Friday, March 6, 2009

Half my departement (three people) at work will dissapere in the future, but I will stay :-) But of course it wasn´t especial fun for those who got the bad news. One girl kept her face just until we should go home, then she bursted out in tears. She has just bought an appartement and was so worried about her economy. But after I comforted her we talked about her ecomomy and it woun´t be that bad after all. She has to stay home a lot during summer, but with the appartement she gets a little garden and sha already has a barbeque. So I told her that she just had to invite her friends to her instead of going to them. I hope I helped her to understand that life doesn´t stop by losing ones job. She looked a bit happier anyway.

I found this old fence one day in the forest. There hasn´t been a reason to have a fence here for the last fourty-fifty years because it was so long ago they planted the trees here. Before that cows wandered around here.
It´s cloudy and windy today, so even if I drived to the lake on the way home I couldn´t see any of the cranes that have arrived, but I did see a lot of geese. Unfortunally I had the camera at home and the distance were to far for the mobile phone camera to take pictures. But it looked as if it was some Canada Geese. They released Canada geese in europe when they almost hunted down almost every other goose here. They thrived here and now we have so many that they are damaging the enviorement. A good thing with getting the Canada geese here is that the other geese then came back and now they almost are to many too :-)

I just realised tha I have to sow my tomatoe seeds today! I actully had forgotten them. I also have to buy wood ( I couldn´t find a better word on Google) so I can build my greenhouse. I woun´t put glass on it this year, but I have some plastic that can resist the ultra violett sunbeams so I can grow my tomatoes in there. I would like to make the greenhouse in a victorian style, but I don´t think I have the skills for that (but it would look beautiful), so it´ll probably be a more normal look on it. The only important thing is that I actully build one :-)
Now I have to put more firelogs in the stove again. I can feel how the winds outside are trying to get inside.
Be good!


Anonymous said...

Isn't it just like you to comfort and encourage someone in dispair or heart-broken! Blessings to you for that quality!

I think - actually believe that your greenhouse is going to look handsome and be very productive for years to come. Of course, you can remodel it in time.

When you first moved here, we let a friend pasture some of his beef here then realized that it meant fencing them within specific boundaries with crude barb-wire strung on posts and sone, on trees. This broke my heart - I hate barbed wire! Try as I did, I had no influence on the matter and the case was closed, as they say!

Since those first years, husband and sons have removed some of the wiring and when son, Joe, acquired the property, he removed whatever was left. On a few trees, not many, the wire had become encased in the bark with the aging of the trees. If the tree was strong and healthy, it was not removed - no need to for the proud sentinel; no need for us.
Our land is free. The animals roam freely. We are happy.

Take care, my friend ...

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi AliceMary!
She is only twenty years old and thought life had ended as she knew it.

I don´t like barb-wire either! Most of it is taken away now, they have electric fences instead, but here and there soe rest still is hanging around.

Well, the greenhouse doesn´t have to look beautiful as long as it works :-)