Sunday, April 5, 2009

I think that the sky can be really beautiful when it´s clody, even if I prefere blue sky :-)

My first working weekend has passed and I did like it, even if I was a bit confused about what day it was on Friday :-) It was quite nice to work today even if the weather was cloudy and cold, because I heard the seagull for the first time this year :-) Growing up by the sea seagull noice is something I really like. So when I moved up here I thought that I never would hear that sound again. Guess if I was lucky when I realised that we have the biggest coloni of Pewitts in Scandinavia here by the crane lake :-) :-) In swedish their name is “skrattmås”, that means “Laughing seagull”. And to be honest, it sounds a bit like a hystercal laughter :-)

Can You see the single trees on the mountin top? Some forewstowners think that the trees will be better if they come from seeds nearby, used to our climat. So instead of buying new plants they save some of the trees in the forest so they can give seeds to replant the forest.

There are some spots of green grass already, but not in my garden :-)

It has come some rather disturbing news from AntArctica today. The ice is melting rapidly now. If the ice melts on the north pole nothing will happen really, because the ice is already floating in the ocean. But on the south pole all ice is on land so when that melts the ocean is going to rise a lot. A big part of the ice is on top of a wolkano and those who loves disasters says that this ice might just slide out to the ocean, kreating the biggest tsunami ever. But fortunally those people normally are wrong :-) And now the winter is slowly comming to the south pole, so I don´t think we have to worry about that this year anyway.

I can´t go to my favourite stone for some time now. They have spread cow dung all around the little hill it stands on and that is probably a little bit to close to paradise to my dogs :-) Don´t think I can stopp them from eating it :-)

Well now it´s time for a cup of tea and then go out to drink it on my kitchen stairs. The sun has finally started to brake through the clouds, so I better enjoy it while it lasts. I wish You all a very nice Sunday afternoon and evening.
Be good!


woody said...

The sky wears many faces all of them beautyful. Your dog in the field with the cloudy sky is such an inviting picture one can almost feel the fresh clear air of your country. It will grace my desktop for a while. Enjoy your walks and of course beware the cow poop:+)
Nice blog today as usual.

Valerie said...

Hi Christer. Enjoyed both Saturday and Sunday's posts!

Yes, probably a good idea to keep the dogs from your favorite rock area...that or not allow them to kiss you!

My four-year old loves the clouds. She sees so many shapes and patterns in them. I'm not really sure when I stopped taking the time to study the sky or if I really ever did, but I'm so glad that Mary does! She delights in finding houses and flowers and cars and animals!

Blessings to you from Kansas,

P.S. I agree should only do things that are fun at that age, never competitive. Life is hard enough without making ballet a competition at age 4!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Woody!
I love to watch the clouds. But to be honest, the air isn´t that fresh now when every farmer is spreading cow dung at the same time :-) :-)
Have a nice sunday afternoon and evening now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Valerie!
I can also see a lot of shapes in the clouds. It´s always amazing to see how they change and becomes something different. Once I saw Snoopy :-)

I know what my dogs eat, so I never allow them to kiss me :-) :-) :-)

Yes, life sure is hard sometimes so at least kids must have the chance to have fun as long as they can!
Have a really nice sunday afternoon and evening now!

NinaVästerplana said...

You are the most positiv person I knew! Me longing for the sun are mumbling when the sky is cloudy...
But you are looking for Snoopy ;-)
Have o good rest before work... Nina

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

I just found your blog through Mona. It's always so much fun to meet some one new. I love looking at the sky, too.
Patricia :o)

Visiting Voyeur said...

Hey Christer... thank you for sweet comments.

Smelly cow pies and dogs are never good together... I mean they will eat their own pooh. My poochie does the same thing.. kind of gross but what can ya do.

It was in the 40's here today and Sunny. Tea sounds really good perhaps a cup is in order...

Keep your sense of awe. I think it is a rare quality now a days.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I am so pleased some of your followers have come through just plain delights me!! :) Your blog is...amazing and what we need!

Christer..WHAT IS it with and poop. I have birds and have to watch my silly dog from messing around under the cages if I don't vacumn that day!

I loved your pictures...what a relaxing and wonderful place to come. Don't ever go away! :)

What a wonderful warm day it was here today. After church we checked out Goodwill.. :) and I found a wonderful old basket and a iron shelf for pots which will go under the front window. was a fun day. I always love having breakfast out.
I must tell you something that happened this morning. We drove into the coffee shop and when we walked in the door ..the sweet waitress had our coffee all poured and sitting on the table for us. She said "I saw you coming!" Now how is that for service! It was just a little thing but so thoughtful..and really touched me. No one ever does that..never!!
I wanted to hug her!! But..left her a nice tip! :)
Take care..

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Nina!
One never knows when Snoopy or woodstock is going to turn up in the sky :-)

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Patricia!
The sky is always fascinating I think! Especialy the night sky.
Have a nice day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi VV.
Yes, what to do with our dogs? I just shout and scream a lot and thet usually works for the moment :-)
Have a nice day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
Yes more and more of Your followers are stopping bu here now :-)

Such service is really unusual all ovet the world I think! Don´t think that ever happened to me. I do think she liked the tip a lot though :-)

Breakfast out is something I do to seldom. It´s so nice to find an open place and go in to have a cup of coffee and a sandwich :-) here it´s many miles from such a place so I have to get my breakfast in the garden if I want it out :-) :-)
Have a nice day now!