Thursday, November 27, 2008

Have been challanged again.

I´ve once again git the challange to write seven things about muself. They can be ordinary, strange or funny things. I think I can write sven more things about me. I should also send this challange to other people, but I think most of Yuo bloggers already have got it, so You who haven´t can take the challange if You want to.

1: I learned how to sail when my friend jumped of my boat when I was leaving the bridge. He told me to sail around in the harbour until he cam with his boat. After that I should sail after him, while he gave me instructions. I found an unmarked ground then :-) Otherwise he was the best teacher one could have.

2: I dont suffer from fear of conflict at all. But that doesn´t mean that I argue a lot at all. On the contrary.

3: I got a death freat at work once. There was a picture of me whith a headline on top. It said: “Time for the next execution” on it. The idiots didn´t realise what they had done until it was too late. I didn´t get afraid at all. I´m to much like my mother to be that :-) Infact, after we had talked we became the best of friends.

4: The first flowers I planted were Freesias. I must have been around four, five years old. They were great that year. I´ve never been successful whith them after that :-)

5: I have absolute order at my work. If someone borrows something from me and dont give it back or puts it at the wrong place I go nuts. I must find my tools directley when I need them. I have absolutely no order at home. I never find anything when I need it :-)

6: I get more gas in my stomac than there´s gas at the bottom of theNorth sea, if I eat more than one plum, one nektarin ore a few grapes. When in season I do eat a lot more :-)

7: I have, at several occations, ansverd the phone while sleeping. But to wakeup. Those I talked to says it has been funny conversations :-)

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