Monday, March 16, 2009

Something we really doesn´t need is rain, and it´s of course raining outside today :-) Well my grandma ( on my mothers side)always said that it had to come down so the spring could start. I´m not so sure about that, but I can´t stop it anyway so I might as well belive her :-) She was a wise woman in many ways and the one that made me interseted of gardening. My grandpa, who was a officer in the swedish navy, wanted straight flowerbeds with roses in them. My grandma on the other hand had another idea. So when he had planted the flowerbeds as he thought it should look like, my grandma then put strawberries, violettes and other small plants between everything :-) Grandpa never got the flowerbeds like he wanted them :-)

For some reason a rain in spring is so much nicer than a rain in autumn :-)

They had a lot of berries and apples in their garden. Grandpa that remembered how it was not to have any food always wanted grandma to cann the fruits to have in winter. Well grandma also remembered how it was not to have alot of food, but realised that they would have cannes of fruit for the rest of their lives if she did that every year. So every summer and autumn grandpa told us that he had sprayed the fruit and berries, so it was dangerous to eat them. Then grandma came and told us that he hadn´t done that for years, so we could eat as much as we wanted :-) It wasn´t easy for grandpa :-) :-)

Teodor climbed the old apple tree yesterday. Of course he got problem comming down :-)

So in my garden one can see clearly that it´s my grandmas style that is seen there. No straight lines here :-) It´s a mix of small and big plants side by side. If a aquilegia thinks it´s a great place to live in the gravel round my house I let it stay. I do love the dandylions that is everywhere in my garden. Even if I wanted it´s impossible to get rid of them. There are thousands of them in the firelds all around my cottage. So I´m happy everytime they start to flower.

This is a fern I bought two years ago. It shouldn´t be able to survive in my climat, but I haven´t told it that :-) In swedish this is called "Deers tongue".

Well it´s some time untill the dandylions start too bloom, because first the rain has to come down so the spring can start for real :-)
Be good!

The apple tree is dying fro what we are calling "tree cancer". So last year I started to cut it down with a hand saw. Now I have bought a electric chainsaw and will cut the rest later this spring. A new tree is going to be planted, but I´m not sure what yet.


woody said...

A nice blog today your Teodor looks so much like a cat that we had named Tige. It is nice you have fond memories of your granparents unfortunately I never knew either of my grandfathers but well remember both of my grandmothers. Too bad your apple tree is dying I love the apple tree in bloom it is a REAL spring announcement.

Valerie said...

Hi Christer. Thanks for dropping by and leaving your kind comments/questions regarding our "garden." I responded to you at my blog.

I loved today's posting about the memories you have of your grandparents. Yes, military men (and women I suppose) love order and I imagine that their gardens would reflect that! Poor grandpa, sounds as if your grandma was able to win the "battle" on more than one occasion!

I have to agree with Woody that apple trees are beautiful sign of spring as well as cherry trees!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Woody!
Yes Appleblossoms are so beautiful and I have three more trees in my garden (that are old enough to bloom will say. I have Two young trees that are seedlings from a Granny Smith apple and one from a paradiseapple).

To be honest I´m not sure if I reeally knew my grandpa. Well of course I knew him as a person, but usually he mostly sat in his armchair reading the newspaper and smoked his pipe :-) Not much talking with him really. perhaps I should tell You about the three grandparents I knew? Perhaps in my blog tomorrow.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Valerie!
I think that You´re right about military men and women. One of my brothers used to be in tha army and he´s much the same as grandpa in that way. Order before everything :-)

My grandpa never stood a chanse to be honest :-)Grandma always won even if she sometimes led him to think he did :-)

Cherries are so beautiful. The mountines near my cottage is full with them :-) have to take some pictures of them I think.
Thanks for comming here!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Hmmm...I was sure I commented on this post..but I don't see it. Perhaps it is on the lower one. The picture of your Teodor in the tree is wonderful. You can see that he is supported well. Looks like he is really enjoying his climb!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
Well the tree better be stabil when he is in it. He´s rather heavy and to be honest a bit fat too :-) He loves to climb up the trees, but not to high :-)