Saturday, March 28, 2009

It stopped to rain rather soon yesterday and so there is some snow left outside. The rain that is closing in on us seemes to go a bit north of us.

The sky changed a lot while walking with my dogs this morning. At first it was only cloudy.

I had a million and one idea of what to write about today, but now it seemes that my brain have shut down totally :-) Can´t remember any of those ideas now :-)

Then the fog came in.

More and more high bosses in buisnesses are now saying no thanks to big bonuses, they are now doing what we call a “Pudel” (Poodle in english I think). By that we mean they do the opposite from what they said a couple of months ago (sort of lie on their backs begging of forgiveness) :-) For some reason they didn´t think that share holders and customers would mind if they got big fat bonuses when the buisness went bad :-)

Suddenly it was quite clear again.

Our minister of finances was one of their biggest critics, but he sort of forgot that he himself had approved big bonuses for high bosses in state owned companies. So a couple of weeks ago he made a Poodle :-) Then the top chief in the biggest union started to shout about those bonuses until it showed that she her self approved big bonuses and pensions to high bosses while sitting in the board of big companies, so she then made a poodle too :-) But then trying to say that she was deceived when signing those decisions about the bonuses and pensions. That was a bad poodle, no one belives her :-)

Then the sun showed it self for some minutes. My cats was as usual with us on the walk and today they shouted more than usual. Don´t know why but they sure weren´t happy walking around on the roads with us.

They have found big pieces of glass in frozen chicken here. At first they belived it might be an accident, but now it´s clear that it´s sabotage. Someone have been putting in big pieces of glass in loads of frozen chickens, so now we probably will have trouble buying frozen chicken, they have all been sent back to the factory. We have one really active group of people here that are against all consumtion of living animals (or use of their milk and so forth), but they have never done something this big before.

And suddenly the fog came back again.

Tonight it´s our turn to loose one hour of our lives. I´ve never understood why we have to do that nowdays and my body will tell me for weeks that I´m going up one hour earlier every day. I wouldn´t mind it if we kept the clock that way all year round, but in autumn we change time back to normal again. They´ve done a studie here that shows the rate of heart attacks is dramaticly higher those two days on the year. This little hour change is that stressful for the heart that I think it´s a bit stupid to change the time every half year. I think we should have Brittish time here all the time instead.

Well that wasn´t bad, I could write a lot today even if I had forgotten what to write about :-) It´s quite early yet and the sun? is shining now and again :-) Perhaps I will make a pot of tea or perhaps coffee and sit my self down on the kitchen stairs and see if I can see any cranes up in the sky :-)
have a nice Saturday now!


woody said...

Something always comes up that could be a good blog title for as you say even when we have nothing to blog about something always comes up.Some how I missed your blog yesterday so sorry no comment there but I read em both today and as usual found that you are a good blogger and you always come up with something interesting.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Woody!
Yes, something will always come up wjile writing the blog :-)

Anonymous said...

... Just stopping by for a minute on my way to my blog which is still being worked on.
The sky in your pictures look just like ours do as I type. Rain is expected and maybe mixed w/slushy stuff.
Youngest son, Joe, plans on doing some wood-cutting before the rain comes. He purchased tree-length logs and will section them off in measured pieces for his woodstove as he restricts his use of expensive furnace oil as much as he can.

Glass in chicken! Yes, we've had our problems, here, in USA.

Stcky-hand politicians we have, plus greedy hands in every pot!

Ahh, but every day is a new day and most times the sun shines and we just keep on, trucking on, as the saying goes ...

Tale care ... GEEGEE

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi GeeGee!
We actully got a lot of sunshine today, even if we shouldn´t get any :-) But we also got rain and hail too :-)

Fanatics like those who put glass in chicken is difficult to deal with. They demand the respect from those who doesn´t think like them, but refuses to show their respect to us others. Doesn´t matter if it´s about animal rights, politics, religion or what ever they fight for.

At the moment it seemes that the greedy hands are slapped quite hard :-)
Have a nice day now GeeGee.

Anonymous said...

Of course, you probably read what's going on here in the U.S. Our crooks on Wall Street who started this mess are being hired back by the new administration. They are putting the rooster in charge of the hen house again. Rediculous.

I like your blog!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi ZaM!
Such a nice way for them to make more money on the mess they created :-)

The bank that made the biggest fool of them selves here still has the same board of direction, because the owners know what they have but not what they would get!!! It might actully be someone that knew what they were doing they got instead! :-)

Thanks for comming here!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Hi Christer..I'm so pleased you enjoyed seeing my daughters home. It really is cozy.
I am late getting to blogs today. Every now and then something like the "broken glass in chicken" happens here in the US. It is always disconcerting and leaves people wary. Events seem to be pretty much the same no matter where we live.
You had a lot to say today and as usual I enjoyed all of it. Your following is GROWING! You are being discovered!! :) It knew it was a great day when I began to follow your blog and began to learn of another part of our world! How kind that you take the time and have the patience to explain so many things to us! Have a nice weekend. (Poor kitties didn't look in the mood for a walk on damp roads! :) That they would follow you anyway..tells of their love and loyalty to you and it is very heartwarming.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!

It is a nice house she´s living in and then the house have my favourite colour on houses too :-)

Yes, it seemes that more people are following my blog :-) I read the "About me" text on mikky and had a really good laughe, it says: "I´m a very happy dog, but I´m lost, please help me find my home" That person seemes to have a great sence of humor :-)

No, the cats really didn´t enjoy that walk :-) but follow us they should anyway :-) I´m concerned about that shouting though. There are lots of foxes here and if they stops to investigate some place they really have told all foxes where they are. Just to hold ones thumbs and wish that nothing will happen to them.
Have a nice sunday now!

NinaVästerplana said...

Oh dear! At last I have given up hope that you will write something in Stugan vid Transjön....
So now I have to bruch up my english too......
Have a very nice day or in swedish
Ha dé himla gôtt

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Tjänare Nina!
Det är helt okey att skriva dina kommentarer här på svenska om du vill :-) Trodde ju våren skulle kommit nu, men lite vinter kom ju imellan :-) Så om ett par veckor lär jag vara igång!

NinaVästerplana said...

Jo, jag vet.... men det ger dåligt med träning! Här ligger dimman tät över kohagarna, hoppas den tar på de sista snöfläckarna!
För nu längtar jag till våren...
TB har fortfarande problems ibland men det jobbas på det.
Ha de´

NinaVästerplana said...

Ser du att jag hann få dit min frittilaria emellan....

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Tjänare igen!
Nä det är ju sant, det blir inte mycket träning i engelska om man skriver på svenska :-)
Samma väder här just nu, hoppas solen bryter igenom snart, den har visat sig lite lätt ett par gånger nu :-)