Monday, March 2, 2009

Well it was a bit early to hope for spring this last Saturday, even if it really felt like it was comming. Today it´s snowing again. Not as much as it did in Main, but five centimeters ( two inches). I actully think it is that lowpressure that finally has arrived here, because it´s winds from west today.

I got this picture of Bertil yesterday, before the snow came. The rest of the pictures comes from today.

Now when the climat is getting warmer they find new sorts of animals here every year. Mostly it´s different kinds of insekts. They have found it easier to come here since they built the bridge from Kopenhagen to Malmoe. Before most insekts didn´t want to fly over all that open water, but now the bridge helpes them a lot. Oddly enough scientists are amazed over this. I´m not because I wouldn´t swim that long a distance but now when there´s a bridge I gladely would walk right over it if I wanted to :-) Most of the new animals are harmless for all of us, but some is dangerous to other small species.

There is a crab that lives in the waters of china that now lives in the Baltic sea. It probably thinks that these waters are lika a big smorgasbord for them. Our species isn´t used to it and are easy pray for them. There is a poisonous spider that probably will come soon if it´s not here already, the Hobo spider. We don´t have really poisounus spiders here, the worst is like a sting from a Yellowjacket so now we really have to watch our steps. We have a new kind of snake too and this is now seen as a steady inhabitant here, the Corn snake. People get tired of their pets and lets them out in the nature. Well the Corn snake loves our climat and has no problems surviving here. What worries me is when someone gets tired of their Rattle snake, it would probably like it here too I`m afraid. We have only one poisounes snake here and that´s the Viper. If one gets bitten it´s usually no danger unless one is allergik to the poison and I feel we don´t need more of the poisonous sorts :-)

Another animal that has no bigger problems living here because it can stand our winters is the red-eared terrapin. It´s warm enough for it to survive here, but to cold for the eggs to hatch. People buy them as tiny little turtles and really don´t understand how big they can be. No petshops want´s them back and all zoos have to many of them as it is. So what to do? Put them in a lake nerby and forget about them. I know how aggressive they can be when they live in an aquarium and I really hope that they are more nice in a lake. I wouldn´t think it was nice if bitten on a toe while bathing in a lake :-)

Well we haven´t had any bigger problems with these animals yet (at least not those on dry land) and there will probably come even more in the future. There is a rumour that says we already have racoons here. I think I saw one in Gothenburg once and asked some of the hunters I knew then if that was possible. They said that they had heard that someone had put some free here. But that was over fifteen years ago and I´ve heard nothing since then, so perhaps i saw something else? Who knows?

Now it´s time for some tea and then some tv.
Be good!


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Just so breath taking. I know it is hard when you have had a long winter..but..savor the beauty as it is a gift. I read that weather is a thing we all share and when we cannot go out due to extreme cold, snow or other such thing...that it is a time to turn inward and attend to tiny things close to us. Like your cup of tea..and warm nap with the dogs. Weather is also something you share with others. A connection. God is good! :):) Life is beautiful!!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
I can´t disagree when You say it´s beautiful, because it is. And it´s sure nice to sit inside and have a cup of tea looking out on the cold weather outside :-) The nap was really nice, but the bed was a bit crowded with three big dogs and I, but I sure didn´t freeze :-)