Sunday, April 19, 2009

It was a beautiful morning that I met when I got up.

I was totally alone on the roads this morning, not a car or animal to be seen(not even a bird in sight). Not until I came to just before Kvänum, the little village I work in, could I see that there were more people awake. A farmer was out sowing on his fields. I usually come to work a bit early, because I like to get a cup of coffee (I´m not sure it´s right to call it that, but it´s brown and smells like it :-), but the taste HUH!) before I start to work. Now when I´m all alone in the factory it´s even nicer. It´s all quiet and nobody disturbes me by being nice and friendly :-) I want to sit in my own thoughts when I get that first cup for the day :-)

The sun started to rise around quater to six.

We have a nest with Ring necked doves just beside where I work on weekends. As long as I´m sitting in an electric forklift it doesn´t care, but if I come by feet it gets stressed and flies away. I really don´t want the eggs to get to cold, so if I have to go near the nest I always use the forklift even if it is just to fetch something small. It´s not disturbed even if I have to use the diesel forklift, only if it sees a human.

The ringed neck doves nest at the factory.

Svalörten, The Lesser Celandine has started to flower out in the forest. This is seen upon as a terrible weed. It has a tendensy to spread on hugh areas in a short time. But whithout pushing anything else out from its place. I´ve tried to get it in to my garden and has a few plants that absolutely refuses to spread at all :-)

The weather looked really promising this morning, but changed rather fast. The winds started to blow and they were really cold. My dogs seemed to like it, but I lost the feeling in my fingers when I had to drive around in the forklift. But as soon as I drowe home the sun started to shine and the winds slowed down a bit :-) Now it´s quite nice outside again.

Vårlöken, The Spring onion has started to bloom in my garden. It too has a rumor of spreading like a forest fire in late summer, but not here :-)

My white Backsippa, the Pasqueflower is almost in bloom now.

A Primula vulgaris hybrid. These primulas like our klimat and with a bit of luck they spread gently in the garden.

Tomorrow I´m going to x-ray my hips and let us all hope my left hip is so bad that they decide to fix it. I´m getting a bit bored not to be able to go around in the forest as I like any more. The smallest debree from the thinning of the forest makes it hard for me to walk there. I always get my foot stuck in something and I fall like a tree in a storm :-) Now it´s time for a cup of coffee I think and then just relaxing :-)
Be good!

The cowslip grows both in the garden and in the wild here.


woody said...

One can never say enough what a beautyful garden you have sown. The colors and varity of flowers is so nice. The ring neck doves are a nice bird Alice had one for a number of years he lived in a cage but had the run of the house when we were there to watch over him. The cat and dog tolerated him quite well but one never knows when their mood might change.Thanks for another great blog.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Woody!
Some places in my garden is really nice, but most of it is actully mostly lawn. I think that if I have big dogs as I have, they really have to have a big space to play on. But by planting trees and bushes, they can run around these and hide behind them if they play (and I then can have as many plants as I please :-) ).

I love doves and we have a lot of them here in the forest, but only two species. We had a city dove here last year too :-) and as You say, one never knows when cats and dogs mood change :-)
Have a great day now!

Kat said...

Your flowers are so beautiful!That sunrise too is breathtaking!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Kat!
Nice to see You here!It was a really beautiful sunrise today and the flowers, the best is yet to come :-)
have a great day now!

Valerie said...

Hi Christer,

As always, the photos of your flowers are beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

I'll say a prayer that your appointment for your hip goes well and that you get the news you want to hear. My mother-in-law has had both hips replaced and says that life is so much more pleasant now!

My little one (Mary Catherine) was actually born with a condition known as hip dysplasia (yes, the same condition that dogs suffer from). Specialists really don't know why some infants are born with dislocated/undeveloped hip joints, but there are some underlying factors. Anyway, she is doing great and is under the care of an orthopaedic specialist. No issues with walking or curveture of the spine...but she is one flexible girl! Can you say future gymnast?!!! LOL

Blessings to you from Kansas,

Anonymous said...

