Saturday, November 29, 2008

New mobilephone.

I have got my sister in laws old mobilephone this week. A really nice Sony Ericsson. Just about time, because my old one started to stop function on most of the buttons. To phone "the Bank on telephone" was anything but fun I can say. Sometimes it was dubbel presses on the button and sometimes no pressing at all :-) How many times are You allowed to print in the wrong social securitynumber and personal code until they throw You out? :-) But this telepohone is really good and I also got a cable to move my pictures from the phone to my computor, so that I dont have to mm:s them to my computor as I do now. Guess if my phone bill will sink drastically.

These are just pictures I took yhis morning to test the camera in the mobile.

But it´s really hard to get used to a new mobile! I´ve actually disliked my new mobile rather much uptil now. But after phoning Telia this morning, so they sent me new settings for sms and mms, are we good friends at last :-) I´ve tried all morning to send pictures and textmessenges to one of my aunts, but the mobile just refused to do it. Then I phoned Telia and my aunt got five messenges at once :-)
The camera is so much more advanced than that in my Nokia too. We are slowly getting along now to :-) In a few days it will be as natural to use this mobile as it was to use my old one. Only so much cheaper because of the cable that transmits my pictures to my computer.

It´s always fun to get Blogg mail! Usually they contains seedsof plants I´ve never tried before.

The Star of Advent is at the window. I hope I can get rid of some potplants so the candlestick comes up too.

I´ve got Bloggmail this week to :-) The containts were different seeds from Rosa. It will be exciting to se how successful I´ll be whith espesially the “Solanum quitoense” and the “Star of Yelta”. I´ve never tried any of them before. Outherwise nothing happens here. I`ve set the ”star of advent” now and that´s about what I can fit at the windows. Even though I dont have so many potplants anymore, there is just no place for an advent candelstick. But I´ll try to get some more potplants down in the cold cellar. Then I might get at least one candelstick at the window.
Have a nice day!


Roses and stuff said...

Hej Christer! Vad kul att du har en 'internationell' blogg nu också - bloggtiteln är så läcker på engelska!

Grattis till telefonen - kameran verkar väldigt bra, av bilderna att döma. -Fortsätt blogga här på engelska; det är så kul med bloggkontakter runt om i världen!
Ha en fortsatt bra helg!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hej Katarina!
Så roligt att du ville skriva en kommentar här! Funderar på bloggtiteln, skall man sära på crane och lake på engelska? Eller fungerar det ändå?

Jo kameran är nog riktigt bra, skall bara lära mig den ordentligt :-)

Jag såg ju att det var en del engelskspråkiga läsare på den andra bloggen och Googles översättare översatte ju så att jag grät av skratt :-) Då är det bättre att skriva på engelska själv.