Sunday, November 30, 2008

Teodor and tiredness.

Teodor is an orange cat and orange cats are a little bit differnt in their temper. I know this but now have I started to wonder, because he has started to chew on my dogs fleshbones?! Yesterday I started to wonder why one of the dogs started to snarrl in the hallway, so I wnt to check why. Teodor tries to take a fleshbone from him. But it was jealously guarded so he had to find another one. I don´t think that cats are constructed to chew om fleshbones, but Teo doesn´t seem understand that. Not even when he throw it all up on the computor room carpet. Now hes wondering around to find another one to chew on. He doesn´t get too little food, dont You belive that. It´s not just here at home he gets food, he begs for food on several places. Espesially on the farm next door. There he gets newly milked milk. That cat is acually getting fat.

We have a lot of iron in the our water. That showes clearly in some og the ditches and creeks. My pictures aren´t any good today. I must have done som wrong adjustments on my camera. Hope You can stand that today.

Naturally Teodor has to investigate the water. He has the same colour, so noone wolud see if hes fallen in to it :-)

I`m so strangley tired today. I have slept almost twelve hours on Saturday and Sunday night. Even so I was so tired this morning that I didn´t know what day it is today. It could be either Saturday, Sunday or Monday, but if it was Monday surley my boss would have phoned wondering where I was? We, my dogs and I, met the hunters on their way to their places, but it would have been to embarrising to aks them :-) But that helped me so much that I understood that it wasn´t Monday anyway. To check whith my mobile or computer never came to mind, not even to listen to the radio was something that I thought of. It was only when I came in to Falköping to buy some food and send a lettre that I understood that it was Sunday. I think that it was only me and four other persons out then :-) Any other day and there had been plenty of people around.

Bertil is more naturally camoflagde in his colours. If I didn´t know hw was standing there I wouldn´t have seen him.
This is not a day that invites You to stay outdoors. Sure theres no wind at all, but the sky is grey and the air is cold. The rain hangs in the air, but stays there at the moment. But the clouds goes so low that Mösseberg (a mountin nerby) is compleatly coverd whith them. Better then to stay indoors, start a fire in the stove, brewe a pot of tea and enjoy a good detectiv novel.
Have a nice day.

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