Thursday, November 20, 2008

The mulled wine incident :-)

The Wisteria should not even bee alive in my climat, but we have had two good wintwrs here now. I dont think it will ever bloom, but it´s alive!

It feels like this time of the year is just a long wait. At work you just wait for the brake too come. After that you just wait for the workingday to end. As soon as it does you just wait untill the workingweek will end and the weekend will start. Then that Advent and later Christmas must come. Wtith Christmas comming, so is the Christmas leave (I wont have too work for three whole weeks :-) ). It´s either too late or too early to do anything right now. It´s no idea to sow seeds right now. Those that has to be sown fresh has already been sown and it´s too early to sow the rest right now. Maybee I by a Helleborus (they are called “Christmas rose” in Sweden) or two, but it´s too early if I want it to bloom until Christmas, but to late to plant it in the garden (depending on where you live of course, but I dont think that it´s a good idea if it´s regulary minusdegress in the night).

I went home from work a bit early today, so I had a bit of daylight on my walk with my dogs.

I think it´s a little bit early to dekorate for Chritmas and listen to Christmascarrols too. I mean you´ll be sick of it long before Christmas comes then. I really don´t dekorate much anyway, theres no space for it here in the cottage. There are to many potplants on the windowdecks and the cottage is a bit small to have a Christmastree. I´m thinking af having an Araucaria on a table. But then it would be just a matter of time untill my cats and dogs will ruin it. If I know my dog Orvar he´ll probanly pee all over it, if it falls on the floor. Something you can start wtih now is the mulled wine :-) There is nothing wrong with a litte bit of warmth inside, when it´s so dark, damp and cold outside :-)

I have no new pictures to show, but this one cant be shown too often. Uvularia grandiflora. One of the swedish names is "Sorrowklock".

I remember one time, when I lived in Bjertorp, the cottage where I almost lost a finger when falling down the stairs. I had been at Systembolaget (the place you can buy alkoholic brews in Sweden) to buy some mulled wine for the weekend. There were loads of people and I didn´t know what kind I would buy. In front of mee there´s a stand with nonalcoholic mulled wine and I had read that they had done some really good sorts from white wine, so why not test one of them? I looked at all variants and took three bottles of a kind I never heard of. That evening it was dark and windy outside. I remember that I had bought a really good horrorbook that I wanted to read. I heated the first bottle and got surprised that it tasted so good. Not as sweet as the ordinare nonalcoholic sorts. The evening went on and the book was really good. Outside it was cold, so when the first bottle finished the second bottle was opend. My dogs slept on the floor and my cat was sleeping by my feet. The book was really interesting and suddenly it bekame night outside and even colder yet. So I started on the third bottle of mulled wine.

When midnight was long passed were the third bottle emptied since long, so I would just go up to my bedroom on the second floor. Suddenly the whole world started to move quickley as I rose from the sofa. In a moment I lay on the floor in a pile. Until then I had not felt a thing, but then I realised that I was really drunk :-) I tried to rise a couple of times, but the world just rotated to quikley for me. So there was only one thing to do, creep! I crept on all four thru the kitchen and to the stairs that led to my bedroom on the second floor. Remembering the fall down those stairs made me creep up on those too and that is not easy I can tell :-) Not even if you are sober :-) It was a tough night because every time I closed my eyes it felt like my bed floated uncontrollably thru the universe. I have to say that I felt insolently good when i woke upp next morning. I went down to look att the bottles. I dont know how theese bottles whith a lot of alcohol had been mixed whith the nonalcoholic, but nowdays I´m very careful when I buy mulled wine :-)
Have a nice day!


Fleming said...

That is a charming story, about the mulled wine! You have a gift for words.

I hope this is your first post on Cranelake. I was looking for the very first one.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Flemming!
Yes this one was the first I wrote in english. It´s easy to speak english but I remember how I struggled writing this one. It´s so easy to use the same words all the time, but then the text becomes boring I think so I had some troubles and stil has to find good synonymes.

That mulled wine sure tasted good :-)
Have a great day now!