Friday, March 13, 2009

Drove by the cranelake on my way home from work today. Not a crane in sight unfortunally, but I could see some geese and swans far away by the lake. The weather was cold and foggy and there is still ice on the lake, so I can understand why the cranes are elsewhere. I did hear them though when I took a walk with my dogs later on. It sounded like they are close to the mountin Mösseberg where they had whete last autumn. The reason cranes started to rest here at spring is that they once grew potatoes here. The cranes then ate the potatoes that still was on the ground when winter had passed.

Not much life down by the cranelake today, but the ice is still there and the weather was lousy.

On my way home suddenly a lot of swans started to fly just before my car! I couldn´t take a picture then, I was taken by surprise. But they came back but a bit further up in the air.
Nowdays there are no poatatoes here, but they do put out tons of wheat on the fields that the cranes eat instead. In winter we have a lot of eagles here instead, the Golden eagle and Havsörn (I think that can be translated Sea eagle). They feed them during winter with slaughtered pigs.

Tomorrow the big final in the “Schlager festival” will make Sweden stop. Sixteen thousand people is going to see it live and something about four million people in Sweden is going to see it on tv, not to mention people in neighbouring countries that can see it too (not bad for a country that only have nine million people). There are no really bad songs this year so the competition will be terrible :-) There is an international jury that is going to give the songs points, a swedish jury too and then televoting from the swedish people. I have four favourite songs, if You click on their names down the page, You can see and heare the songs from You tube. That will go faster for me than to download the videoes here.

My first favourite is: “Baby good bye
The second is: “Moving on”. It´s so beautiful it almost herts inside when hearing it.
The third is: “Snälla, snälla” (can You hear that she is a great fan of Janis Joplin) Even if it´s in swedish I think You can hear her pain from loosing her man.
The fourth: “Alla Alla”. This one is sung in Greek and only a radio version.
Enjoy and tell me if You liked any one of my favourites!


woody said...

The birds overhead and new grouth in the forest are sure signs of approaching spring and like here it seems to take forever to really happen but have faith IT WILL COME> I liked the songs you favor and Moving On would be my choice. I also agree with you it will be a tough choice for there are many really good contestants.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Woody!
It only takes some patiens and then the spring is here :-) But sometimes it just takes so long time it feels :-)

Moving on is really good, but I have a feeling it woun´t win.

Anja said...

Hejsan Christer!
Det var inte lätt att komma åt och kommentera.
Min a favvon är Baby goobye och MALENA!!!
Jag gillar ju Caroline skarpt, men blir lite förtvivlad över "Snälla snälla"!? Det är inte språkligt kulturkompetent. När min man var otrogen sa jag absolut inte 'snälla', utan 'dra åt h-e';))!Kul kommer det att bli i varje fall! Kom gärna hit och vässa kniven på lördag - det hjälper mot olika spänningstillstånd...typ...;))!

mvh, Anja

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hej Anja!
Så den biten med kommenteringen krånglar nu också. Ja, det händer ju en hel del här på blogger som man kan undra över. En gång blev ju bloggen helt vit?! Men jag var ute på Bloggers hjälpsida och då såg jag flera med samma problem. Liite irriterande!

Jag känner mig alltid kluven när de blandar in opera i popmusik, gillar båda men helst isär från varandra :-) Men Malena kan verkligen sjunga bägge vilket är ovanligt för operasångare.

Den enda låt jag inte kommer att tycka om att den vinner är den Måns Zelmerlöf sjunger, den är så slätstruken att jag tröttnar på den rätt fort, han kan bättre!

Skulle heller inte stå och säga snälla snälla om jag blivit bedragen :-) Skulle reagera som du gjorde!
Ha det gott i helgen och så hoppas vi på hård strid i schlagerfestivalen :-)