Monday, March 9, 2009

Sometimes, like today, I´m almost happy that I can´t see through a window while working. It would have been painful to see how beautiful the weather was outside :-) The sun shined and the birds sang all day says those who had a chance to get out during the day. But I did get some sun when I got home and took the walk with my dogs. The air was clear and the sun had started to sink down behind the forest and there were no wind at all.

The sun was still shining and the birds singing when I came home today.

In my car on my way home I saw several flocks with geese and swans. It seemes that the birds have decided that spring is here and who am I to disagree :-)

More and more flocks with swans and geese are now comming to the Cranelake.

I had big trouble getting out on the internet today. Tried for several minutes until I remembered that I hadn´t pluged it in :-) Don´t know why I unplugged it yesterday, but the thunder season is slowly comming closer so perhaps I was thinking of that? I have big problems when the thunder storms are close to my home. Nine times out of ten the lightning goes through my telefon cable (and my neighbours). Fortunally it only goes a meter an a half (3,3 feet) out from where I plugged in the telephone and it´s two meters (6,6 feet) to the wall on the other side. Once my big dog Viran was asleep beside the plug in when the lightning went out of it. The bang it gave almost scared her to death and all her fur stod right up for a long time :-) She never slept there again :-)

It´s something special with trees without leafs. I think that they are beautiful.

One time I thought the thunder storm had passed, it was over fourty minutes after the last sound of it, so I got out on the net just to check my e-mails. The little electric power that went through the telefoncable then made the lightning go down in my cable and through my computor and my right hand. I couldn´t feel anything in that hand for over half an hour and the computor behaved strangly some time after that :-) I think it was that the lightning went in to the wall behind the computor that scared me most. After that I´m very careful when to plug in the computor after a thunder storm :-)

The sun is slowly sinking behind the forest and I hope it will turn up tomorrow too.

Now it´s time for tea and to put some firelogs in the stowe.
Be good

The moon is almost full now, so tonight we better not goe out. One never knows where the werevolfes are :-)


woody said...

It is quite scary to think of the lightning invading your home wireing. I would fear that much more than the warewolfs. Is it the area you live in or the way of the wireing by the phone and electric company that allows that to happen.
POur good weather passed quickly we now are getting more snow with several inches expected.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Woody!
Thankfully it´s only the telephonecables that get the lightning, the electric cables is safe. But frightning it is! Most of our telephon cables are dug down, but here and there they are up in the air and there is where the lightning strikes.

There are some sort of protection that can be put on the cables but not even the telephone companies think that they are any good. So I just have to be sure that there is nothing that can burn in front of the telephone plug in when thunder storms are comming :-)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Christer!!! Bogs and now Werewolves? Electric shocks, thunder storms? I am having enough problems with Mele still seeing things zooming around the darned bedroom. I have taken pictures of them.. :) so..Mr. Spooky..if you want to see them..just hollar. I am chosing to ignore the problem.
Thunder storms and I have never mixed.
I cannot believe how quickly the scenery around your home is changing. There was just snow the other can it be gone so fast??
Also..thanks for reading my posts, Christer..and for your sweet encouragement. I appreciate it so much.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
Well the werewolves is just a guess :-) But one never knows :-) There are at least ordinary wolves out on the bog sometimes.

The problems with Mele hasen´t gotten any better yet? I really hope iut will turn to the better soon! Yes I would like to see the pictures! AliceMary has my email adress, just ask her and You´ll get it.

With the climate change we nowdays have April weather in March, outherwise it would still be snow here. If this warm weather continues there will soon be leafs on the trees :-)

Than You for reading my blog! I appreciate it much too!