Tuesday, March 17, 2009

This is how the sky looked over my cottage today :-)

Well I had an idea that I would write about my grandparents today, but I´ll save that for the weekend I think. But I can tell You that we have different words for our grandmothers and grandfathers depending on if they are on the fathers or mothers side. One way to say Mother in swedish is “Mor” and one way to say father in swedish is “Far”. So my mothers mother then becomes Mormor and her faher Morfar. So on my fathers side it is Farmor and Farfar. I wonder if it´s only swedish and finish that has it that way?

My dogs loves to run around on the fields on our walks. We have something called "All mans right" (a kind of unwritten law) here in Sweden. That allowes us to walk everywhere we wants to in nature. Gardens is another thing of course.

We have had a wonderful weather here today, sun and rather warm. At least at the beginning, then the wind started comming from north and the warmth went with it. They say we are going to have sun at least until next Monday. Well I don´t know if that is going to happen, but one can at least hope :-) Unfortunatly the wind will come fron north east so it is going to be rather cold, but who cares? The sun is going to shine :-)

I saw these deers on our walk today. I think it is Fallow deers because they are not big enough to be Red deer (I think, I´ve never seen one in the wild before).

I´ve started to wonder what it is with cats? Why do they want to put me and them selves in danger all the time :-) For instance, I´m getting up in the morning tired and perhaps not totally awake and starts to walk down the stairs. Suddenly I can feel one of the cats sleeping on the stairs under my foot. So I try, in my not to awake situation, to reach the next step on my way down. What does the cat do then? It jumps down to the stair I try to reach :-) That never ends well for me :-) Or I come home from work and open the dorr. One of the cats then jumps in and stoppes just in front of my foot. Naturally I kick it and looses my balance. The poor cat gets scared of courseand jumps to the side, just at the spot my next foot comes too :-) Fortunally for both of us we seldom gets injured, but it´s close sometimes :-)
Be good!


woody said...

Real nice pictures today I can well see why you would enjoy your daily walks. You spoke of your cats and I must apoligize for when I looked at my blog I saw that a photo of Teador had not loaded . It has now been edited and is at the head of my blog. He won't get stepped on up in that tree:>)

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Woody!
What an honor to have the picture of my cat on Your blog!

Yes, one can´t but love walking in this weather :-) The good thing about the wind though, even if it´s nasty cold, is that it drys up the ground.
Have a really nice day now!

Valerie said...

Hi Christer.

What a beautiful sky today! Thank you for sharing it with all of us!

You better watch out...sounds like those cats of yours are trouble!

Is St. Patrick's Day celebrated in Europe (besides Ireland) like it is in America?

Good question regarding Grandma and Grandpa. What a clever and simplistic way to explain to your audience (reader or listener) which grandparent you are referring to (father's side or mother's side). We don't have such a simplistic way to differentiate in America/English. Here in the states, people use all sorts of terms of endearment for those referred to as grandparents. To help my little ones understand who is who, we refer to my parents as Mimi and Papa and my husband's parents as Grandma and Grandpa. I've always felt bad for those little ones who come from divorced/blended families...so many people with all the same "relationship" ties! Can get confusing!

Have a great evening (or morning...I'm not sure how many hours ahead you are? 12?)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I love cats and miss having one. You are right..that is EXACTLY what they do!
Your sky looks like Southern California all year round just about. Beautiful clear blue sky. The area you live in is certainly Gods country, for sure!
I enjoyed your explanation of grandparents in your country!! :)
The picture of the deer just add to the beauty of where you live.
Thanks, Christer...

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Valerie!
Yes those cats will be my death one day :-)

The only place St Patrick is celebrated is om Ireland and Britten what I know of. Here in Sweden we only celebrate one saint and that is St Lucia (we´re not catholics here, so it´s strange that we celebrate any saint at all actully)and that is on december the thirteenth.

I think we are seven hours before You in time, so when it´s five am here it´s eleven pm the day before at Yours.

It sure helps to have different names at ones grandparents. Nowdays with all divorses they have started to call the "new" grandparents for "Plastic grandma and grandpa" :-)
Have a nice day too!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
I think I would like yo live in a place like California, wouldn´t miss our winters too much I think :-)

There is actully a little village called "Gods home" (Gudhem) just nearby :-) I would lie if I didn´t agree with You I think :-)
have a nice day now!

Anja said...


Jovars. På finska heter det äidinäiti (mor = äiti + kasusböjning i första ordet), men det vanligaste är att man kallar mormor för mummu en förfinskad form av mormor.
Däremot heter farfar isoisä (iso= stor, isä =far), men kallas ofta för vaari eller ukki (ukko=gubbe)

När börjar du skriva på ett begripligt språk?

mvh, Anja

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Tjänare Anja!
Men jag tror att svenska och finska är bland de få språken som faktiskt har skilda ord för de olika mor och farföräldrarna.

Börjar skriva på begripligt språk :-) När det börjar hända lite saker i trädgården. Så som det verkar nu så tar det en vecka eller två till. Lämnar ett meddelande i din blogg då.