Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More and more of the later spring bulbs are getting flower buds now. This is what we call "Kings field lilly" , one of the english names is "Checkered Daffodil". This one is going to get a white flower
and this one will be checkerd coloured.

A fire is burning in the stowe, my dogs are sleeping in my bed (making it full with doghair and sand :-) ) and my cats are out chasing mice and rats (at least I hope so, but with my luck the´ll be best friends with them instead :-) ). Outside the clouds are hanging low and it looks as if it could rain any minute now. But it has looked that way all day now, so I don´t think it´ll start raining at all.

One of my tree paeonys has five big buds now. Lets hope that neither me or my dogs will brake it this year :-)

They say that the waterlevel in the lake is very low, but that´s kind of strange, because if one goes on the fields here there is so much water in the ground that one starts to sink if one stays to long at one spot. The ditches isn´t espesially well kept here, so perhaps that´s why the water don´t reach the lake?

I got a plant via mail today, a Shortia uniflora. This one gets the most beautiful flowers. Garden nutts like me send flowers to each other all the time, if we can´t meet of course. We do sow a lot of seeds every year and finally we get to many plants so we have to det rid of them somehow. So we have "Plant exchange days" a couple of times every summer. Then we take what ever we have to much of or plants we for some reason doesn´t want to have any more. Plants as I see as weed, can be gold worth for someone else. Somehow we all comes home with more plants than we had with us :-)

Now it grows beside one of my rhododendrons.

There´s a fotball/soccer arena in Gothenburg (Nya Ullevi) that started to rock when Bruce Springsteen had a concert there many years ago (1985). Perhaps it liked the music :-) The problem was that the audience danced and Gothenburg is built on blue clay and the music and dancing made the whole arena to start to rock :-) People who saw it says it looked fantastic. It costed millions to repaire the arena after that :-) and to make sure it wouldn´t happen again.

This is a Corydalis solida (we call it Nunns wort in swedish). This spreads like crazy all over the garden and outside too :-) But it´s a gentle weed and lets other plants grow beside them. The colour can be everything from bright red to durty purple.

and sometimed half the flower can be white.

Now they have built a smaller soccer arena (called Gamla Ullevi (Old Ullevi) for some strange reason) just beside the other one, on the same blue clay of course. Now neighbours to the arena has started to complain, not about the loud noice the fans make, but their homes has started to rock when the home team makes a goal :-) The fans are jumping around when the goal comes and the vibrations from the arena makes peoples book cases move in the houses next door. Lamps are swinging around and some people thought it was a strong earthquake the first time it happened :-) So now they probably has to repair the new arena and stabilise the ground again :-) Wonder why they didn´t think of that in the beginning :-)
Have a great day now!


NinaH said...

Woops- buds on your trea peony?! Got to check mine!
Not always that easy to live on clay! Or build arenas on it!;-).... Any way... you seem to cope well with it... as one can see from your plants development!;-)

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi NinaH!
Five on my biggest tree eony and four on one smaller :-) The three remaining hasn´t shown anything yet, but I´m hoping :-)

Here where i live there´s no clay at all, only sand. But I remember growing up in Gothenburg digging in the ground and getting to blue clay after only 30cm. The whole city slides around on that :-)
Have a great day now!

Anonymous said...

Blue clay, I love it. What a funny story Christer. You have quite a sense of humor. Nice pictures again. Hope you come home with many plants this year.

Anja said...

Ett trevligt ställe du hittade åt fransklockan!
Din sv blogg funkar inte idag hos mig - som så ofta!

mvh, Anja

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Z&M!
I´m comming from Gothenburg, so of course I have a great sence of humor :-) We are famous for it here in Sweden :-)
I always have to many plants with me home from those meetings :-) :-)
Have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hej Anja!
Tror den kommer att trivas bra där. Den rhododendronen kommer inte att bli så vansinnigt stor, så den kommer nog att bli perfekt som kompis.

De jobbar på ett nytt system som skall kunna ta emot hur många besökare som helst på en gång, men eftersom de inte vill att allt gammalt skall försvinna så tar det sin tid. Men visst är det irriterande!
Ha en riktigt skön kväll nu!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

They say build your home on rock..but no one ever does it. Then they get upset when the quakes do so much damage. Californians...never learn! :) I think it is so great that you know every single name of your plants...I know what is pretty..what they will look like but I am terrible with the names.

I finished my post and was making comments on the comments everyone left..including you...and when I finished...there was a comment from YOU! I always forget the time difference...it is 2AM...I am wondering what time it is where you are...probably far into the following day. Thanks for ....making my day, Christer...or should I say morning. :) Take good care..and so will I..

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
I think we are nine hors before You in time here. So when it´s two in the morning at Yours, it´s eleven here.

It´s strange that I can remember all the names on my flowers, because my memory is like a sieve otherwise :-) :-)

The king that got the idea to build Gothenburg where it is really had no idea what he did :-) It was more or less a swomp there at that time :-) But it was a strategic important place. So they got a lot of dutch people here who knew how to build channels to get rid of the water.
Have a great day now!