Thursday, April 9, 2009

Now when all snow has melted and some rain has fallen there´s water everywhere. What You can see is a pond that is about fourty meters long (131 feet) but on plces not a meter wide (not three feet wide) This is a paradise for mosquitolarvaes :-)

I wonder if this will survive after they have thinned the forest. The sun will probably dry out these plants and mosses and grass will probably grow here instead. I could find more than thirty species here.

One could say that Maundy Thursday is the starting of easter here in Sweden, because it´s today all the witches are flying to Blåkulla to have a party with the devil. Blåkulla is an island far out in the Baltic sea. Depending on where You live today is also the day children dress up to look like witches and wizards. It was unusual with wizards before, even boys dress up to look like witches, but Harry Potter have helped them to show how a wizard looks like :-) Here on the westcoast it´s more common that they dress up on easter eve instead. When they have done that they go from home to home and wish everybody a happy easter. In return they get a lot of candy :-) Perhaps this is the reson Halloween never sort of lifted to be a big thing here?

Good Friday is like any holliday now, so then people either is resting or cleaning in the garden or perhaps visisting relatives. Some starts to paint the eggs for easter eve breakfast too, but that´s more common to do on easter eve morning.

This is a newly hatched Tordyvel, a dungbeetle. Not to uncommon here in farmerland.

Then easter eve comes and here we (on the westcoast) does it a bit different from the rest of Sweden. All spring people have collected combustible debris, like Christmas trees and what they have gathered in their gardens. Unfortunally some people hides old tires in the middle of all debris. Well they burn all right but the fumes and smoke from them is anything but good to You. So normally there´s a hugh pile of things that can be burnt that day. But first we eat Easter eve dinner. Sweeds take any reason to eat pickled herring and easter is no exeption :-) I can´t stand that and is always amazed over how many variants there is :-) For us few that doesn´t eat pickled harring there is of cours eggs in million variants, chicken, swedish meatballs, small sausages, salmon and lots of more to eat.

My own easter egg :-) Nowdays we see more and more of the easterbunny, even if we don´t have him as a special eastersymbol. We don´t even call him easterbunny, we call him easterhare :-)

After dinner it´s time to start the fire in the hughe pile. Nowdays it can be a problem to get permission to have this easter fire because the risk of it spreading to houses and dry grass and there is always someone that don´t like it for some reason and then complains about it all year. In some places they sing while the fire is burning but the most important thing is to scare all the witches that is flying back from Blåkulla. So fireworks are used in big quantities :-) For us that has dogs that doesn´t care about fireworks it´s quite nice to watch, but for those who has dogs that´s afraid it´s a day of pain. Because to the contrary of new year fireworks it can continue all day long, everything to scare witches (and ofcourse wizards) that might come home earlier or later :-)

This we call "Videkissar", something like "Vide kittens". Vide is a Salix species and we use the branches of this or birch to our Påskris. We take the branches and decorate them with coloured feathers and small eastereggs and small flying witches and much more, do You have that too? Couldn´t find my eatser decorations and for a reson I can tell You about tomorrow, it´s a bit difficult to get feathers today.

I think easter is very much liked (for those that isn´t christian) because spring usually is here and we get a long holiday. From Good Friday to Easter Monday. My holiday will be a bit shorter though. I promised to go to work on Easter Monday to paint big tubes I think. There were a roumor that I was going to work at Good Friday, something I would never do. My boss wondered when I agreed to that because he knows I wouldn´t do that. So I told him that hell freezes over until I work on Good Friday :-) I think that spread to the owner of the factory (that probably already promised something like that to the customer) So when he came to talk to me he said it would be nice if I could work any of the easter days, of my chosing of course :-) Well the factory needs this job and I need a job so I said that easter Monday would be ok.

These two geese flew over my cottage this morning :-)

But today I´m free to do what I want. The sun shines and I think it would be nice to have a cup of coffee at my kitchen stairs :-)
Be good!


Anonymous said...

I like this story of Easter Christer. I plan to share it with my Grand daughter who is visiting with us on spring break today when she wakes. She is 9 years old and will like this story. Thank you.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi ZaM!
I hope she will :-)

Visiting Voyeur said...

Very interesting story about easter. Thank you for sharing it. I like your egg. My son gets a basket with stuff even though he would normally be considered to old.

I hope you had a lovely cup of coffee.


The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Chelle!
It´s interesting to know how different we celabrate easter all over the world when even inside a country it can be very different.

The coffee was perfect, but I had it when I went through my flowerbeds picking weeds and grass :-)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I watched a documentary some time back and I believe it was made in Africa. I told all about dung beetles...amazing creatures.
The plant you showed reminded me of Pussy Willows here. People pick them and put them in vases.
Easter in Sweden sounds very different than in this country. Here it is always on Sunday..but you probably know that. I have no clue about the Easter Bunny. The children love's a cute tradition. Nothing at all to do with the Crucifixion of Christ...that I know of. :) Just a fun thing for children that has evolved over the years. Firecrackers on Easter and witches on Easter... That is really interesting. :)
It is good that you don't want to work on Good Friday..and if it is sacred to you, you should not have to!!
What a joy to watch your country turn green with do so well showing everything to us.
It gets hot enough to burn those new tree's? wow...I would not have thought it! And tires in the middle of their burn material? Probably a few fines would stop it! :)
Have a wonderful Easter, Christer..but I am sure I will be back before then. I just poured my own cup of coffee in my new cherry cup and saucer! :) I had a wonderful lunch with my next to youngest daughter. It was a beautiful day AND I bought THREE rose bushes. Two pink and one yellow!! ...take care...

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
Yes dungbeetles are fantastic creatures and I´m grateful they exist. Can imagine how it would look here if they didn´t do their job :-)

No I´ve never connected easterbunnys and the crucifixion either :-) I think it might be an old German tradition. Good Friday is the only day I never work, not even when I had my gardencenter.

Looking forward to see pictures of Your roses later then :-)
Have a great Easter now!