Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We are all tired at work now, because the change to summer time. I get up 4:45 am every morning to go to work and now my body screams that I have one hole hour before I have to get up even if my clock say otherwise :-) My dogs seemes also to be confused. I never have to drag them down to the kitchen normally :-) It´s pitch black again in the mornings too. Before the timechange I had daylight when I started to drive to work. I know, it´s just a matter of time until it´s light again but I don´t care I´m feeling stubborn because of these early mornings :-)

Magpies are funny birds, but can be a nusens too intelligent as they are. If they see anything shiny or colourful and it´s small enough they´ll steel it if they get the chanse :-) One of my neighbours had a tame once and that bird were even wors than my Kaja (was it Jack Draw they were called Woody?)

On the brighter side though, is that we are getting so much warmer weather now. Today we have had 13C (55F) and that I like :-) Still very early in spring and April can be snowy and very cold here. Last Year winter didn´t arrive until the last week in April. When Easter came so did the cold weather. For me that likes Nort American trees and bushes it almost were a catastrofy (well that was a bit too much to be honest, minor backdraw is a better word I think) because they had started to get leafs. Some things died and others was rather much frozen. But what doesn´t kill strengthens as my mormor (grandmother on mothers side) always said.

Last year they tried to build a nest in my neighbours spruce, but he tore it down every time. This year they have this nest in the crab apple tree beside my dogyard. They will probably be teasing my dogs all summer :-)

My dogs were barking like crazy when I got home today. Not because of me comming home I think, but I had managed to lock both my cats in the garage this morning :-) They sat in the window facing the dogyard and my dogs wanted to help them I think. I hope they caught the mice that use to walk around in my car every night, leaving their droppings everywhere. I´m a bit tired of them now I can say. Have a mouse trap in one of the seats but the little rodents avoid it like it is the pest :-)

The three first crocuses in my garden this year! This is a species found wild in Turkey.

Tomorrow it´s Wednesday and as usual I woun´t write a blog, but I´ll probably visit Yours if I have the time.
See You!


Anonymous said...

I love crocuses as for sure, Spring has arrived. And Magpies, what a treat for you to have them in the crab apple tree. Nice talent for writing Christer. I enjoy walking the grounds you have and reading all about the nature. Why don't you write on Wednesdays?

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

hi ZaM!
Yes, this time spring really is here :-)

On wednesdays I help my friends daughter with her french homework (and sometimes her math and other homework) and that takes some time sometimes. Like doing it though :-)

I love it here because I can enjoy both the open country and deep forest with a hughe bog inside it. But a big part of Sweden look like this. I think that only 15% of us lives in cities and the rest looks like this (but with a lot of more lakes that around here :-) ).
Have a nice day now!

woody said...

Ouch 4:45 is a tough time to get up but like your mormor says it wont kill you but make you strong.
I skipped my blog yesterday for a visit to the eye doctor.Got new lenses now so we will see how that goes.Those crocuses look nice we hope to see some flowers here soon. have a bon time wensday.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

OH NO! I just lost my comment! Ok..well let me recap. First..the story about the cats in the garage..so glad they could at least see one another! :) The time change..ARRGGG..I do dislike that! I think most of us do, but when you have to get up and it is pitch black outside yet...I can see how that would get you down. (Gosh I am glad I am retired!) :)
I just came back in from planting three lillies..three colors. They look a bit sad there all alone, but other flowers will follow..
Those Magpies will pull the fur right off the dogs and cats..they are mean little things..or should I say territorial? Yeah...lets use the latter.
The pictures of those lovely little crocus' are just delightful! What a perfect sign of Spring they are!
I am so pleased that you are enjoying Maryalice's cottage. Makes me smile that you noticed and made comment on the light switch plate. Thanks so much!!
Have a wonderful day, Christer..ok..now..you..are already into tomorrow? Have a wonderful day..

Barb and Steve said...

The time change is hard on me too. I like the light when I get up. Wish I could sleep in until the sun shone in my face to wake me up. The crocuses are beautiful!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Woody!
Hope You´ll se better now with the new lenses. Strange that we who lives so much more north than You have a much earlier spring.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
That happens to me sometimes too, really anoying to say the least.

Magpies can be really nasty, but hilariuos fun too. The cat I had before the ones I have now used to capture them, so they didn´t come to my garden at all. These have done one mistake by building the nest in the crabapple tree, cats can easily get up to it if they get the chans and I think many of the cats here is going to try :-)

Those light switches are really in my taste, wonder if we have something like that here?

Have a nice day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Barb!
A swedish studie has shown that the rate of heart attacks rises with 10% when we change the time like that, so if they want summer time here I think that we should have it like that all year round.

It would be nice to be able to sleep until the sun rised, but here in winter we should sleep very long :-)
Have a nice day now!

Anonymous said...

The weekend approaches and w/it maybe a few extra minutes of sleep for you. Ahh, crocuses, magpies, mice and trees budding! Now, to me, that's exciting.
There's a deer down somewhere closeby. There's clumps of old fur that shreds easily so the hide the clumps come from must be old and showing up now that the snow is rapidly melting. The deer must of died (or been killed) during the worse of winter's meaness.
Woody has been searching for the remains w/no luck as he was hoping 'Murphy' would lead him there but, she didn't ... Just enjoyed walking along w/him. So be it ...

Take care ... GeeGee

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi GeeGee!
Yes tomorrow I will sleep at least untill eight I think, but I´ll probably wake up already at half past seven :-)

Murphy is smart, she´´l never lead Woody to her treasure :-) :-)
Have a nice day now!