Friday, November 21, 2008

I´m going to translate some of may old stuff, from my Swedish blogg, now and again. If This not looks like the one You might have seen in the other blogg just go back one page!
I´ve resently read a book about the world famous dog Marley (Marley and me) and I once hade a dog much like him. Her name was Viran. A 35kilograms mixed breed. What people most remeber about her are that she seemed to bee everywere at the same time :-) Also that she had a hart bigger then the earth.


Everyone that have had a dog can tell you how special that dog was and that is true. Because every dog is special, just like we humans are. I can tell stories about every dog I´ve had and still have, but there is one dog that I can tell you very many stories. Her name was Viran and she was pretty big, energetic, happy and above it all very intelligent. She stole like a pickpocket and wanted to be the mother of all animal kids that she found. More than once she fetched little birds from the nests she found i bushes in the garden. If I didn´t find her in time, she almost killed the small birds by licking them. Then I had to chek from wich bush she fetched it from, to get a new one, stop her and put the first one back, then telling her not to do that again. If I had told her once that she musent do that, she never took another from that nest (didn´t stop her from doing it if she found another nest).

Viran in her prime days. She was a big, kind, happy and above all wery intelligent dog. She became thirteen years old and in the end totally senil. But she was always happy anyway :-

I didn´t have a dogyard when I moved to Vara and still worked in Gothenburg. So this lady and my other dog Sickan had to be in the house while I was working. For the most part, this was no problem. But sometimes Viran got her ideas and then I didn´t know what to see when I came home. I remember once when I came home late at night and saw light in the kitchen. I understod immediately why when I came into the kitchen. Viran had opend the refrigerator and eaten absolutely everything in it. The refrigerator had to work insanley all night and by the time I came home, given up totally. Lucky for mee I had another refrigerator, but the old one had to be driven to the dump. To make sure that she woldn´t open the new one, I tied a thick rope around it and felt pretty smart about myself :-) One week must have past when I saw the light in the kitchen again. Viran had finally understood that knotts culd be chewed. I had to buy a new refridgerator and once again drive to the dump with the broken one.

The Ratibida, Helianthus, Rudbeckia and Potentilla is blooming in my yellow flowerbed.

Once again I tied a big rope round and I did also put a heavy sofa in front of the door. I felt once again pretty smart :-) Must have passed a week or so when I came home from work late at night. But this time I wasn´t warned by a light.The smell of womits lay heavy in the house when I opend the door. The lady in question had chewed the rope, pulled the sofa away, eaten everything including the plastic around the food and then tipped the refridgerator on the side. All that food and plastic couldnt stay in the syomac ofcourse. She had thrown up it all all over the house. So once again I had to buy a new refridgerator and drive the old one to the dump.( It was no idea to try to get a new one whith the guarantee :-) ) Do I have to say that they started to look strangely at mee when I came to the dump? :-)

I had no pantry in the cottage I lived in at that time. So all dry goods had to be put on top of the dressers, where all my china stood, in the kitchen To reach it I had to stand on a chair and get what I wanted. Viran had been longing after all nice things I had there, but never understood how she to could get to it. Not until she understood that if I used a chair to get to it, so could she do the same. So one night, before I came home she tried it. She pushed a chair to the kitchenbench and jumpt up on it. Stod on her backlegs and ate everything she reached. Fifteen bagels, one kilo catfood, one packet of spaghetti, one packet of müsli, one kilo sugar and then spread a paket of flour over the entire kitchen :-) She couldnt keep all that in her stomac ofcourse, so once again I had to clean the whole bottomfloor. After that I made a dogyard :-)
Have a nice day!

The Autumnaster has small buds, but I don´t think it has time to flower this year.

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