Monday, April 27, 2009

Gökärten (If You translate the name from swedish it is The Cuckoo pea :-) ), The Bitter Vetch, a perennial close relative to the common Sweat pea and grows wild here.

I´m seen as a very calm person that can take most setbacks with a shrugging of shoulders, but there´s two times every year that I get anxiety and lots of it. In autumn it´s when I have to take my car to the yearly inspection. I sit there and sees how they hammer hard at my car with a sledge hammer trying to find broken or rusty places. Well it´s not relly a sledge hammer but it feels like that. It doesn´t matter if I have a car that´s relativly young, I just hate it. Lucky enough they have a tv that we car owners can look at during the inspection and the coffee is free :-)

The other time is now in spring when I have to do my tax return papers. The stupid thing is that I don´t even do the papers myself. I just put them in order and drives to my accountant so she can do it for me. I can´t for my life understand why this gives me anxiety but it does. I know that I will get money back late this year, but still it´s really difficult to take those five minutes it takes to get the papers in order. I´m usually too late with my papers to my accountant too, so I always have to pay fines to the tax departement. But this year I´m actully early!! Does this mean the world comes to an end? I don´t think that has happened in many years :-)

The sun shined and the wind was calm when I came home.

It got up to 24C (75F) today and when working beside a hughe owen and a hughe washing machine ( we wash everything that we paint You see) it was like working in a steam bath and this is just the beginning of the warm season. The ventilation in the paint box is so strong that it sucks in all the heat from the owen and the steam from the washing machine, so when I have to clean the paint box I get dehydrated fast. When it´s summer I drink up to eight litres ( 2 US gallons) of water every day. I have to eat some salt too outherwise I tink I´ll die. But today I went home earlier so I could get my papers to my accountant and get rid of my anxiety :-)

But suddenly the clouds came and the wind started blowing hard. I do hope we don´t get a thunder storm, it´s too early in the year for that.

Now the sky looks like a thunderstorm is on its way. The wind have started to blow really hard too. If the thunder comes I then has to unplug all telephones and my computor, because the flash has a tendensy to fly out of my telephone cables. One time I got the lightning through my computor and in to my arm. I couldn´t feel anything for houers after that :-)
Have a great day now, I will!


jaz said...

i read your blog all the time but am not sure i have ever left you a comment. i really enjoy reading it. it is on my list of favorites. you have a cute accent! so, did it rain? did you get blown away? those pictures are great! you might want to join mine too!

enjoy and let me know if you got the storm!


The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Joyce!
I´m not sure if it´s going to be a thunderstorm yet. The wind is getting harder and harder at the moment.
I do my best with my pictures, but You should only know how many I have to delete for every good one :-)
I´ll check Your blog too :-)
Have a great day and thanks for commenting on mine :-)

Anonymous said...

I never heard of anyone getting a shock by the computer. This has to be your sense of humor again. You're testing us. But the tax anxiety. Yes. We all get that and I'm wondering over there if you have to pay a fine for being late, do they pay you more for getting it in early? Seems to me that would be fair. For some reason, I think not. Well I love the stormy pictures and hope you get a thunder bumper there tonight. It will certainly help all your plants and vegetation. What is the time there Christer? I have 1 PM here in Florida Eastern Standard Time. Or 1300 GMT. You and Joyce make it a good day or evening.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Z&M!
No that was true. The flash went through the phone cable in to my computor. Most of it went out the back of the computor but some went via the computor mouse in to my hand and arm. My hair stood right up and I lost feeling in my arm and hand. It took a couple of hours before it came back :-) What I feard the most was that the flash got into the wall and might have put the house on fire.

One time it went out by the teleophone contact just over my sleeping dog. The flash was over one and a half meter long and almost got into the wall on the other side. My dog never slept on that place again :-)

We are six hours before You, so when it´s 1pm at Yours it´s 7pm here.

Unfortunally we dot get any money if we gets it in early :-) Great idea though :-)
I´ll have a great evening! Have a great day too!

Anonymous said...

Hello, my favorite Swede ... I may be busy w/genealogy and my novel but, I still have a hand on your shoulder, an eye on your blog, a big hug for
you, too!
Keep on; keeping on ...
Fondly - GeeGee

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi GeeGee!
Nice to see You here :-)
Yes Your genealogy, have You found any native americans there?
have a great day now!
Hugs, Christer.

NinaVästerplana said...

Så det har blåst hos dig.... inte så farligt här i blåshålet ändå...
båda dina schersmin-sådder har överlevt vintern till min glädje.
Ha en skön vecka

NinaH said...

That is also my most hated situations during the year! I was supposed to do the second one this evening- so we will get the money before Midsummer! Pretty easy nowadays- when you just use your BankID on the computer, But even now it makes get a creepy feeling! So here I am still... Running around in the blog atmosphere instead!:-)Well... it will be done this evening! Oh yes!! (But later... Hm....;-)....) One will survive this years tax return to I guess!;-)

Hope you - and your hous, telephone & computer- managed the thunder & lightning!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Tjänare Nina!
Det drog på rätt bra ett tag där, men sedan slutade det och solen trädde fram igen. Så roligt att de klarat sig. Såg att de klarat sig bra här med i lilla sibirien, för nu börjar de få blad :-)
Ha det gott nu!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi NinaH!
My buisness is still alive this year, so for me it´s a bit more complicated. But it´s only a couple of years until I can do everything my self again :-)

The weather got better again so we didn´t have any lightning :-) But it´s just a matter of time whith this heat wawe I belive.
Have a great day now!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Truthfully...I am so frightened of thunder storms. When we lived in Florida..I would gather the children onto the couch..dogs too..and we would huddle together. The wind would blow so hard that the tree's would almost bend clear to the ground it seemed..and we could hear the lightening hit the ground with a boom and it seemed to travel along the ground. Scared me half to death. In the face of ANYTHING electric..I am a coward. Question. I have two smoke detectors in my office. At night I have seen streaks of light arc across or..down..and it is frightening.
There is only a battery in them! Should they be doing that do you think. Howard doesn't seem to know. Anyway...I think it is odd.
Hmmmm..really odd.
Mona :)
P.S. It hit YOUR ARM??! Now that would have me high tailing it down the road...or maybe not...

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
When I lived in Gothenburg I used to go out with my dogs during thunderstorms. There were so much things that would get the lightening so I was never afraid. Nowdays I´m a bit more careful :-) I knowdays have great respect for thunderstorms, but I´m not afraid and neither are my dogs, but I don´t walk out into it any more :-) :-) I have a quite funny story about one time the lightening struck, perhaps I tell You about that in my blog today.

There shouldn´t be streaks of light comming from the smoke detectors what I know of. Mine has a little light that blinks to show that it still works, can it be something like that You might see sometimes? But if it´s a battery driven smokealarm You have there´s nothing to worry about. There´s so little electric powe in that so it can´t do any harm what so ever. But it sure feels scary when one sees something like that.
Have a great day now!