I think that mother bird in your plant was silly to choose that as a nesting site. Now you have to walk around on egg shells till the little ones hatch. No pun intended. Your flowers are really starting to blossom. They look beautiful. And did you see the cows and calves this morning? I'm sorry you may have to get a hip repair but it will be best for you so you can enjoy your walks more. Good luck tomorrow.

Barb and Steve said...

What a gentle soul you have to make sure the dove isn't frightened. I would do the same :-)
I hope everything goes good at the doctor for you hip. I have a limp since our accident and it makes everything a bit harder to do. I hope it stays warm soon.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Dear Friend ... Yup, it's me, back once more. Sorry about your hips and will keep you in prayer for surgery soon and a rapid healing! Your flowers? Most of us 'numb-thumbs' would feel miraculously blessed if ever we could raise the magnificent blooms that you do!
The 'working-man's Dove' lends charm and sweetness to your place of employment. I love Doves. I had two and son, Bob, had one that was called (w/due respect) "Mr. Bird" who was allowed the freedom of our home when Bob was present. Mr. Bird would eat at the table w/us, watch TV and eat popcorn and loved sitting on Bob's shoulder coo'ing away as if having a conversation w/him. Mr. Bird was a lovable pet and quite an intelligent character or so it seemed from his antics and alertness and interactions w/all of us at home. And, as my parrot,"Jeremy" loved spaghetti, visiting each one's plate for a string of it, rubbing his beak on the tablecloth or someone's sleeve. Now, this was a neat and smart bird! If the phone rang, he'd let Bob know as if every incoming call was for him.
Mr. Bird was priceless and we all grieved when he died. My 'Jeremy' was just like Mr. Bird except Jeremy would bitch me out if he got irate w/me for whatever reason that always had me at a loss though I knew that he didn't like roast chicken. Of course, he had regular parrot food and liquid vitamins in his water and also treats but he and Mr. Bird loved to eat people food but w/personal preferences. Characters indeed!
Well, dear friend ... Time for me to chill out. Take care, AliceMary

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Valerie!
Today is only x-raying, the doctors appointment is in a couple of weeks, but cross Your fingers (or as we say here, hold Your thumbs) that they think the hip is bad enough :-) Life do get so much easier after that operation.

I´ve heard that people can get that thing too. But it doesn´t have to mean that they are going to get problems from it I understand. Let´s hope so for Mary Catherines sake. I´ll keep an eye open during the comming olympics then :-) :-)

Have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Z&M!
I agree with You, it´s not the best place to nest I think. But they do it every year. Most predators don´t dare come to close when we people are around and the doves (as well as several other little birds and swallows) has figured that out. So they rather stay there even if it can be a lot of other disturbing things.

Unfortunally all the cows and calves were on the other side of the field when I drowe and came back from work yesterday, but more and more cattles will come now and they´ll all going to have calves so a picture (or several) is on it´s way, just a matter of time :-)

Don´t be sorry for my hip repair, I´m looking forward to it :-) X-ray today, doctors appointment in a couple of weeks and then hopefully the hipfixing later this year :-)
Have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Barb!
I do like doves :-)

I woun´t meet the doctor until a couple of weeks from now, but it would be nice to get this thing fixed now.

The limping in it self doesn´t bother me so much, but by doing that the rest of my body wears down in a wrong way, so for instance my back starts to ache and my left knee is really going down the drains at the moment. But as soon the hip is fixed all that will go away :-)

So just croos Your fingers and hold Your thumbs that my hip is bad enough now :-)
Have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi AliceMary!
Nice to see You here again!
I´ve never had any dove but I do love their sounds. growing up in Gothenburg we had a lot of Turkish doves (swedish name translated, I don´t know its english name) outside our wondows and it was so nice to fal a sleep to their sounds :-)

Parrots I´ve had some and they sure are funny :-) But none of mine ever wanted to eat my spaghetti :-) :-) Birds are so much more intelligent than we give them credit for and iot is sort of empty when they not are around any more.
Take care now, hope You´ll get better soon!