Thursday, March 26, 2009

I took half the day of from work today, because I would get a visit later this afternoon and I had to clean the house a bit :-) The problem with having a fire heated stowe is that there is soot all over the house, even if there isn´t a stop in the chimney. So when I started to wipe of the kitchen yesterday on one place, I had to do the whole kitchen. When the kitchen was finished I realised that I had to clean everywhere on the bottom floor before the visit :-)

You should have seen tha sky yesterday, it was filled with cranes.

Why then was it so important to clean the house? Well, one of the visitors was an old lady thet was a customer of mine when I had the gardencenter,. Another was my neighbour at the gardencenter. She sort of adopted me during that time :-) So when the finances went down the drain and I didn´t have any money to buy food to myself (my dogs always got their food), she invited me to dinner every day :-) So when she finally came to visit me I felt it was important that it was presentable here :-) She is 80 years old and has resently gotten a new hip so I really checked that there were no dogtoys on the floor :-)

There is still some snow in the forest.

They now say that there is over eight thousand cranes by the lake and have put up webcameras on the place where I took the crane pictures. If You click on “Cranes” you are going to be able to see the cranes live. But You have to remember that if You live on the american continent there is a big time difference. We are six hours before You if You live on the eastcoast and nine hours before You if You live by the westcoat.

I took a look on the surroundings by the factory where I work. It´s quite beautiful actully.

There came five big groups with cranes in the sky when I walked the dogs yesterday and I took loads of pictures. Unfortunally only one picture was good enough to be shown :-) But there were over fifty in the sky beside each other. The nights are still very cold here and this night they say that there will come up to one decimeter (four inches)of snow. It was a bit early to hope for spring last week. Normally it wount start until April here.

Now it´s time to see who is going to be Swedens worst driver :-) Fortunally none of them live close to me :-)
Have a nice evening now!

Even if I work in a small town or perhaps a village is a better name, there is farms all around :-)


Anonymous said...

... In my heart I have a prayer for your grand old lady. Now, what a respect and love you must feel for her to be wanting your home at it's best and, you probably had the teapot in readiness, too, didn't you?

Your Cranes are magnificent and a sight to behold! I think: "How long will this last - Not forever ..."
However, for now and for how long, they're w/you and all those under their skies!

Your country: A place to inhale; your area, a place to exhale ...

Have a good day, my friend , GeeGee

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi GeeGee!
Yes I love and respect that grand old lady :-)But for her it´s coffe, so I had to buy a coffee maker yesterday :-)

We´ll probaly have cranes here all summer long. Tjose who nest here and some "teenagers" that are to young to nest. But in those numbers not more than a couple of weeks I think.
Have a nice evening now!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

To buy a coffee maker for your friends visit was so nice and shows how much you care. Always love the pictures of the cranes..
I am better today..thank you for you well wishes, Christer. :)
Back to the couch..and my kleenex box :)

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
Glad to read that You´re better today!
She´s woth it :-)

woody said...

Nice pictures of the cranes and around your work place.Your area always looks so open and free I enjoy the pictures of the forest and surrounding villages you show from time to time.Hope your visit went well and hey you got your spring cleaning done too thats great!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Woody!
Yes it is quite open and frre where I live and still there is thick forest just close by when one wants that.

The springcleaning came a bit early though :-)