I mentioned taking my dogs with me. I actully didn´t ask, just told him I should do so. I´m going to be alone almost the whole weekend at the factory so they woun´t be in the way. Then on brakes we can take a walk or two :-)
Have a nice day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Barb!
It´s really peaceful here, sometimes so peaceful that i wonder if people dissapered :-)

I really hope that You don´t get that CAFO- factory ( i wount call it farm) near Your farm!!

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine starting a fire in a stove with fungus. What if it goes airborne and you inhale the spores? You would have to get one of those rent a moms then to care for you, borrowed from Keep the Coffee Coming. Or a nice little Swedish girl. Hey, maybe burning that fungus isn't a bad idea afterall. Have a great day!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi ZaM!
Not that kind of fungus I think :-) :-) But better be safe tha "rent a mom" I think :-)

Those fungus are actully great to start a fire with, stonage people used them to start their when they only had rocks to get a spark.But they have to be old and dried. Fresk ones is usless, but some of them edible.
Have a nice day now!

Valerie said...

Hello Christer!

Interesting post as usual! Love the look of the fungus...I will have to share with my fire-loving husband (he's a fire fighter by trade, but they all have a little pyromaniac in them)! :)

I am always intrigued by your posts that provide insight into how the Swedish government and society works. Please understand, I am not passing judgment (good or bad), just always surprised at the number of "laws" or regulations put in place. As Mona said, she thinks that many of them are a good thing!

I worked in politics for several years (for a United States Senator) before getting my teaching certificate. The one thing about Americans that I find ironic is that they are quick to demand regulations when things are going terribly awry (as with the US/World financial crisis), but will scream loudly (at least to me answering the Senator's office phones) when those regulations begin to infringe on their individual rights. Aaaah to be an American...such quandries! LOL

Take care my European friend,

woody said...

Nice post today christer and it elicited a lot of response. Your posting is always interesting and your pictures are a joy. I took a day off from blogging but had to read yours and leave a comment.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Valerie!
I´m really interested of politics and wspecially the American (by that I mean The USA, the other countries I don´t know so much about their politics). We have had a way of always trusting the governement solwing our problems, but You more beliving in Your self I belive. Can´t say that I think one better than the other to be honest, but I think they are closing in on each other. You´ll probably get more regulations than You have now and we´ll have less I think.

We sweeds always say that we have no interest in politics, but often talk about it anyway and 90% of us votes when there´s an election for new governement. But we don´t like the European Union so we don´t vote for that parlament. Think 30% voted the last time. I have a lot to say about the European Union but I´ll spare You from that :-) :-)

I hope You´ll have a nice day!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Woody!
I missed Your blog and started to wonder. Well I think everyone is allowed to have a day of from blogging :-)