Saturday, March 7, 2009

The pictures doesn´t gain anything by clicking on them to enlarge them. The objects are on long distance and if one enlarges them they will just look blurry.

Not a great day today. Woke up with a splitting headache and my dogs have bad stomacs and the smell inside doesn´t help with my headache :-) :-) But the chilly winds outside does ease the pain as long as one stays outside. Think that I slept to much this night, usually I sleep around seven hours and this night I slept much longer.

I drove to the little store in Gudhem this morning because yesterday I forgot most of what I neded to buy. The store has new owners now and they origin from Turkey. The first thing they told people was that they aren´t Muslims but Christians. I feel sad when they feel the need to tell people that, it´s really not a buisness of ours. But perhaps it´s necessary in a place where there are almost no immigrants? To be honest, we do have the same God whether we are Christians, Jews or Muslims, we just look up on him from different directions. I do hope they can get this store going with at least some profit, something others have had big troubles to do.

There were no geese near the lake but closer to my home today. This is a mix of different species feeding of the grass.

Here it´s mostly Canadian goose and two swans. I think it´s the European relative to the Trumpet swan, because it doesn´t look like the Mute swan.

On my way home I stopped by the Crane Lake to see if I could see some Cranes, but they seeme to be somewhere else today. But the cold winds didn´t invite to stay on opens spaces and it did come some snow while I was there. I did however see a lot of geese and some swans and managed to take some pictures of them. Now I´m going to put some firelogs in the stowe and tonight it´s the laste heat in the song contest.
Be good!
The first cattle has come out for the year, so it´s definatly leaning towards spring now :-)


woody said...

again I find I somehow missed a day in my blog reading today I read two of yours so one comment will do I hope. Too bad about the lay offs I agree but I guess it is world wide over here it is in the 100s in some places. Hard to imaging that things were just slowly getting bad and all of a suddenthe bottom just falls out of the economy every where.
At least we are still going to have spring and it looks like it may arrive for you faster than here. Enjoy them geese and keep on blogging.
woody aka senior bean aka who knows what your freind in usa

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Woody!
Yes, one comment will do fine :-)

The comapy I work at is still better of than many others to be honest. Several companies in Kvänum has gone bankrupt or are close to it and many others fire many more of their workers. I´m not especially worried about the future even if I would lose my job. I live very cheap and don´t have any expensive hobbies so I will do fine anyway for a long time if it would happen to me.

At the moment it snows rather heavily, but that will have melt down by tomorrow morning. It would however be a very early spring if it came now.
have a great day now!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

In California, early Spring means a long and hot summer. I loved the pictures of the geese and swan. How beautiful to see such things right at your home. How very wonderful it is and how fortunate you are.
Your friend,
I had to laugh at the dogs adding to your headache. My daughter was just complaining about her dog last night. :) Cows are a sign of spring? Really?

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I just wanted to add that I remember during WWII how the Japanese went through the same thing..but they were locked up even though they were Americans and born in our country. War is terrible.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
Just wait, Ypu´ll se a lot of more pictures of geese, swans and cranes here. They comes in thousands here :-) I am fortunate to live at a place like this!

The dogsmell were even worse this night :-) :-) Three dogs with flatulense :-)

In a way cows are a spring sign here. Most of them are indoors during winter, only the Highland cattle have a fur thick enough to stand realy cold winter here. Some places have hugh indoor stables to them, but if they want they can go out. Mostley theuy don´t. On the other hand they must stay outdoors all summer long, it´s against the law to have them indoors then.

I know about the japaneese in the US during the war. What I didn´t know until lately, is that we had something similar here! But those camps were for anyone that the governement thought could be a danger. Of course they were not, but wartimes makes the most sane people insane I think.