Friday, April 10, 2009

The Cooltsfoot is a beautiful littele flower that comes early in spring. Everybody loves it and some trys to get it into their gardens but that is a hughe misstake. It´s one of the worst weeds You can get :-) and as You can see the Lupins are already on their way up. In the middle of the ninteenh century the Lupins were very unknown here, only bigger estates had it, now it grows absolutly everywhere :-) Either You love it or hate it, I love it :-)

My filled pink Hepatica. The colour is so bright that it´s difficult to take pictures of it.

It´s going to be even warmer today than it was yesterday. But clouds will turn up later they say. Peace is in the air today. It´s a lot of traffic down by the lake, but that sound didn´t reach my littele village when we took our morning walk. I could hear the some of our nestim´ng crane couples on a field nearby and a tractor slowly driving on the growel road when collecting some of the plastic balls containing silage to his cows. The hammering sounds from one neighbour that has made an extension on his house (to be honest it´s one of the ugliest extensions I´ve ever seen :-) He has built a box to a cottage much like mine and it looks really ugly. I think that if one is building an extension to ones house it should look something like what´s already there. But that´s his problem not mine) Perhaps I´ll take a picture of it one day.

I was going to take some pictures down by the lake today, but as You can see there were no parkingspots left. These trailkers are from all over Europe and some of the people are following special cranes every year straight up to their nestingplaces.

More and more spiders are comming now. Good, they take a lot of flies. The bats has also woken up now. One was hoovering outside my bedroom window a couple of days ago, taking all flies that stays by the wall for the last warmth of the day. Loves bats too :-)

My big dog Orvar has a tendensy to run away sometimes. I´m never worried though, I know exactly where he´s going because he always does. One of my neighbours has two horses and Orvar always wants to go through the big pile of horse manure :-) and perhaps find the rest of the neighbours last dinner :-) But after that he also stops and sort of chatts with the horses. They stand there and looks into each others eyes for a long time. Wonder what they speak about :-) Orvar does that to deers too. One time he met a sick deer and they smelled on each other and sort of looked into the eyes. The deer didn´t seeme to mind at all, on the contrary actully Orvar might not be smart but there´s something with him that other animals seemes to like.

Teodor enjoys the sun.

I like Fuchsias a lot so this winter I ordered some cuttings of three species and to sorts. Now it was time to plant them in bigger pots. But of course I had forgotten to buy soil so I thought I had to do it another day. But for once my brain started to work by it self :-) I have two big composts in my garden and every year I spread that in my garden of course I could use that in the pots. Sometimes I wonder how I think. Why buy soil when I have it for free in my garden?? When it comes to fuchsias (or Blood drops as we call the here) I like smaller flowers. The big filled ones is okey to watch, but I don´t want them for myself. I also started to like the species them selves more that all the different hybrids. By the way, do You know that the berries that comes after flowering is edible? Some of them taste somewhat like blueberries and can be nade to a tasty jam. Try and taste one if You like, I do it all summer as fast the berries are ripe.
These are the cuttings I bought, click on thename and You´ll see a picture of it:
Fuchsia boliviana alba
Fuchsia minimiflora
Fuchsia rosea
Fuchsia juntasensis
Fuchsia ‘Dorothy Hanley’
Fuchsia ‘Our Ted’ Sorry, now pictures on the webb it seemes.

This is called "Spring star" here in Sweden.

Scilla.Some looks upon this bulb as a weed because it spread fast. Here it can spread as it likes :-)

Well now it´s time for a cup of coffee on the kitchen stairs while listening to all birds and the sound when my neighbour build on his house. I´m not going to do one unnessesary thing today :-) and remember that this day, Good Friday, was the day that evil lost so we should really celebrate that with joy and happiness rather than being sad and quiet.
Be Good!

Another Hepatica. I like my filled pink one, but nothing compares witrh the plain blue I think. The Dianthus wout flower for a long time yet.


woody said...

I missed your blog yesterday and have just caught up by reading two.
Just have to say your blog gets better and better all the time. I so enjoyed your story of Easter and the pictures of your garden show such beauty comeing to life as spring heads to summer.Best wishes from Alice and I and may the witches stay away from your door.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Woody!
Thank You!
Well I looked up the sky last night and couldn´t spot a single witch :-) Yet more and more people says that they are witches and wizards :-)
Have a great day now!

Anonymous said...

The Cat looks sun starved. Send him to Florida. He can play with my two. Lovely flowers Christer. The last photo, Hepatica, looks like it has a face on it. Enjoy your Good Friday. Just make sure you are Good!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Z&M!
We have had very little sun here this winter, but these late few day has really been sunny :-) If I send him I have to send his brother too and he can be a bit special to unknown :-)

Was in my garden all day, so I couldn´t be anything else than good :-)
Have a great day now!

NinaH said...

Your double Hepatica is just lovely!! The other one to- but especially the double.
Orvar seem to be a nice chap! Loved not only by other animals I guess?;-)
Happy Easter!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I have never seen a brighter pink!
We have weeds like your Cooltsfoot here also. The fields are always covered with Lupins here also. The most lovely shade of blue. The blues in the flowers you show are just beautiful!
I am not at all surprised to see all the cars and campers parked to watch the cranes. That cranes can even fly is amazing to me.
Nature is amazing...and your dog...very independent. How lucky such a creature lives in an area like he does. He has freedom as few animals today know. Thanks for the stories, Christer.
This is my second comment..I lost the first one! :) I am trying to recap a bit...and didn't do so well.
Have a wonderful Easter and I will see you next week.
:) Mona

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi NinaH!
I like my pink one, but nothing comperes with the ordinary dark blue I think.
Yes Orvar is loved by every one :-) He´s a big kind gigant :-)
Happy easter!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
Lupins are really wonderful. Here we have a garden witj loads of pink ones, it´s amazing to see wen I drive to work every day.

My pink Hepatica is so pink that it´s difficult to take pictures of it and impossible to miss in my woodland.

Orvar just can´t stay away from that pile of horsedung and to have a chat with the horses, but he knows he´s not allowed to do that so he always looks guilty when he comes home :-)

It´s very annoing when ones text just dissaperes!! Happened to me a couple of times and that makes me frustrated. The text will never be the same even if one really tries.
Happy easter!